Fabless [ Story idea ]

This is an is an idea. It is not completely set in concrete.

What’s the idea?: The idea was Fables had a second generation of their Kin or The people in Klu are descended from these fairytale creatures. Such as, the main character Crow, is based on the Sleeping King. Ree and Rum are descended from the Tweeble Brothers from Alice in Wonderland. So it was a story about the Fable descendents.

Why is this grammar bad?: The author is a dumb 19 year old who doesn’t know how nor have a program that can correct it.


When he woke up, his Grim Reaper was standing at the foot of his bottom. Everyone had a Grim Reaper and Angel assigned to them but Crow had no angel for she had die long ago. He sat up in his bed with his heart beating fast and waited anxiously for his Grim to speak.
His name was Idol, Idol Blu. As he saw Idol’s lips move and form the words. “I have ten days?”, he wondered. Idol nodded and vanished to the betwixt without a word.

Day after Day, Crow played with his life from drunkenness and sex with various genders. Idol came and told him once more as he shot drugs up his arm, “This will not do, your faith is not up to you”. Stating his upcoming death was  not in his control, so Crow laid on his bed. His life was compared to a waiting room and he had his ticket. It would be some time before his number was called; he believed it read ‘666’.

On the day of Hallelujah six, he went to a bar and heard men talking about the Good Witch. “Do you believe the Witch’s feet are magic? She walks on air and no fire burns her skin.”
“Ridiculousness!”, called out one man. “A Cinderella story”
“Oi, it is a tale, rumored to be the princess’s sister”, responded the other man. “Though, the rumour that her feet are magic are false”
“Her feet are black! Dark and cold; marked with death!”
“Death?”, Crow murmured but loud enough for the men to hear him. They turned to him, one had green eyes and the other was dark eyed. “Are you interested?”, asked the green eyed man. “No”, answered Crow. “I don’t care about fairy tales”
“Oh! But you should Shade”
“How do you–”
“You can only see in the dark. Like a newborn shadow.
“No… I can see, I just choose not to look”, he stated.
“Well…. If you don’t look in the light, you’ll run into some dark things. What’s your name?”
“Crow. Crow Chana…”, he answered. “Crow. Allow me to tell you–“”I don’t care”, he cut him off. “I’ll tell you anyway. There are several tales. Of the cinder sisters, now our tale is different. Cinderella fell into a volcano, it was assumed the queen pushed her to her death, as the fire burned her toes; she yelled to her sister. ‘May your feet be as black as mine, may every step you take be painful’ so to prevent this the sisters cut off their feet and sowed on the new ones, but even they would turn black until they were given by a fairy, a pair of slippers”, the man explained. He took a swallow from his beer and continued, “These slippers were magical and the sisters could walk on air and water”
“And yet, I do not care”, Crow groaned. “I need to be somewhere”
The dark eyed man stepped in front of him, “One day, in the land of Klu, the volcano erupted for the first time. It burned the ground and some say Cinderella yelled to the sky, ‘My feet! My feet! They burn! My slippers! Give me my slippers!’
Crow’s eyes widen. “The slippers are stolen!”
“Ha! He’s not dumb… For a Shade”, the green eyed man snickered. “But that’s not important”, the black eyed man said and took a seat. “My point is… We’re thieves. Specifically Fable Thieves”
“I want no part”, frowned Crow. “Oh, but do you know? But a ribbon from the slippers let’s you live longer”
“Bullshit!”, snapped Crow, but deep down the news was a treat.
“Listen son, if you wear a ribbon, you live longer”

Crow had no angel to tell him right from wrong, as he thought of this he began to deeply miss Icon, his beloved Angel. Dark thoughts crept into his mind.

“Ok”, he shamed himself just as the words came out his mouth. “It’s not wise to defy your Grim Reaper”
“Yes”, smiled the Black eyed man. “Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Ree”
“And I’m Rum”
“Ah shit, I take it back”, Crow tried to go away, but Dum blocked his way. “You must know, a deal with the twins cannot be ignored. Snicker Snatch, right in the trap”

“This is bullshit!”, shouted Crow. “I agree, my, what an intelligent bird you be”
“Don’t Crows fly over the mountain?”, asked Dee. “You killed my king in his sleep, you took my Fable, I have no story to tell or act!”
“Mmm, that’s right… The lands are dead, we sit high in sky but… you don’t fly away”
Crow looked down at the ground. “They took my wings”
“Oi, a dumb bird. Do us this and I bet we could make your wings”

Idea between the story

Crow Chana 6’6 (Mad Hat)
Noa Luella 5’10 (Crazy Jack)
Reetta Cree 5’5 (Black Light)
Emerald Ke’keeya 6’7 (Mad Smiles)

-Each individual has a Grim Reaper and Angel assigned to them
– Superiors are skeletons, that wear crowns above their head. They impose the laws of magic
– Citizens carry passports
– The earth is polluted to the point that due to magic, the city is kept up by a Familiar. The Familiar disappears with the witch that controls it die


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