(The Ganglands are combined with three counties of India, Egypt and Japan. With these places all together brings their myths and legend)

Side Note: The writer does not own a computer with Microsoft word but tries her best which is poor.


The actual plot: a series of events take place in the UpLands and the door that separates the two worlds has broken, allowing the paranormal to run wild.
A King that sleeps in the Black Lands is trying to wake up but there our seven Keys that can unlock his tomb. If he wakes up, it could mean the end of all life. An apocalypse in both worlds.

Every bit his feet sank into the sands, to feel the approaching army, the heat on his back eased with the disappearing of Ra’s sun. He looked just over the hill of the pyramids, he smirked and took a handful of sand.

The key in his hand, triggered the sand to transform into his flail, which he called his bone. Ozzi rushed to him, “You don’t have to do this!”, he stated. “Your kingship… Please, not even your father wouldn’t want this”

Maybe his words were true, only he never followed his father’s wishes and he wasn’t going to now. The yells of the army were close and he smiled.

“These are the Ganglands, but why do we live here. At the bottom of the world is Phantom Jungle and in the middle is Hell and Haven. This is how our world works, Ozzi”
“Sir?”, Ozzi looked confused, his eyes ran back and forth at his majesty and to the sand dust in the distance. “Pup…”
“Call in A.F.R.O. I figure since you won’t let me risk my life”, Pup smirked. “I think we should call in the band of seven”

“But sir!”, Ozzi grabbed his arm just as he turned around. “This isn’t an army… It’s Kurohana”

He looked beyond his balcony and saw the four giant Samurai emerge from the sand dust. He swore under his breath. “Ozzi… get Rollin”
“Sire… Rollin, they mummified last night. Will you make the dead fight?”
Pup thought about his words. Make the dead fight for his army or die defenseless, was the question that plagued him.
His wolf smile grew and looked at his scribe. “Yes”

The skeleton looked up to the sky, it was dark and cloudy, “The Black Lands, Kemet…”
“What is it, Nanasai?”, asked the second skeleton, Muraka. He looked up at the sky with him, “we must look sharp, brother”
“Is it worth it anymore?”, he brooded. “It’s been so long, we can’t walk forever like this, Sa-Sa is dead, where are we going? No flesh, no organs, how do we live?”, asked Nanasai. He couldn’t answer him. That was the mission, it’s been that way for a millennium, they called them Skeletons on the Walk. “There is… A crisis, it’s going to happen, an imbalance has taken place, my dear brother”
“I’m only wondering about the consequences”
“Possibly, death, we are the last; even as our bones break and rot. We must continue this walk”, said Muraka.

40 foot tall Skeletons, that walked the Ganglands. What they were, not even the people knew, but they knew of the world more than they. Some said, giants inhabited the grounds first, coming from the Jungles and traveling to the Ganglands; searching for something. Muraka’s bones were brittle and brown, wore down from walking. His brother was shiny, never touched by dirt, and Nanasai grew concerned for his brother, he lost his eyes and Nanasai gave him his by splitting his soul in two.

Sharing a soul was an act of love and done by Grim Reapers, assuming the Skeletons on the Walk were Giants of themselves and journey to take the spirit of the land; they called them The Grims of Life. Nanasai and his brother put on black heavy robes over their bones and walked from land to land. Delivering news of misfortune to their kings and queens, telling how to protect themselves from plague and disease.


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