Stories I want to write


Experiments are tested upon ten young children. The test is about the existence of psychic abilities. A device was set in the children’s heads that simulated a series of psychic abilities. However, the device led to the children having strokes, seizures and headaches. This experiment was performed by students attending a school whose principal focus was studying in the paranormal. The professor, Philipp Scholz, tested the devices on his students as well, resulting in 1% of their deaths among the 500 students he instructed. Philipp Scholz was arrested in 1887; his experiments were carried out by the five remaining students. Lena Krause, Jan Werner, Daniel Herrmann, Torsten Zimmermann, Manuela Friedrich. After killing 7 out of the ten children, the remaining students under Torsten’s order. Experimented with psychic abilities being bred into the body as well as having a lottery at Charlotte Bell High to continue Philipp’s experiment.


“The mind is a terrible thing to waste” Classic Charleston just turned twenty, as a twenty year old he gets to qualify as a ‘Reaper’ as Reaper his main duty is keep the population under control as well as getting rid of people that have caught a known virus called The Deadmen’s Halo. You’d be surprised that Classic is quite fond of his job, unlike most people living in Urbanox, Illnois, he doesn’t own a Mocks device that was invented in 2012 but discontinued after the heavy effects it had on the human brain. Now, Classic is finding a strange murder case happening in Urbanox. Dead bodies are showing up where they shouldn’t be and the most peculiar thing is that every dead body is missing their head.


Bruce Kingsbury has a family of Scouts, not boy scouts, but Scouts who investigate in the paranormal. Bruce has been always indifferent about being a Scout then he’s picked by the famous Akihito, who captured the Cryptic Ningen in 2005. He and new found friends and enemies go in search for an ancient machine that came out of no where. Bruce comes to enjoy being a Scout until he finds something he shouldn’t. The group digs deep into the paranormal phenomena and start wishing that they hadn’t upon receiving a deadly curse from The Sleeping King that could cost them their lives, or others.


Fang Lu and her bodyguards must make the journey of completing a ritual that has been done for hundreds of years. Fang is a Maiden, as a Maiden she cannot refuse, but when she finds out about King’s peak. She might just lose her life. Her bodyguard Sungwoo; her advisor, Jeon Ye; and her two friends Chihiro and Park. They help her on this journey as well as thinking of a means to save her.


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