Clyde is a 17 year old boy living in a black and white town of Pompa. There is a strange noise in town that happens every time a person is murdered.

Pompa has a huge heart in the city right in the center that keeps its people alive. When a person dies in Pompa a large quake happens and sends a wave of sorrow over everyone.

The heart allows everyone to feel the same feeling at once.

With the numerous murders around Pompa and grief over their heads being so strong. The city has risen in suicide rates.

Corazana is the name of the heart in the middle of the city. Corazana’s face appears to be a face in the woods.

Corazana has two hearts, a blue one and a red one.

A blue vein connected to the blue heart is connected to a child statute located in a fountain. Clyde, Hall, Keith, and Felix are Corazana’s children born from parts of her body. Keith and Felix are twins who came from the right and left eye, Hall was born from her ring finger, Clyde is a child from her rib bone.


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