The 80-20 Rule Explains Why Your Story Isn’t Getting Published


I’m currently in the middle of moving in to a new apartment. One of the rooms is still Boxland; the others are starting to come together. I worked feverishly for the first week to get things organized. But as I neared the finish line, approaching Okay but not Great levels of tidiness, I lost motivation. The boxes sat around in Boxland for another week.

“It’s because of the 80-20 rule,” my friend explained.

“What’s that?” I asked.

He explained: the 80-20 rule was one of the rules of thumb about life, like Murphy’s law. The 80-20 rule stated that the last 20% of any task was as difficult as the first 80%. It was relatively easy to get many projects 80% done — you know, mostly done by most people’s standards — but it took tremendous effort to get that last 20% done.

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