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Hoods: Stray Dogs, a wattpad story

I think you’d like this story: “Hoods: Stray Dogs” by NiktheN on Wattpad



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(The Ganglands are combined with three counties of India, Egypt and Japan. With these places all together brings their myths and legend)

Side Note: The writer does not own a computer with Microsoft word but tries her best which is poor.


The actual plot: a series of events take place in the UpLands and the door that separates the two worlds has broken, allowing the paranormal to run wild.
A King that sleeps in the Black Lands is trying to wake up but there our seven Keys that can unlock his tomb. If he wakes up, it could mean the end of all life. An apocalypse in both worlds.

Every bit his feet sank into the sands, to feel the approaching army, the heat on his back eased with the disappearing of Ra’s sun. He looked just over the hill of the pyramids, he smirked and took a handful of sand.

The key in his hand, triggered the sand to transform into his flail, which he called his bone. Ozzi rushed to him, “You don’t have to do this!”, he stated. “Your kingship… Please, not even your father wouldn’t want this”

Maybe his words were true, only he never followed his father’s wishes and he wasn’t going to now. The yells of the army were close and he smiled.

“These are the Ganglands, but why do we live here. At the bottom of the world is Phantom Jungle and in the middle is Hell and Haven. This is how our world works, Ozzi”
“Sir?”, Ozzi looked confused, his eyes ran back and forth at his majesty and to the sand dust in the distance. “Pup…”
“Call in A.F.R.O. I figure since you won’t let me risk my life”, Pup smirked. “I think we should call in the band of seven”

“But sir!”, Ozzi grabbed his arm just as he turned around. “This isn’t an army… It’s Kurohana”

He looked beyond his balcony and saw the four giant Samurai emerge from the sand dust. He swore under his breath. “Ozzi… get Rollin”
“Sire… Rollin, they mummified last night. Will you make the dead fight?”
Pup thought about his words. Make the dead fight for his army or die defenseless, was the question that plagued him.
His wolf smile grew and looked at his scribe. “Yes”

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You should read “Ables” on Wattpad. this story gets updated. Nine chapters in


Echo Jungle

You should read “Echo Jungle” on Wattpad.


Echo Jungle

You should read “Echo Jungle” on Wattpad.


Kingpin Effect 2

I had the weirdest dream that I was on a train and I was falling to my death after some pink haired girl supposedly blew it up and told me she had to watch me die in order to finish a commission. I also dreamt a large pinkish bird caught me in its talons and afterwards I don’t know, but my head aches like I cracked it. In fact I believe I did, I woke up and immediately my hand went to my head. It was wrapped like I was injured.

I was in some sort of room, smelled wet, musty and a little like mildew. I waved away the flies that flew in my face. No one was here, I was alone in a room. Is this me in Purga? Am I dead now? Ollie, he’s dead! Spiders, they were every where. Where was I!?

“Hey, your mind is very loud and I can’t disconnect from you so can you think about ponies and rainbows?”, said a mysterious girl sitting near a desk in the room. She wore a dark hood over her eyes so I assumed she was a crowd. “Nice to see you wake, Stalker man”, she alleged.

“Who are you? Are you with that girl?”

“Mavis?”, she tipped her head. “If you count being related then yes. I’m her sister, Krisis”

That is not a normal name for a female but this isn’t about gender right now. “Where am I?”, my voice was quick in my inquiry.

“In Nuyung”, she answered.

“The slums?”, she removed herself from her seat to strike me. “I’m sick of you uppers talking down on us, calling where we live the slums. You have no idea what goes on down here”

I rubbed my face. “My apologies”, I didn’t bother to ask again since I technically got my reply. “You know Noctis has a uniform system?”

“Yeah…”, she muttered. “Why should we Crowds care for the stupid rule, you aren’t in uniform, Stalker”

“I have a name”, I commented.

“And I’ll ask for it when it matters”

“I didn’t ask for yours and it didn’t seem important”

She bent my way, her hood covering her eyes, showing only her full lips and nose. “Touché”

“So… why am I here?”, I wondered. “I should be dead, the girl with pink hair–”

“Mavis”, she added.

“–She said someone wanted me dead”

“Go on”

“I was on the train and she tore it up, killed Ollie–”

“An illusion”

I looked her way, “an Illusion?”, then I thought of what she said, that she could make what happen on the train an accident by sending an illusion through the t.v. “An illusion, that’s her niche, we all have a gift”

“They say the boss is an old fool now, withering away, how is the boss?”

“Marcello Arch is fine… I… Don’t expect people to care for him, he isn’t exactly nice ya know?”

He has done some wrong, that wasn’t a lie. The boss was known, he wasn’t a secret about what he practiced, he liked credit for the things he did like a public execution of Don Gnocchi on April 9th 3XX. The Don was a priest and according to him a swine, a liar, and a cheat. “The Boss is… respected, no?”

“Respected is not a word we use. I’m personally scared of him, his mind is not a tranquil thing. Always thinking… planning…”, she said with reluctance. “He’s like us… a Crowd. He is a… generous man, however, willing to lift a target off someone by doing him a favor then they can join the clique if they so choose and be his underling”

“Mavis told me I could bring the target off my back by  joining the pack. Can I?”

“Not my choice, ask Marcello. If he likes you, he might let you but….”, she walked closer to me. “Get ready to take a life. Crowds aren’t normal, we break this world’s logic, you better get ready to be an outcast stalker… this carefree life but might be even better as soon as you pick a blade to a neck”

I cringed, she took out a dagger and thrusted it towards my neck then smiled slightly. “Suppose you can stand blood?”, she put the knife away.

“Sure, I just can’t stand spiders”

She laughed softly. “Spiders scare you? What about death?”, she stated. “You never wake up once you black out, breathing becomes hard, everything feels heavy and stiff. There is no white light but the sensation of your soul leaving you. Let me ask who is your God, Stalker?”


She squinted her eyes. “That’s a all mighty God… do you know him?”

“That’s the first God… isn’t the way Noctis works is everyone has some ties to a supernatural being?”

“Yes”, she cut across her arms. “Your blood traces back to him?”

I looked down to the floor. “Yeah”, I lied. I’m not a blood born. Noctis has eight gods, an even number in gender however so lines are a bit crossed. Mundus had several wives five that were human. Blood borns are privileged bastards who sit high. Pampered, spoiled, politics as well. I don’t even know our president but he’s awful. The laws like this dress code, even an IQ requirement on the women. Your blood depends on access to places as well. Even riding the train so that’s why I’m so concentrated on that pink lady, her hair shouldn’t be dyed. Black, Brown, and Red are the only colors allowed. Rebels are… so brave. They will pluck you from the streets and harass you about your hair.

“Lucky… you have some privilege?”, her mouth twisted into a smile but she was down right hating. No one likes privileged, they strain to make everybody their whipping boys. They have… entitlement, smack you down for talking to them. I’m not privilege but… I’m special case. I may not be blood born specifically but… I know my ways, I have some status. “Yeah… I’m Lucky”, I grinned.

“Don’t be smug about it, Rich boy, speaking of… why you pretending to be a bum?”, she sneered. Wow, mighty, tone down that attitude, this is what I mean, I should simply come out with it, but I don’t care about status or… my situation. “None of your concern of what my business is”, I snapped back in return of that attitude change. I am not the one, I’m really not.

She looked offended by how my voice changed, she was avoiding my gaze, the door swung open finally. Mavis walked in, her hood on her head and something clasped in her hand. “Your awake”, she looked at me then at Krisis. Both had such… I guess boring voices. No enthusiasm, no vibe, just tired and numb inside. Usually that marks an intelligent individual.

“So you wanna be a Crowd? Kill a person for a dallion or two? Maybe a sack of coin or gems?”

“Well… someone tried to take my life. If they had the guts then so do i”

“But not with spiders”, chimed in Krisis.

I looked at her, stared her down. “Excuse you”

She shyed her eyes away, Mavis looked at her sister. “What’s wrong? You scared of a bum?”, she cut across her arms and smirked. “That’s a Privilege!”

Mavis’s head snapped back to me with bewilderment then smiled wildly. “Oh… then you should definitely join. Marcello would love you… a privilege in the crowd, drive the city mad”

Oh yeah, drive’em mad. “Mavis! A privilege in the ranks, come on!”

“Krisis”, she put her hands on her sister shoulder. “There is walking opportunity and money right there, so, shut up. That’s a ticket I’m cashing in”

“Cash in?”, I raised a eyebrow.

“Oh yes. Your gonna hand us some land. Nice fat home, all you gotta do is a favor for the Boss”

A favor, I heard the Boss ask simple favors not too heavy, I might even get a reward, but really imma just leave the first sign of danger. I’m not screwing with Crowds.

I heard a click and my eyes snapped open “Remember how I said your mind isn’t really quiet?”, said Krisis holding a handgun to my temple, “You wanna bail? Fine, but we hold to cross off the mission.
“I’ve made a mistake”, I said in a hush tone.

“Damn right… now. Marcello has been holding this thing needed done and your perfect just cause your blood born. You know how the Treasurer is in charge of the city wealth?”

“Oh for the love of my God. You want me to kill the Treasurer, Ben MaBishi?”, I shouted. “He’s a pack of power, I could get thrown in prison–”

Forgetting she owned the gun against my temple. “You ain’t gots a choice, Stalker”

“Hullo, my names Dimitri, I have this name and it is not stalker”
She pushed the gun against my head. “I never asked nor do I care”

“Well if you don’t care I guess I don’t have to do this”

The gun clicked again. “You don’t have a choice”

What else am I going to do? What more could I have said? Get killed for simply not cooperating? I’ve just nearly had it with death threats, I’m a peaceful stalker, I steal from people, I don’t need this. Thus I agreed cause I don’t need the drama in my life. Mavis drove a 350 Planet a luxury car, a decent gloss of black, tinted windows and red leather seats. Krisis even had the gun poked at me but digging in my back with it. “That’s, um, a nice car… how you get it?”, of course I was going to ask. Planets cost a lot of coin and the rich and privileged own them, I was not at all surprised by her reply. “I get paid real well for murder. You can as well, walk softly and carry a large gun. That’s my motto”

Krisis pushed me into the car and wrapped a blindfold on me. “Why?” I questioned. “It’s simply a rule for people like you and Marcello has been paranoid after last year”

“He got shot during a heist? I remember that. Big Bad Gangsta Shot”, she tied the fold tighter on my head at my mention.

“Yeah”. I was entirely blind to my surroundings, Didn’t even try to peek under the blindfold. The ride was long and it was bumpy and the only bumpy roads I know are like going to the points, the mountains, why does a big syndicate hide in the mountains. I was also real careful with my thoughts since some tiny woman can read minds. I suppose I fell asleep for a minute after we came to a halt, I’m assuming they dragged me out the car. When I awoke I was in a fancy house, sitting in the kitchen staring across a man with slicked back black hair and another brown skinned man beside him. The man with greased hair was eating and the other stood.

“Mmm”, he moaned. “I have to thank my god for such a fantastic meal. “Now, who the F is this street rat?”

I’ve just about had it with the name calling. “Marcello… this Stalker would like to rid the target on him”, said Mavis. Krisis lend in my ear and whispered. “The right way to address him is not begging. Say ‘I wish to invoke a debt, a wish for you’

I was…. skeptical about that phasing but I didn’t think twice of it. “Marcello… I wish to invoke a debt with you… in exchange for my life. A favor.” I changed the word unintentionally as they occurred from my lips.

“What is this favor”, his voice was deep, a bit intimidating for me.

“I care to rid the hit put on me”

He wiped the corners of his mouth. “Hits are not easily removed but I am a decent, decent man”

“Marcello… you’ve been allowing too many take a life pass”, said the brown individual

“Kleo… I got this. People respect their lives”, he looked at me. “Give me a reason”

“If I may speak Marcello, the boy is a blood born, traces back to Mundus”

His eyes shot open and he blinked. “Well…”

“You can use him for that thing”

“What thing?”, the brown man nudged him. “Oh! Oh, oh, oh, shut up. I got this”
I tilted my head, this man was….. the great boss? I was so skittish, but I feel this childish air about him now, but this is a man that shot down a blimp, killed eight hundred people, so I should shut up, I’m gambling my life.”Say you wanna be a crowd, if you succeed the mission, you won’t receive any more hits on your head”,  Krisis whispered. Her attitude change was annoying, nice and friendly and so hateful

“I have a deed that needs done and you are the perfect candidate. I’m not a blood born, but a bronze blood and this peculiar person, Ben MaBishi, has decided to turn his back on his family–”
“He’s my cousin–”
“Why don’t you kill your own family?”

He glowered at me, “don’t cut me off again”, his right hand man chuckled. I looked down and bit my tongue, mistake mistake.

“He’s my cousin, a cheat, a liar and a gambler. The man has a problem and he ran to me for service. I, being the good cousin, oftered assistance. Long story short, he’s in there, sitting pretty when I did…. everything for him”, he frowned. “The bastard owns money, no one but me knows he’s been gambling half the cash out the bank and he owns me payments”

Then quit making your cousin pay you back, he’s probably using that gov money to pay you back, I thought these things but I didn’t say them outloud. Once again it slipped my mind that Krisis could hear me. She ran a nail down my neck, I believed it was a nail but it was a knife.

“Evil it may be but I have 99 problems and this bitch is one. As a pure blood you can slide in the casinos. “He’s a stalker as well sir”, said Mavis.

“Perfect, you stick to him and cut him down in an alley or his home, if you follow him home, make it look like an accident. I’m sending Hallelujah to watch you, don’t lose him or I’ll be sending someone after you again”

I swallowed hard, I don’t like death threats. “He’s at Green Back Casino, doing his work… kill him and the hit is raised”

“If I succeed, can I be a crowd?”, I demanded. He smirked at me. “Ooh, that’s the first I’ve been asked that, I could use a blood born in the ranks. You look promising, like Hallelujah did when I plucked him from the streets, good with guns. He’ll hand you one if needed. Do good and I just might…”

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First Grade Sin