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Emoticons deceased people with emotions too negative to be in purgatory, heaven or hell because they make other spirits go crazy, go to A noctis somno. In this place those go who had an unscheduled death they lost their bodies, they can find their bodies and enter a scar or wound to claim it back.

If they plan on passing through a scar or wound, because it works like how a specific key unlocks a specific lock. Once passed through the body the spirit/soul will feel pain. If it’s a wound the person may feel intense pain they never felt before.

Without a body the person is simply a lost soul or spirit, sometimes in a gaseous form.

Depressed individuals take on the form of tornadoes symbolizing intense emotions. Suicide victims are statutes of angels crying over their own bodies or graves. Usually feeling regret or sadness.

In case of the wrong body being misused or forced into by spirit/soul, the body belonging to another will violently reject the soul/spirit. This will cause harm and damage to both parties. If the soul/spirit continues to stay, the body will fuse with it creating a Stitch, a combination of spirit in body that does not belong because of extend stay.

After a Stitch is made, it is hard to separate but can be separated. A Patch Master is needed to perform this as they are the only ones to do the deed.

A Patch Master is identified by the large scissors they carry on their backs and pins in their head. They are made of two different people. They are usually twins or conjoined people.

The gate to purgatory has a shield that rejects spirits/souls from entering. If one forces their spirit/soul will disintegrate.

It is a normal thing to lose your physical body along with your memories.


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