My writing (covers)

I’m not perfect with book covers


Umbrella Dogs: Soldiers vs Supernatural in a paranormal/supernatural world.
Drama, magic


The Mad Kingdom: An attempt at a Alice in Wonderland retelling. Mad Hatter is King and must die

Second Idea: Sleeping King Retelling
Third Idea: some crazy none inspired by Naruto somehow


Current Project

The O: The InSPIRE tower is home and prison to the young Akene Pope, she lives in the highest Society, the Society that can speak to the Sleeping King Machine regarded as a type of God and Church of Parapsychology carries out its rules. Akene’s father was a herdsman, a soldier for the Church, he went on a mission and was only to be gone a week to two weeks, but seven days after his parting, the family received a note telling of his death.

However, Akene finds out about the tower’s wicked people and the use of PSI, something kept and monitored and told that civilians couldn’t use unless they were blessed by Terrosseus himself. She learns none of this is true, with the help of friends  and those outside the InSPIRE, she plans with them to destroy the tower. (Bad Blurb)


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