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I think you’d like this story: “KINGGLADES” by XxxxxxxNxxxxxxX on Wattpad

My main theme in these stories is psychics and folklore

Premise: Raymond Brown is a 19 African-American boy living in Cicero, Chicago.
After a fight with his mother who he has a strain relationship with after dropping out of school and death of father in New York, the two tend to bump heads.
Raymond goes to a friends house however on the way there, he finds a bar he has never seen in town. Raymond decides to go in the bar which leds to strange events.



My writing (covers)

I’m not perfect with book covers


Umbrella Dogs: Soldiers vs Supernatural in a paranormal/supernatural world.
Drama, magic


The Mad Kingdom: An attempt at a Alice in Wonderland retelling. Mad Hatter is King and must die

Second Idea: Sleeping King Retelling
Third Idea: some crazy none inspired by Naruto somehow


Current Project

The O: The InSPIRE tower is home and prison to the young Akene Pope, she lives in the highest Society, the Society that can speak to the Sleeping King Machine regarded as a type of God and Church of Parapsychology carries out its rules. Akene’s father was a herdsman, a soldier for the Church, he went on a mission and was only to be gone a week to two weeks, but seven days after his parting, the family received a note telling of his death.

However, Akene finds out about the tower’s wicked people and the use of PSI, something kept and monitored and told that civilians couldn’t use unless they were blessed by Terrosseus himself. She learns none of this is true, with the help of friends  and those outside the InSPIRE, she plans with them to destroy the tower. (Bad Blurb)

I just published “Hero training” of my story “The Psychic Cycle”.



A qoute from the story

The Psychic Cycle

You should read “The Psychic Cycle” on Wattpad.


The story follows an African American boy who was adopted by a russian Family. His pevious family was murdered and his sister left with the Nikitins. As he stays with the family, he learns of heritage that contained many Psionic and mediums.

His main task is shutting down a Psychic User, known as a Pawn Psi, plans to awaken seven epitaphs that will bring the Machine Sleeping King that was shut down.

A Concept [Draft] The Psychic Cycle


This is or was an idea to the story , The Psychic Cycle. In this draft, the premise was a story of three Psionics. Cloud, Egypt, and a deaf girl named Opera Violet, trying find out and stop what’s causing the déjà vu in the fictional town of Beaux, New York. In this draft the characters unintentionally find a clue to their mystery in the Broken Hourglass Route.

The Jesters as she called them, stupid, psychic jesters but it weren’t the psychic abilities that were the problem. It was Pawns. Pawns were awful who thought everything was a joke. She, nevertheless, was a normal or in their terms; a street walker.
She had every tiny bit of hatred for all psychics. As foolish as it sounded, she wanted them all dead; they had privilege, they ran the House of Paramore and House of Tarot, their gods and customs were a greater influence than their own. They were taking over. It got her angry, she just wanted them to die.
This shot was perfect, her finger on the trigger just teasing. She examined her kill, one child, two adults, three teens. It would be easier to shoot down the teens so she moved her target and focused on them. The park was so peaceful, birds whistling, the grass was emerald green and she could appreciate that. Dogs in the park were happy, causing mischief and she could appreciate the shit in the grass that was left by the hounds. Yes, a beautiful park indeed; if only the filthy psychics weren’t around. Psychos and retarded and her favorite, Ghetto Fairies. Ah yes, the black people, Dramas as they were called. She lined up her shot once more and pulled the trigger. The bullets were made so no psychic could detect it. Apparently, there was a type of paranormal metal that blocked the power, and all her bullets and knives were made from it.
She aimed at another, older woman, a married man next to her. She teased the trigger before pulling it. The bullet flying across the park into the woman’s head. The park residents scream, unaware and afraid. Another is take down, everyone is ducking, hiding and shielding themselves from the slaughter. After the 16th one; she concluded the old woman was a normal. She had shot an innocent, she set her gun down, her worst mistake.

She was pushed to the ground, a gun, a knife, “Who are you!?”,  the Figure demanded. “Answer me”
She spoke backwards, neither could understand. “It might be the script… There’s a terrible case of déjà vu.  This just happened last week!”, the female exclaimed. The boy whose face was painted, his brother stabbed the knife into the woman’s torso, it was uncertain if it was, woman or man, so they nicknamed it S/HE. They were hard to kill; the bodies were like trying to cut a diamond with a plastic knife, they were brutal in executing them.

“Death count?”, asked the girl known as Opera Violet, a Drama Psionic. “Fifteen minus the normal or sound of mind (SOM)”
“That’s not terrible, after 24 hours the timeline will reset. We’re in a perpetual groundhog day”, Violet made a face. Her hair was black, styled into a ponytail on the side of her head, also she was deaf, she read lips, which sometimes was a struggle because a certain Jester known as Cloud had a Bronx accent. “The time resets and we have to live through this every day, S/He shows at noon on this date, July 4, 2015; always on this building and assassinates”

“I know”, she put her head down, taking a second to mentally pray for the lost. “We have to stop this madness”
“Doesn’t the Record of Mojo have an influence on the Script?”, asked Egypt, Cloud’s brother. His face was painted, a diamond on the right, his left eye was covered with white paint and was also missing. Black lines in the corner of his lip. “No”, Violet replied. “The Script is watched by another Psionic. Come along, let’s head back to The Spot”

Beaux, New York, known for its big population of the psychic and paranormal phenomenon. The population? Round 500 at the present; before it was 15,678. Egypt was a much more stocky jester, standing around 6’0 while his acclaimed twin brother, Cloud was 6’7, a thin, skinny build. Egypt was the easiest to spot by his curly mane that lay on his back. Cloud’s hair was curly and short, flat top hairdo. Originally born in Bronx, New York, they had to be sent to Beaux for their Psi abilities.
The brothers were very different, if Violet had to identify their relationship it would have to be compared to two elephants that were siblings.
The Spot was a place of rest, technically they were orphans, the time would loop, but anything lost the previous day was permanent. Which explained the heavy drop in population. The Spot was a large empty house that belonged to a rich man,  he was sadly assassinated and the gang took the house as their hideout.
Walking into the house, that was nicely decorated, with a modern kitchen and one average bathroom, it also had a snug living room, four bedrooms, a spacious dining room, a study and a roomy basement.

The building is regulated like a short U. The second level is smaller than the first, which allowed for several small balconies on one side of the house. This floor holds a slightly different style than the floor below.

The roof is low and pyramid shaped and is overlaid with brown roof tiles. Two small chimneys poke out the middle of the roof. Rows of small windows let in plenty of light to the rooms beneath the roof.

Cloud held the biggest room which was the master room as he claimed himself to be the leader of the gang and thought he should get the biggest bedroom. Egypt’s room was down the hallway and Violet’s room was next to him. The final room was emptied and turned into a place of security and operations.

Violet took her Rounds off, which were headphones that Dramas wore. She couldn’t hear the music but she felt the vibes through the headphones. She recognized the beat by heart; there was once a myth, certain Dramas lived off of music, if a Drama did not hear music, their heart would stop beating.
“It’s cold…”, Egypt whined, rubbing his hands and upper arm. “It’s always cold”, his brother ran into the living room, climbed over the couch and turned on the TV  which showed the same SpongeBob SquarePants episode. It was torment to know that there was nothing else on, not even an Empire episode. “What you watching?”, Egypt asked. His brother’s head slowly turned, “I know you didn’t just ask me that… I know you didn’t”, he grumbled.

Violet went up to the security room, the room had a large computer that she fixed herself and was the only one who truly knew how it functioned. It had several monitors, a master motherboard, it was a beauty… She sat at the computer and forced up the security monitor footage. Nothing had escaped the Beaux barrier and spread to the rest of New York. Camera one, Rosemary Passage. Camera two, Coral Street. Heart Row… Camera 3 wasn’t coming on, “Hm?”, she restarted the system, Camera 1, 2, 4, 5, and six were all working except three. She got up and went downstairs, “Boys!”, she cried.

Egypt bounced his shadow Puppet in the air, “Yes?”
“Put the dolls down”, she told. “We’re going to Heart Row”
“Heart… Row?”, Egypt questioned. “Oh… You’re speaking about your cameras, Peeping Tom”, he joked
Cloud got up from the couch and signed, “What’s wrong V?”
“The camera wasn’t working, come with me”, she stated. Cloud couldn’t deny a pretty face also a girl that was technically deaf. He agreed to go with her and dragged Egypt along.

The easiest way to Heart Row was through the brothers  infamous portal which she disliked because of the ugly amount of dead bodies and wandering souls. At Heart Row, she immediately spotted the problem, it wasn’t something you could overlook. Half the street was gone, in its place was a mass of darkness. “COOL!”, Egypt exclaimed, pacing to  the edge of the black hole, his brother grabbed him by his collar, pulling him back and scolding him, “You keep right here, your light brown ass ain’t going near that”, he said sternly. “I’ll be all right!”
Cloud looked at Violet, “Explain?”
She read his lips, “I’m… not sure. Perhaps it’s because of the distortion in the Script?”
“Because the timeline is so messed up we get a black hole in the ground and losing half a @$&# street?”, he raised his voice in question. “This some freaky foolishness…”, Egypt tried getting close to the black hole but Cloud pulled him backwards. They gazed into the abyss, it made eerie sounds that sounded close to whispers.

Although, not close to the edge, some force had pushed them. All three fell into the dark hole, Cloud got a glimpse of a woman with butterflies surrounding her. He cried out a name as they dropped to the bottom.


Cloud called his shadow Puppet, it stretched between the walls that seemed to be closing in on them, Cloud and the others had descended into the black abyss. “W-What happened!?”, Violet uttered. “We’re we pushed?”
“Obviously…”, Egypt peered over the edge of the mesh. “Bro, there’s a white light down there”, he averred. “Don’t go near it, I’ll climb up”, Cloud stood and tried to desperately climb the walls. He didn’t make it far as the walls were slick like grease and fell back down. Egypt looked at his brother smugly, he pointed downwards to the shining light below. Violet was looking at Cloud sternly, he turned to her and said, “What?”
“You reached… Do you, know them?”, she talked slowly. He gave a nervous chuckle, “nope, it did look like someone I knew””
“Tell me”, she demanded. “No…”, he smirked. “You don’t need to know tha–”
“He had an ex girlfriend in high school who was a psionic, a Clover–“, Egypt was delivered a slap across the head. “You shut up the remainder of the day”, he told. “Speaking of Day, I wonder what time it is?”, said Violet, completely dismissing the subject much to Cloud’s delight. “What time was it before we left?”, asked Cloud but Violet pretended not to notice his lips moving. He signed her instead and she turned her head.

Egypt sat in between the two, feeling an awkward chill on his shoulders. “Sure is cold…”, he stated, breaking the uncomfortable silence. “If I told the truth would you bare it?”, Cloud spoke to the wall. “Does it matter?”, he looked at Violet. “DOWN!?”, Egypt shouted. “We can’t stay up here forever!”

Snapping out of his feelings, he tapped the puppet, it wrapped them into a ball and dropped down. When they come to the ground, the puppet uncovered, Violet was the first to dash off, causing Cloud to chase after her, “Baby, don’t run off!”, he cried.
While they went the opposite way, Egypt looked down another hallway that was black. He looked backwards for the other two, “Guys, your going… the wrong way…”


“Violet!”, Cloud called. He stopped chasing, kneeled down to the ground and grabbed her shadow by the ankle. “Stop!”, she read his lips. “Tell me!”, she yelled. “I’m not going to argue with you”, he said gently. “Your always like this and I don’t see why. I’m not leaving, I promise I’ll tell you once we’re out of here, okay?”
She looked at him, he held out his hand and she reluctantly took it. When they looked back; a wall was blocking them. Cloud cursed under his breath, “Egypt”, he muttered. Violet tugged at his shirt, she pointed down the hallwaHe looked at her, “Vibrations…”, she

“You feel that all the way down there?”. She nodded, she pushed his hand against the wall. He felt the vibrations, a pattern, boom–boom–boom boom–boom, he yelled out the pattern, “Do–Re–Do–Mi–Mi”

“Is that the music?”, he wondered. HeHe echoed what she said, Violet urged him to follow, pulling at his shirt.he two ran down the hall, following the vibrations.


Egypt came to a 3 way Intersection. The route straight ahead had a broken arrow, the left path had an X, the right path said ‘Trust me’, by his own logic and from the various movies he watched. The passive path led to the aggressive; in the sense, the ‘Trust me’ Sign was pointing him in death. The broken arrow sign could have been tampered with, he picked up the arrow and called his Shadow Puppet, “Mimi, Arrow?”
‘Es broken’, said Mimi. ‘With… Hands’
“Down the X path we go then”
‘Yeah!’ Mimi cheered. She spoke spanish that Egypt barely understood. She was a pink and black, bottle headed puppet with sharp pointed teeth. Nubby hands and Egypt dressed her in Victorian styled dresses.

Egypt went down the X path; halfway through, there was a long pole between the gap in the floor.
‘Careful’, Mimi said frantically, ‘Lava, es hot’
“Lava is hot? All right, I’m going to teach you English. Mimi, say IS”
“No, IS. ‘I… S'”

“Damn it…”, he didn’t try any more, he also didn’t mind when she told him about the lava; he could see clearly that there was a hump in the ground. He walked acrossed the fake bridge of lava, the “stick” between the path was just a plain slice of wood. He plucked it up, threw it up in the air and caught it again. ‘Fall’
“Why, yes, Mimi. We call that gravity”
‘Hehe’, the puppet laughed hysterically. ‘Fall. You.’

The floor below Egypt gave way, he found himself going down again. Mini grabbed his shoe, her body stretched out becoming twice the size of the puppet she was. “Good Puppet!”, Egypt huffed.  ‘Vibrations’, Mimi said. ‘Clock… Reset… Button’
“Hm? Reset button? Mimi, drop me”, he told. Mimi shook her head, ‘Familiars… Here… Below’
“Drop ME”, he commanded. Mimi had no desire to let him go but she also couldn’t disobey, as she let go, she dropped with him. He landed on his feet with a thump, he looked at his surroundings.  Blood on the ebony colored walls, lava dripped down from the ceiling but did not burn or was it going up?

Mimi stood 7 foot tall, black skin, and pronounced red lips. She grumbled, “where is it Mimi?”, Egypt questioned. ‘In… The walls…’, she tensed up her words. Drool dripped from her lips, she was turned on to hear Egypt say go fetch. She drove her head into walls, clawed at the remaining bricks that blocked her from her meal, finally she found it. She grabbed what she believed was a fleshy hand. She turned to Egypt, a distraught look and shock in her eyes. She held the skeleton back to Egypt, who immediately saw the chain around the skeleton’s neck. Diamond with a heart cut attached to a gold chain. He felt about his neck and took off his necklace, the same Diamond with a heart cut. How? “This is… Mine…”
Mini crawled at a boulder way in the back of the cave, there was a hand underneath it with a locket, the hand clasped a note, she got hold of it and brought it back to Egypt. ‘Read’, she pressed her head against his shoulder. He read the line as told.

Do not kill S/He or else the timeline will never move on. The loop will continue along this specific day, July 4, 2012. This is The Broken Hourglass route. Everything lost, resides here, if you have fallen then L—–sia pushed you in.

“Why am I not surprised”, Egypt huffed as he shoved the paper into his pocket. “Might need that. Now, how do we get out?”


Violet hummed the vibrations beat, she wrapped her arm around Cloud as they walked down the never-ending hallway. He looked up towards the ceiling, rocks were falling on to his shoulder. “Violet, how far?”, he signed. “Twenty more steps”, she signed back. Cloud huffed, he was mostly occupied with his brother. The brothers haven’t been separated since birth so this was hard on Cloud. Their childhood was a difficult one, being Psionics, hate thrown at them, he was… Clingy with his brother. Violet called it unnatural; comparing it on an incestuous level, which he hated her for that but she just didn’t realize.
If it came down to a Saw movie, she just didn’t know, he’d thrust her into a tank of piranhas to save him from getting cut in half. He considered at times, he paid too much attention to Violet and not enough towards his younger brother. He did love her, or at least he believed he did; he questioned it more than he should.

In all his thinking, Violet was pulling his shirt for attention. “Watch!”, she said in her nasal tone. He took the watch from her, a golden circle watch with a silver key chain, the keychain was broken however and he wondered what and why. It seemed like a regular watch until he accidentally pressed the button on the left of it. A surge went through his body and an image was shown.

Don’t let me fall Cloud!
Drop her! You have to!

It was his brother’s voice and Violet’s shouting at him. He was holding her arm for dear life and for a moment, he could virtually feel as if he was right there, contemplating on dropping her. He snapped back to reality, Violet’s head tilted, “Cloud?”

“Throw it away”, he shoved the watch back into her hands. “Don’t push the button just throw it away”
“What did you see?”, she prayed him. He thought of a lie, “My death…”, he said with the most serious expression. “I was hanging from a cliff and you were too weak to pull me up”, he didn’t mention Egypt was there as well, trying to get him to let go of Violet.

“Your… Your going to die?”, her voice cracked.

I lied… I don’t want you to die. I want you to live. Or did he, he contemplated years ago in her death. His wish was coming true and he couldn’t bare it.


You should read “Figures of Society” on Wattpad.

I’ve added as much diversity in this novel, being update a WIP,

Middle Eastern
Asian(South Korea)
And African American characters

Warning: rape mention and slavery

You should read “The Grim Reaper said, Hey” on Wattpad.



You should read “Figures of Society” on Wattpad.


You should read “Unreal Urban: Black Days (Book 1)” on Wattpad.

Ganglan, first Draft

Frankie pulled his hood over his head tightly. The breeze was cold and even as a fire user he couldn’t risk using his Psi for long periods of time. He looked out to the sea and saw the famous Ningen, a Japanese Cryptic, it was an amazing sight. The Ningen patrolled  the waters, often helping fishermen to land when they become lost at sea. It was a harmless beast despite it’s dark eyes, white body and large hands.
Stefan put a hand on Frankie’s shoulder. “You have your ID?”, he demanded. “They won’t let us go past the border without it”
He patted his coat down one last time to find out. Feeling the card in his in pocket he nodded. “This isn’t going to be like New York City, is it?”, he stated. Stefan chuckled slightly. “Nope”.
Stefan had brown skin like him, upturned eyes, and was a little pudgy. He kept his hair in five long individual cornrows. “Why did we have to come to the Ganglands?”, asked Frankie. Stefan sighed, he felt as if he was explaining these basic things to a five year old. “Because Psionics are crazy”
“I’m not crazy”, Frankie bit his lip. “Is it because of that MAD outbreak?”
“Probably, seven hundred died that year. We were either born or not born yet”, he drew out a stick of weed from his pocket. “Light me up?”
Frankie pinched the tip of the blunt, lighting it on fire. “Thanks”
“Where’s Aja?”
“Being a little fatty, apparently the restaurant food is good. Fried chicken, sushi, bacon omelette, cherry pie and some soul food”
“Real Soul Food? Or ‘take-my-soul’ kind of food”
Stefan laughed again. “Let’s check it out. I’m sort of hungry and tired. My head hurts…”
“That’s bad, you think your having a seizure?”
Psionics were highly prone to having seizures. It made Frankie concerned about his friend slash enemy as Stefan had a tendency to be an ass. The two headed to the restaurant to check out the food. The area was  crowded, people were pressed against the wall. Frankie saw others trying to find a second taste, but even people blocked the buffet. Stefan caught his girlfriend Aja sitting alone and gnawing on a chicken wing, he walked over to her, kissed her forehead and tried to get a seat but she stopped him. “Remember that Boondocks episode, where everybody got sick off of KFC?”, she questioned as she gripped Stefan’s sleeve. “You ok baby?”
“F no”, she answered. “Carry me to my room. I feel horrible…”
Stefan took her back to the room bridal style. She coughed and beads of sweat formed on her brow. Stefan made it to the room, he put Aja to bed. He ordered Frankie to shut the door. While Frankie sat by the bed to watch Aja. Stefan went into the bathroom to fetch a wet towel, he wiped her forehead and noticed his girlfriend had a blank look about her. “Aja, can you hear me? Baby, look at me”
Aja didn’t look at him and proceeded to stare blankly. It was Frankie that saw her arm tremble. “Steffy”, his voice worried and quiet. “She’s starting to have a seizure”
“She didn’t say nothing about tingling!”
“Maybe this is different”
Aja’s arm shook, then her left leg. Stefan puts his hand against her face. “We’re on a damn boat though. Frankie go find someone. Exactly as the words left his mouth, Aja’s body went through convulsions. Her body swayed, eyes fluttered, and spit formed at her lips. Stefan wiped her lips with the towel, then held his phone to time it.. ’30 seconds to a minute. That’s the measure, any longer and she’s going to die’
Psionics were psychics, and as the paranormal psychics they were. They saw a world of problems. Seizures was a common thing but happened when a Psi user over extended their powers or saw flashing lights. Stefan timed the seizure, counting down in his mind. He gripped Aja’s hand tight and kissed her palm. He  looked at the clock on his phone, it read 31 seconds. “Come on Aja, don’t leave me baby…”, his voice was stressed. It was difficult to watch his girlfriend go through this, when he had his moments; it hurt him more to have her witness it because his were violent. He check the timer again, it read 36 seconds. He wiped her lips again with the towel and held her hand close. When she stopped it had been 40 seconds, Stefan picked her up and got in the bed. He set her in his lap while she gasped and wheezed. He lay his cheek against her head, rubbing his thumb against her hand. He looked at the flower pot in the recess of the room. He heard a thump coming from outside, his braids flicked with electricity. He laid Aja on the bed as he got to see what the noise was.  As he walked out the door and look to the left, he was stunned. “Frankie!”, he yelled as he rushed to his side. Spit coated his lips, he wiped it away with his sleeve before picking him up and carrying him to the room.
Aja was sitting straight up with tears in her eyes. “Where did you go!”, she cried. “You know better then to think I’m going to leave you”, Stefan placed Frankie on the bed. “Frankie…”, Aja crawled to his position. “You okay?”
“Where is your sister?”, Stefan asked Aja. “Who gives a damn about the leak! Frankie, speak to me. Oh my God, how long was he out there?”
“I don’t know, I was focused on you. Where’s Tammy?”
“Tam-Tam went to her room after we went to the buffet”, she said. “She said she didn’t feel right”
“Aw Shit! I’ll be right back, watch him!”

Frankie had sweat gleaming on his brow. “Frankie?”
“Stroke”, he muttered. “My chest hurts…”
“How long were you out there?”
He managed to take in a breath,”I just walked out the room, but possibly a minute”, he a wiped the lather from his forehead. “That bar had a smell, did you notice?”
She shook her head slowly. “It was awful… You didn’t smell anything?”
“To be fully truthful, I’ve been having a snotty nose since we departed New York”
Stefan came back carrying Tammy but she was fighting him and scratching. The situation was peculiar and alarming. Seizures weren’t the greatest concern for certain Psionics, but it was scary that 2 out of four were having them. Stefan threw Tammy to the ground, she attempted to get back up and attack him, but Aja pulled her away with the plant vines from the flower pot.. Tammy had drool from her lip. Her eyes were wild, she hissed and spat as she was against the wall.

“Frankie, yo girl got rabies”, announced Stefan. Frankie grimaced, “this is why they shipped us away…”, he sighed.

Chapter one: Sickness

Stefan sat on the couch with Aja resting in his lap. He read the newspaper to himself:
Three days ago sixty people on Black Maco experienced sickness similar to the known Psionic diseases  MADNESS and WAPPAMA, Wrath Apparition Madness. Though not lethal, a group of Psionic were kept in quarantine. Where or what made this outbreak is unknown. Out of the sixty people that saw this disease one died from the soldiers on the ship. His name was Ken Valda, it was said Ken was a Bioterrorist and may have poisoned the buffet which led to the various victims.
Stefan turned his nose up at the last sentence, “They don’t ever want to tell the truth”, he hissed. He flung the newspaper on the table, he put his feet up and turned on the TV; turning the channel to the show Empire. They were showing reruns, but it didn’t trouble him. Stefan poked Aja’s cheek, she opened her eyes to look at him. “You hungry?”
“I don’t want chicken, fix a salad for me”, she moaned. “A fruit salad, I want to feed on the blood of pineapples”, she smacked her lips. Stefan laughed and got up, “Goofy”, he said before leading into the kitchen”This an old episode of Empire?”, she yelled. “Yes. Lucious got out of jail this episode”
“… oh. Ya know, Terrance Howard isn’t a bad looking man”, she stated. “Kind of sexy, don’t you think Steffy?”
He sighed as he cut and peeled the apples. “So…”
“You know he is”, she teased. The bell rang, Aja sprung up to answer it. She mumbled under her breath ‘please don’t let it be my sister’, she opened the door and saw the box on the porch. She opened it, it was a brain with a note. ‘I THINK you forgot something :)’.
“Stefan, baby, we got brains!”, she yelled. Stefan teleported to her side with a bowl of fruit salad. He switched the fruit bowl with the note in her hand. Aja went to enjoy her salad while he stood at the door. He turned the note over, he shrugged his shoulders.
They lived in a comfortable home that had two stories. The back of the note had a message, but he thought to himself, Aja wouldn’t give a damn so why tell her?
Aja was browned skinned with green neon hair, and she had a condition. She wasn’t emotionally unresponsive or anything, just angry, devil angry as he described, however this news would make her happy or happier. How do you tell someone that their sister’s brain was delivered? To Stefan, he had this ‘I’m cool with this’ aura even when he was completely stressed which led to several seizures. If it wasn’t stress than it was his awful separation anxiety that crawled up his spine ever so often