Little Evil

Unedited old draft

Three days of this was becoming unbearable and boring fast. The kids were still young, they wanted to have fun or do something that didn’t evolve asking them a trillion questions of horrible memories that some didn’t even want to talk about.

Sam showed he would do a lot with his telekinesis. It was more visible when he wasn’t angry or defensive. Clovis took note of what Sam did, there were these small hands he used and with just enough forcus he could move anything he wanted. Another use of this power was that Sam had this ability to build a shield around himself. The shield could withstand almost anything and Sam was phased when Clovis chucked everything at him. He tried dropping a rock on the child once and it creaked down the middle. While Sam slept he placed a bucket of water over the boy’s bed, even while he slept the shield would protect him.

Everything he does he does subconsciously, sometimes he wasn’t aware of what was happening and it just happened. That vortex he did when Clovis tried to hit him, was done subconsciously.

“This is now my favorite child!” He grinned, patting the boy on the head. The other children looked at him disgusted and hurt. Why was Sam always the favorite? He was a grouchy, mean and arrogant little kid and he gets everything. Moving things with your mind is nothing special, who cares?

“Of course” he coughed. “Keagan is a great son”

Felicia’s hair was going through a fenzy, he certainly wasn’t her favorite. He was mini murder and she didn’t trust him one bit. Out of all the children he could have taken, he took the good one away.

“I like all of you!” He exclaimed. “Even little Carmen”

Now all eyes were on Carmen, little goldielocks with the bright blue eyes and doll face. Clovis didn’t want to mess with the child, she was strange and odd.

Clovis never associated with Carmen, he gathered up all the children expect her and made her stand with Felicia. Today, he pulled out Salim, a normal child with brown eyes. He swept his hair over his eyes a lot and had a few scars on his face especially a large scar across the bridge of his nose. Felicia said she had been meaning to cut the boy’s hair since it was getting long and messy.

Salim stood in front of Clovis, he combed his hair with his fingers in front of his face again. He stared up at him and said, “You wanna see me do a trick?”

Clovis let out a light chuckle. “I do. What trick can you do?”

There was a boulder prop beyond the field, Salim pointed to it. “I bet i can run all the way there” he said with a smile.

“Oh really? What makes you–“

“Made it!”

Everyone’s eyes darted to Salim. How did he do that? Clovis only blinked once. In another flash he was back standing in front of Clovis, picking his nose. “I could always do that”

“Salim for how long could you do that?” Clovis said stunned.

Salim made it easy for Clovis, he simply said when he was little he played soccer with his step brother. However, his step brother wasn’t very nice and either were his friends. He was out on the field because of a bet he lost, it was dark out and they were suppose to be home. Salim’s brother was just mean for no reason, he was the oldest being 12. He dragged Salim out and had covered him meat.

What triggered his ability was like Sam, a flight or fight response. Being chased by hungry dogs would do that to a person.

“Teleportation!” Clovis was grinning one evening. He picked up the book he had been reading off his desk. Felicia was in the trailer with him, she sat on the bed while sipping a glass of brandy. Clovis sat next to her, he pulled her closer and grabbed her drink to set it on the night stand.

“Look” he directed her attention to the book. She sighed and flipped through the pages. There were a list of abilities in the book, such as flight, water, fire, telekinesis, etc. By each one wa a description and a price by each.

“Why are prices by each one?” She questioned him.

“Why are there–oh! I was estimating how much people would pay to see them” he was lying terribly. Those prices were how much the children would pay. They fetched a good 10,000, Belle was worth it being a vampire. Yvonne wasn’t worth much, Jacob could fetch a pretty penny or a few dollars.

“ABLE?” Said Felicia. She looked at him with a frown, “i thought you said you were done…”

“Felicia, we need that money”

“What did you do? What happened to the money the circus gets?”

“The company needed it!”

“Clovis!” Her hair raised in a fenzy. “That’s my father’s money!”

“He’s dead and gone! Felicia i can make this work”

“No! No you cannot make this work. How can you just send the children, way across Africa”

While the two argued they didn’t know the kids were listening in on the conversation thanks to Yvonne. She could do just more than talk to animals, she made herself into a spider and sending messages through the window via Angel. “What does he mean I’m cheap?” Jacob’s eyes flickered with anger.

“Are we moving to Africa?” Said Simon.

“They have Malairia there!” Elly shouted.

Belle covered her mouth in silence. “Shh” she said. “It’s ma-lar-ia. Not may-lair-ia”

Yvonne crawled out the window and scurried her way down the trailer on to the ground where she turned herself back to normal. “I’m not cheap, I’m talented…” she mumbled dusting off her night gown. They heard the front door jingle, Salim held Belle’s hand and she held Sam’s until everyone was connected together, before they noticed Salim teleported them back to their rooms. The children landed on the ground with a thug. Belle rubbed her back. “Ow! Salim!”

“Ahhhh, shut up!” He stuck his tongue out.

Clovis wrote down the names in his little book. Sam, Yvonne, Jacob, Belle, Simon, Salim, Keagan… there ten children in all and three were missing. The twins and Carmen.

The twins spent most of their time with the Ekström siblings, Jaz and Caz. Jaz taught little Elly tricks from time to time. She practiced a lot of tricks with Elly, and Jaz practiced a lot with Tully.

They were the only one’s at the time who had tutors of their own. Clovis and Felicia couldn’t teach them a lot since Felicia was old and still recovering from having her insides sucked out. Clovis was a busy man and sadly didn’t have time for the children like a busy father. It honestly made him sad, he didn’t even get enough time to spend with Callie before she died. He was always busy.

Since the children were going to grow up with the circus they were going to be preformers or something useful. It was something fun and something to keep them occupied. Belle and Sam, would remain close to Clovis as he’s children. Yvonne and Carmen were in charge of the animals which Carmen didn’t like. She was scared to touch all of them even the elephant.

Yvonne assured her the animals were friendly. “They won’t bite” she said. Easy for her, she could communicate with them and turn into one if she pleased (something Clovis didn’t find out).

Salim was paired with a man know as, well… he didn’t have a name. He was quiet guy, big strong, muscular. Square jaw, stood about 7″ foot compared to Salim, a tiny boy.

What Clovis had done was give the children tutors, someone they could relate to. Simon was paired with a woman, who spoiled him to death. Born with her legs fused together m, she acted as the circus’s little mermaid. Since Simon developed teeth like a shark and gills, it would only make sense to give him somebody that made sense.

Jacob was given to a large black woman, her name Urselle. She did the cooking around the place and like Jacob had anger issues. She taught Jacob how to cook, he mostly grabbed the spices from the cabinet. He developed a particular taste in fine gourmet while under Urselle’s wing.

Keagan was given to nobody, he was a child out of control and nobody wanted him. “You’d have to be crazy to take him” said one of the performers.

Keagan was a hand full, those who tried taking him would give him back to Felicia. He bites, he fights, he yells, he makes a mess, he tried to kill me. Which was a common complaint she was faced with. He tried choking one lady, stabbed a man with spork and tossed a radio in the shower with another.

“What is wrong with this child!” Felicia screamed. He was too much and she couldn’t stand having him around her. What if, she thought, he targeted me. He was nice around Carmen, but wicked around anyone else.

Everyone had somebody expect Carmen and Keagan. Yvonne was find with the elephant. She liked it and was happy, the lack of human contact was pleasing.

Carmen and Keagan were orphans for life it seemed. They didn’t find a new parent within the circus so Clovis took them like Belle and Sam. Felicia, begged to try and find someone else to take Keagan. “Anyone” she pleaded. “I’m sure a nice prisoner or murder is looking for a child!”

“Felicia you sound like one yourself. Keagan is fine boy, just a bit loose in the head”

“Clovis that boy is the devil!”

“He’s fine” clovis said. “You male it out as if he’ll burn down the whole circus or something”

When Keagan heard this he giggled and Carmen popped him in the jaw. “See!” She shouted. “He grinned at that!”

Clovis sighed and shook his head. Maybe Felicia had her brain taken out while with Mitchel.


He had to find out what abilities did the twins possess. Belle’s trigger was the dark, Sam didn’t like being hit, Jacob was violence, Simon was water, Salim was flight or fight, Yvonne had active imagination from childhood, now he had to find what triggered the twins.

What could Tulius do? What did Elena do? Tully always wore a watch around his wrist and played with it a lot, sometimes he’d disappear. The twins told Clovis, if he’d play hide and seek with them they would show them. So he played hide and seek with them. They played out in a large open field around the circus, there tree everywhere and places to hide. “Ok… count down to 10” said Tully.

“You find us” said Elly.

Clovis closed his eyes and counted. “One… two… three…”

Tully held down one of the hands on his watch and everything froze, only Elly could move. She held on to Tully’s hand and they switched places. Tully let go of the hand on the watch and spun it foward.

“… Eight…. Nine…. ten…” Clovis didn’t even notice, the twins just stood there grinning. Clovis slapped his palm against his forehead. “You were suppose to hide” he said.

The twins played a different game with Clovis, hide in the other’s body and find which one was which. That was Elly’s power, she was a body swapper and Tully liked controlling time. When Clovis found this out, it took him by surprise because put together the twins were worth… over hundred thousand dollars.

Elly’s trigger simply being near her brother, because the two were almost identical she looked like a little boy than a little girl, it was only until she spoke did people realize she was female. Because they were always mistaken they enjoyed playing games on people. Elly would switch clothes with her brother and play hide and seek. Their parents were average, they were orphaned due to normal circumstances, their parents were deemed unfit because their mother was mentally unprepared and were taken away. Having a crazy mother was the best fun they had even when she said breakdowns. Dad was in prison and they hadn’t seen him since they learned to walk. When their mother was ‘sane’ she told the kids if they turned the hands on the clock forward, it would speed up time and dad would come home faster.

Tulius did this a lot, he stopped doing it when he realized that’s not how clocks work. “Tulius time travel isn’t real” said his kindergarten teacher. “I bet you miss your father but he’s not coming back”

Those were there triggers and it ignited something in their genes. As long as Tully had a watch, he could control time by bringing it forward or backwards even stopping it. As long as Elly touched anyone, no matter what body she was in, she could swap.

Now that all nine children were discovered, Carmen was pinned as the weakest link in the chain. Clovis didn’t test her, he didn’t bother her. She and Keagan became the outcast in the family.

Felicia was always trying to get rid of Keagan. She would lie and say she was going to the store, instead she was doing interviews with potential parents.

One day, Keagan was missing and Carmen was worried. Keagan found a home, Felicia said he was happy and they took care of him well. Clovis didn’t like that news, he was concerned because he lost 1,000 dollars because of Felicia’s mistake and fear of that one child.

“Who! Who did you give him too” he shook her and shouted.

“O’Sullivan!” She pushed herself away from Clovis.


Sullivan would dare give Keagan back, he was just in the same place as Clovis. He needed the money too.


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