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Hoods: Stray Dogs, a wattpad story

I think you’d like this story: “Hoods: Stray Dogs” by NiktheN on Wattpad



The Mock Raven by N



There was this king known for his love of animals. His pet was a white bird he named, Teka. The bird was constantly  at the king’s side, the other animals he kept always  snarled  at the bird and he thought they were jealous.
The bird sat on the head  of a lion and whispered into it’s  ear. “Lion, oh lion, the king plans to rid you tonight by stripping  thy tail and cutting  thy tongue”
In response  the lion said, “Hush bird, you tell not the truth  for the king loves all of us”
“Lion, oh lion, he loves me more than  thee”

The lion refused to believe the bird. The more how he witnessed the king treating  the bird  better, He became jealous, seeing how jealous the lion was, the bird sat on the lion’s head once more And  whispered, “lion, oh lion, I have something to tell. The King plans to sell you to a man in red”
Once again the lion did not believe the bird and said, “Hush bird, you tell not the truth for the king would not trade his loyal and fierce  pet”
The bird laughed, “neither  would he sell his most beautiful”
The lion scoffed  at the bird’s  obvious  lies, but the bird kept trying. The more the lion looked at his king and watched how he treated  the bird better than him; he attempted  to kill the bird.
While the bird slept in It’s  cage that was great enough for it to stretch  It’s wings from bar to bar. The lion knocked  the cage over and he split it open with his teeth and took the bird out, stepping  on it with its  claw. “Lion, oh lion, are you jealous  of the love your king has for me? That even he takes heed to the lies I tell. I’ll  work a deal… do me this favor and I’ll  fly away for good”
The lion roared, “You tell nothing  but lies! I do not believe  you!”
“Oh?”, pronounced the bird, “I know how to make the king love you even more”
The lion squinted  at the bird, he knew better than to believe it, but his desire for the king’s  undying love. He worked against  his own wishes and suspicions, “Ok, what will win me the King’s love?” He inquired.

The bird grinned, “At noon tomorrow, a black bird will take flight into the castle and poison the king. You will yield him the antidote, if you don’t  give it to him, his heart will  stop and he will be no more,” The lion didn’t  question  himself  or the bird, when noon arrived, he looked out the windows to see the black bird fly into the castle, but the bird did not show, in fact the lion watched the windows for seven days and seven nights.. The king became concerned with the lion as his body thinned and eyes sullen.
He positioned his hand on the lion’s mane as he told the lion how much his loyalty meant to him; alas, these words did not reach the lion for it was too obsessed  with finding the bird said to poison the king.

The lion kept watch  for so long, it was skinny and frail. The king came to the lion, he said “lion, oh lion, a little  bird told me of your deed”, the king withdrew the blade from his waist, “please tell me this is not true””
Upon his shoulder  sat the white bird, the lion looked at the king, finding out his intent with his hands wrapped around his ebony blade. “I love my king with all my heart! It is the bird that spreads lies and trying  to tear us apart!”, cried the lion. The king shook their  head, “The bird said you’d  say that”

The King drove his sword into the lion, he bled onto the floors. The bird laughed, it was very pleased with itself and the chaos it produced. The king then cut the lions head off and wore it around the kingdom,  then the expected happened, it was the white bird disguised as the Black bird and killed the king and getting hold of  his heart.

The white bird flew to the height of the kingdom and laughed, “Killing two birds with one lie”