Imani Cross is Cupid’s biracial little sin. She doesn’t have her father’s wings but she wears her halo around her neck and her poor dog Vicky has been replaced by a Demon named Charlie Devilstone.
Imani and Charlie have been taking Halos from angels to get back Cupid’s bow called The Crucifix, that Charlie traded in. The halo that they were going to trade however fell off a cliff but that’s not important.

Who called for an Armageddon?
[The author does not own a computer to truly edit this story, but she tries]

I’m just going to come right out and say it, my dad has wings and is like 5’5″, because he’s Cupid. Cupid De La Amore. I’m just telling you cause the story I’m about to tell is such bullshit that I won’t even make it a mystery. No, I wasn’t born with wings. I wear my halo around my neck because a short evil man child is so damn paranoid!
My mother met this guy at a cafe, then at the club, finally the damn stalker made a baby with her. One thing my father forbid was church, we never left the house for church but sometimes I sneak and read things on the internet. Cupid is really… What’s the word, um… A thug? I mean the way my father dresses like he’s a ghetto–mama said not to use that word–this milky white angel has pierced ears, wears old fashion Jordan shoes, chain around the neck, big thick eyebrows and around let’s say six hundred years old. Dad’s retired and I was born in sin, I don’t know what that means. Cupid’s real name or at least his alias is Conor, Conor Cross–I don’t know why he chose Cross.

I’m sitting in the kitchen on a drury afternoon when my father stumbles into the kitchen with a drunken look. He sneaks up behind my mother who was humming a tune while washing dishes. He grabbed her butt and kissed her neck and whispered into her ear. I grunted loudly and the two parted, my mother put her hand on his chest and muttered ‘maybe later’ she walks out and my father glares at me. “You little cock blockin child”, he sneered. “Thou shalt not curse”, I teased. “Thou shalt not shit on my parade”, he growled as he walked out the kitchen. I chuckled and Charlie looked at me, he barked. “I smell a demon in you”, he says. “But I smell a wet puppy. Bath time.
“Thou art–Damn it”, I picked Charlie up and went to take him up stairs to give him a bath, he whined the entire time as I tried to wash him. I have a happy family and I mean that sarcastically. My grandparents are babies, my dog is possessed, my father is cupid and my mom is just a church woman who just caught the eye of a baby faced blond white boy but I ain’t judgin’. So what if I’m the mixed-mixed-daughter of a six hundred year old white man who retired from Haven, not heaven, Haven. Apparently, there is no such thing but they thank us for the name. I also found out other things… Apparently, angels love sin, sin is sexy. That’s why I’m here because my mother has the sin of Greed and Cupid just clapped his wings for a sinner.

“Imani, my golden skinned child”, my father came in gazing his blue eyes at me. “I need a fave, a solid, um–what you human teens say?”
I sighed. “What?”
“Oh, I was just going to ask, where are the condoms. I don’t wanna pull a Rolong”, he grinned. “Rolong–you know what, I don’t care, in the dresser”
“Thank you my little caramel muffin ❤”
“Please don’t”, I whined.
After washing Charlie I went in my room and sat on the bed and just relaxed. “Did you do my homework?”, I asked Charlie.

“Is the square root of a triangle Cheese?”
“You didn’t do it”
“@$&# no I did not. Seriously you’re 16, calculus is the ultimate bull, I can tell you for a solid fact you will not use half of what’s on that paper. Plus, who gives kids two weeks worth of homework on a Christmas break? You don’t go back until January second!”
“Welcome to the real world”
“Listen Imani, I could, ya know call for a really early Armageddon. Let’s be honest, school is shit”
“True but no. I’d rather suffer, by the way, did you find the halo?”

Charlie looked at me. “No, that Angel’s lost Halo? You know you could steal another halo, even if we found it, he’s probably dead. I told you angels don’t live long, they’re flies and life is their spider web”, he said. “If your father finds out your selling Halos to Riddick he’ll tan your ass a darker color”
“He’ll never know if you don’t shut your ass up”, he furrowed. “You have your mother’s greed, which isn’t a surprise, even Memory had a sin. She lacked patience, was aggressive, but she had more virtue then sin”
“What’s Haven like?”
“Well, I’ve never been to Haven, the golden gates don’t allow demons. You can thank Gabriel’s know it all ass”, he begin to mock the angels deepen voice. “Build a gate with bars made of gold! Demons will come and the holy light will keep them at bay”
“Did it work?”, I asked, intrigued by the story. “@$&# no. There is such shame on the name Goodwin”, he hopped on the bed but fell off. “Ugh!”

I laughed, I pick him up from the side and placed him on the bed. “Charlie, I got a question”, I rubbed his head while I leaned on my elbow. “Sure?”
“What do Demons look like?”
“Pretty hot, muscles, tails with sharp tips, earrings, horns sometimes pierced. I have pierced horns. A triple ring tail, huge balls–”
“I don’t care”, I cut him off. “I’m going to take a nap, tomorrow we have to check Theo, I wouldn’t want my best friend to die”
“Might I add, you not only stripped him of his halo but Crucified him to a tree, shot him with arrows and poisoned his holy water”
“And might I add, he stabbed me”
“True”, he looked up to the ceiling. “Let’s just kill him. Forget everything I said”


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