I think this is the original document to my story ABLE It’s undone, and probably unedited

I slammed my fist on the alarm, I groan in pain at the massive headache i was feeling. Did i drink last night? i turned over and looked at the clock and signed deeply, shutting my eyes again I’m already late it’s going on 9:15, i was suppose to be at school by 8. I yawned loudly as finally decided to get up and get dressed. I went into my closet and pulled out some jeans and yellow shirt with a black stripe across it.

I went into the bathroom and pop a few breath mints in, probably should brush my teeth, but my breath doesn’t smell that bad. I grabbed my comb and started the struggle with my hair. It takes about ten minutes since i have natural hair!

“FRANKIE!” My mother yells from downstairs. “Get up you already late!”

“I AM UP!” I scream.

Once i get my things together i hurry down stairs to get into th car with my mother. It’s 9:30, I’m late as hell.

My mother drives me up to the school, telling me have a good day and stay out of trouble. What’s today? I think it’s Tuesday? I can’t go through th front door and my first period is the on first floor so i just approach th window casually, knock of the window to my best friend’s attention. She wasn’t doing anything important expect sitting there and playing on her phone.

She finally noticed me and came to the window to open it for me. “You late” she says.

“No duh”

“She already marked you absent”

Tammy is such a good friend, she can always remind me that I’m late for school after 30 minutes to an hour. Instead of calling me on my phone to actually wake me up on time.

I climbed through the window and noticed our teacher wasn’t here yet or she stepped out for a bit. My desk is next to Tammy’s and i take a sit. I set my bag down and slightly flinch.

“What’s wrong with you?” She asked while combing her dyed pinked hair. I clutch the back of my head and slowly sit down. “I don’t know, I woke up with a headache” I said.

“Did you party?”

“Nah, did we?”

“You know i take you out or go to parties with you”

My head was banging all through class period. I decided to press it against the cold desk, it was starting to make me feel nauseous. Our Teacher, she lectured on for a bit after the class had gotten to loud for her taste and started a speech.

I wasn’t paying attention but i could hear her. I couldn’t think straight with my head pounding and the low pitch noise in my ear. What is today? Isn’t it Tuesday?

“Frankie Lawyer!” She calls me. Without raising my head up i muffle a ‘what’ in response. “Raise your head up!” She demands. “You lucky i don’t turn you into the principal, always sneaking in my classroom”

Our teacher is this short black woman, with a kinky afro. I’m not entirely scared of her, she comes up to my chest. “This is what I’m talking about, kids on the east side are so uneducated because y’all don’t take it seriously enough” she says.

The class isn’t even listening to what she’s saying, i look towards Tammy and she’s been scratching her head for a while now. “New hair?” I teased her.

“Shut up” she said sharply. “I feel like i had a lobotomy or something” Tammy rubs the back of her head again. “It feels like i have stitches in the back of my head”


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