Script of D’Emic


God was a druggie, he was an addict, but it wasn’t drugs that claimed his life. Some suppose, it was his own blood. Which I believe because fuck family. All I got is my step daughter. Thither is a wall over Toi Jungle, some attempt to climb it. I tried once, but my body isn’t 100% human, half the time I can’t stand because my legs lock up.
When God’s body was divided, his left arm was buried in Toi. I believe it was… It’s something like, He held his mind in his right and Left in fear because Toi is the power of fear. Makes sense, I’m a big ass monster.
“D’Emic, you ripped a wire?”, the maker said. “This is why you’ve been walking like you’ve had a stroke”
“There is a wire?”, I can’t even feel the lower half of my body and then I didn’t know. “Mr. Williams, your a Toi, your falling apart”
I smirked a little. “Is this the part where you tell me I have cancer?”
The maker looked at me  with his face like stone, he could pass for a statue right now. “D’Emic… You’ve been breathing awful. Wheezing, you’re 7’1″, very concering weight loss.”

“Lung Cancer, just say it. I thought I was having heart burn”
“You have two types”
“Of lung cancer?”
“No. Just cancer”, he pronounced with his head down. “You’ve caught Rust which is cancerous for Toys. It wears down the material, turns brown. For mechanical, it strikes the legs, eye control, causing blindness or blur vision. It’s lethal, the rust might take your life before your lungs will”
I sat there thinking about the girl I call my daughter. Who’s going to take charge of her? Never hear my voice or see my face. I’d hate to be with her and just stop functioning, and that frightens me. Scares the shit out of me.

“I… I got to go home”, I got off the bed and pain struck me in my legs, tears swelled up in my eyes it hurt so much but I shrugged it away. “Kruger, the raggedy doll”, he laughed. I rolled my eyes as I wasn’t in the mood for laughs. I have red hair, doll hair that’s straight and cuts your fingers. I miss my natural hair, smooth, soft, great.
I walked home and my legs ache like hell. Everything in Toi Jungle is a Toy of some form. From easy bake oven to the fucking Barbie accessory.

Altogether I could think about was my big bed and small round face child, BOnce I arrived home I stood outside for a moment as to think of a way to seem in less pain then I really was. I tried walking straight and heard faint sounds of popping in my leg (mechanical and damn near broken). I designed a whole conversation in my head and prayed (which I never do) just let it go as planned.

“DADDY!”, she came running up to me with open arms. I couldn’t hold it, the sole thing that keeps me from ending my life is this. Seeing that smile, shining face. She seemed concerned, I felt bad, I was making her worry, but… I was never a man who held back tears. Do it as planned, I told myself and fucked up. “Daddy?”, she questioned.
“I’m crying cause… We’re going to see daddy Laugh”, I attempt to sound cheerful. I know any moment… I’m going to break. I’m not ready yet.


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