Script of Phantom Jungle


In history, as it was penned. God cast a meteor down and broke the land apart and named these five locations Jungles. Echo Jungle, Concrete Jungle, Toi Jungle, Fur Jungle and Monochrome Jungle. He placed two humans in each land and made them immortal. These humans were called Ghetto, they were brown and dark just like he.

God existed in a mansion, it was gold and clean. One day he checked on his world and watched it blossom from dirt to cities and towns.
On the twelvemonth of the Fool, God’s house was burned down and his body taken and limbs separated and organ. They were laid to rest under the lands he made, the Head in Echo, the legs in Fur, the heart in Monochrome, the right arm in Concrete and left in Toi.

And because his body was split up, it gave humans odd effects. Power of the mind (Concrete), Power of the body (Monochrome), Power in instinct (Fur), Power in Fear (Toi), but Echo was given his Hunger, a torment…. And we call those Fiends.


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