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Blurb: The world was built by children. they made the kingdoms, they made the history but they might born from… they came from capsules that birth them. In this world, there isn’t a whole lot of rules for kids. Children don’t get last names until they are ten. They join the knights at 15. You can drink alcohol at 15. Children are assigned jobs, child labor is a thing, children can be married off if approved and signed by a monitor. A boy and girl are picked to rule dynasty

Andrew had a star, and Alyssa had great big circles for her pupil which he admitted looked spooky.

He looked at the child covered in pink liquid, he carefully picked her up. “A girl… Ah… Oh well. I guess we’ll have a battle of queens this generation”, he smirked. “Can you speak? Not that I’d be able to hear you anyhow,” The girl looked Sebastian and gave a small smile, his skin was like hers, brown just like him. Her nose was button, he noticed that only one of her eyes were blue while other was an unusual red color with a solid round pupil. He took her to Alyssa, to have her named.

In the school, were even more tiny kindergartens. The world was separate by kindergarten, middle schoolers, and beastly high schoolers; whom they feared and within good reason.

“Alyssa…”, he mumbled. He held out the child, he took his one hand and tapped his fingertips twice. Alyssa was sitting in a rocking chair with another kindergartener. “A girl? She’ll do. I need to teach you adult sign language. Your 32 and have the mental age of a nine year old.”, she said, Sebastian pouted and gave her the newborn child. “She looks a lot like her…”, she pondered, “same skin but… a red eye?” “What… Does… It mean”, he stressed to speak. He didn’t speak much and couldn’t hear worth a damn. “I don’t know, I don’t remember it either, I’ll check the history and go back to the ninth dynasty. It’s… concerning but…”, she looked at Sebastian with a grin. “Doesn’t she look like somebody when we were kids?”

He told himself he wouldn’t think of her. He didn’t want to think of her or remember what happened to her. All he saw in his head was her decapitated body still trying to walk towards him, obeying the last commands she must have thought. And then it fell to the ground… No life, no longer would she speak to him, no longer be there, his life was silence. No one wanted to speak with a deaf brat, she was the only one who tried. He missed her so much…

“Sebastian?”, he looked at her. “Do you want to name her Jody?” Sebastian raised a brow. Why, he thought, why would you name after… “You have to get over it Sebby, we’re not kids we grew up, maybe we can save this generation… Let them have, an actual happy childhood”, she grinned. “Not let what happened to Jody” He thought, he spoke slowly. “She… stays here” “What was that?” He spoke again, a little bit louder. “She stays here… With me…” “No…. Sebby” “My sister… Belongs…. With me”


Killing Innocence

You should read “Killing Innocence” on Wattpad.

I had uploaded the first three and tried to do some editing

I was also suppose to only upload the first on wattpad and got carried away

Killing Innocence 3


I waved my hand in front of his face, I sighed. I had to realize he could in no way see or hear me but technically I wasn’t dead. I was there, burnt with my eyes open and laying on the ground pretty much dead but I wasn’t. “If I’m not dead then what am I?”, I asked the man who’s name was Deadly Wisher but his birth name was Deadly Aloywishes.

He finally got rid of his white coat and revealed his rotting body. Usually the Grim Reaper is shown being walking bone cloaked in black, but he had half his mouth damaged, showing bone and his left hand was boney. Everything else was flesh, “Well let’s get going, Ax will yell at me”

“Who’s Ax?”, I demanded. “Ax is for AX-ident, Suicide is actually Stewart or Stewie, I would be Dan”

I raised a brow at him. “How does Death turn into Dan?”

“It doesn’t… it goes with the D. Death Wishers, Dan Fishers, you catch my drift, kid?”

“I’m not a kid!”, I testified. “I’m sixteen and I really  deserve an explanation cause I still don’t understand it!”

He cracked his neck, “you like to make stories? Good, I need you and some other kids to do me a favor, see… me and my brother Sleeper, aka Jimmy have a bet with my brother Ax and Nature aka Nina”

“What does this have to do with me?”

He took in a long breath of air and put his hands together. Amos was trying to get under my shoulder, “I’ve seen him!”

“Where?”, it took me  a moment to actually realize where that voice came from. I didn’t even look when I asked, “amos? Did you just talk?”

“Oh… yes?”, the elephant trumpeted quietly. “It’s cause your drawing made it so. Everything you wrote kind of came to life, well at least me talking is an actual thing and I have knowledge about everything. Like this guy with half a face is Death Wish Junior the fourth and four other siblings or at least that what they call them…”, Amos said.

I looked at Death, “are you death or something completely different?”

“The way it works is my daddy aka the Grim Reaper actually split into several bones and we’re like parts of him. People make death wishes ‘I wish I were dead’ and ‘I wish somebody would kill me’ rather lightly or true, I usually show up and take a life because you people are idiots and I have the most points because kids are stupid. Last year a baby died cause one child was like I’m going to play with fire and burned alive and Life allowed it”, he explained.

“Life allowed it?”

“Yep, you see Life is actually my brother and we’ve always had this competition where who could save the most lives because in truth, Life is a neglectful parent and because he is so awful he forgets to guide people and kills them because they have no guidance”, he stressed. “For instance, your foolish parents decided to keep a whole thing from you thinking it was for the best when in reality you are so miserable and a child isn’t suppose to be like that”

“So what do you mean?”, I had a hundred questions to ask, but I tried to pick one and put the others on hold. “I don’t get it! What actually is going on. Will I see my grandfather again!? I’m I dead? What am–“, I immediately shut up with the pointed pistol in my mouth. Amos was upset and panicking. I put my hands up  and he put the gun further in my mouth, “You made a death wish at the last minute, in truth, you’re in holding until you can do me a thing”, he withdrew the gun from my mouth and I started coughing. “He wants you to kill life, Selas”

“Kill… Life? Amos you understand?”

“Most of it”, he tilted his head. “Life has not always been Life, Life is actually a death. The Death of Life,confusing, butt it goes like this, Life isn’t full of enjoyment in fact he is the ultimate death. He enjoys making others feel bad so they in turn go to Steward aka Suicide. Life doesn’t like enjoyment, Life likes Death and the Grim Reaper—”

“The reaper actually tries to get people to live. Life isn’t a good thing, Life wants to get others to die because he isn’t happy and he never was. When people say ‘life is a bitch’ it’s cause it’s true. Life is the ultimate death. I would love to make you live again but there’s a circumstance”, said Wisher. “Life doesn’t want you alive but the irony is when somebody is fighting to live, Death is there encouraging them while Life is being a bitch and muttering things ‘you can’t win”give up’ and other stupid things and he literally beats people or turn them into asses of the nation and that’s why you have internet fiends cause Life is whipping their asses like a slave master–no offense”

“None taken….”, I said dryly. “Now what?”
“Oh!”, Wisher dug into his pants pockets and pulled out a clipboard, like a large clipboard from his pants. I stared at him wide eyed and didn’t say a thing because I was baffled by this life size clipboard from his tiny pocket. “Okay, Did you regret anything?”

“No?”, I said as if I was unsure. “Has life mistreated you in anyway?”

“Have you ever attempted suicide?”, he went on and ignored me. “Well, actually—” I didn’t even finish that thought. “Do you have a history of anxiety?”
“Not, I don’t know–“, he kept talking. “How do you feel about the phrase ‘when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade’?”

“You throw the lemons and turn them into grenades”, I said without him interrupting me. He looked at me and the clipboard disappeared with a poof sound effect. Wisher approached me and he cupped my face, “are you African?”, he asked. “Contrary to popular belief my father is white”

“Why would he be anything else?”, he joked. “German, British, French, Russians–”
“All white dominated countries–”
“There are white people in South Africa, and America would have been a country of color if Columbus wasn’t a lost duck. Black people in France, black people in Russia, Negros in Britain and let’s not forget Canada”
“Your point?”, I bit my lip and finally got on my feet. “Yes, that’s true, but we’ve been getting kicked from places white people put us”

Wisher tilted his head. “You know I have no sympathy for ignorance nor do I agree with slavery but segregation should have stayed”

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Killing Innocence


They use to say if you point at a star, a star would grow on your eye. As a child I would go and point at shooting stars and grandfather would yell at me and check my eyes.
I always thought those tales were stupid and hardly paid them attention. I remember how i use to go to the doctor a lot as a kid and never knew actually why. I remember laying on my back as they rolled me into a large machine. I heard these beeping sounds and sometimes I thought it was scanning me like when you pass through a metal detector.

I didn’t understand it and I still don’t, my parents cried and left the island again. And I didn’t care, my sister asked why, I said I didn’t know and why should I, they never paid me any attention and now. Whatever is wrong with me, they call and they call, I don’t pick up the phone and sometimes  grandfather had to force the phone in my hand. I would throw the phone outside and go run to the caves, I didn’t like them. I didn’t care what they did as long as they were away from me.

I liked the caves, sometimes I slept in them and my sister would follow, I’d kick her out, pushing a large boulder in front of the entrance and I drew on the cave walls like they were paper.

I etched in drawings, a comic for myself, there I was with a sword in my hand; I was fighting through monsters and other soldiers of the rival kingdom, they kidnapped the princess and I fought to get her back.

My sister is by me and I have to choose whether I keep her alive… or dead. The walls tell stories, I believed my grandfather was an old soldier wanting to take over the kingdom because the laws and rules were awful and they ended his wife’s life.

I made friends in my story since I didn’t have any in real life, my life was surrounded by endless waters. I liked living on the island, then as I got older I wanted to see other things, to grandfather, there was nothing greater than what was on this island so he never sought a reason to leave.

“Why would you want to leave these wonderful lands!”, he slammed down the knife on to the dead fish. Did I mention I was tired of fish?
“I want to see something different, there is something way bigger than this island and you refuse to see it”, I watched my sister scoff. “There you go, living a fantasy in those caves”, she said, I wanted to toss something at her, but everything in the kitchen was deadly. “Selas, don’t have your heads in the clouds too much boy. A storm will happen”

“Sounds wonderful, I think about storms a lot. It rains ice cream and money”, I said smiling. Grandfather sighed. “Little brown child, you will be the death of me”

“Not little”, I say as I get up and go out the kitchen and I hear him call ‘your only sixteen!’

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You should read “Ables” on Wattpad.

Idea #1

I had an idea so I made this cover to…. what’s the word I’m Looking for… sustain my urges


The story was celebrities are being proven as something less than famous and are forced into situations they don’t want.

I like a alot of fantasy so this is all magical fairy princess bullshit. The celebrities are put into work depending on their occupation. Supernatural powers are put in the movies, if one breaths fair or does anything with their mouth, they are put as singers. So far there are only two types

Actors and singers(Envokers)

Famous writers are usually unbothered by society because no one knows who they are while they use fake names

Famous athletes are both or can be both and are pinned to be the worse because of it

When the government finds out the actors can be used to be a source of energy that the government needs. They start finding a way to drain them and use the powers they possess and it puts everybody one edge because it’s basically killing them. It’s like draining their life away.

And that’s about it. It’s an idea… not full thing