Hustle. Power. Repeat


(This is a fictional story and a fantasy since to also includes superpowers)
Two homeless drug addicts steal form their dealer who refuses t give them what they want. Addicted to the new drug Klutz, they sneak in the man’s house steal more however Donavan grabs the wrong thing and they start getting sick. The drug? Tempestuous.

They were waiting, the line was long and boring. Shay must have been the only drug dealer who had a line. They had been waiting since eight o’clock am, Donavan looked at his girlfriend. She had dry lips and hair was tangled; she tried some days to look better than she did, she wished for new clothes. She mostly wore a white shirt with a junkyard puffy jacket for the days when it was too cold to even breathe.
Donavan had holes in his pants, tears in the tank top with stains. The jeans were ripped and  lips dry as well, he was tired and back hurt like hell from sleeping funny on the train.

“Don, the line”, she shook him. He wipped his eyes and moved forward. In truth, he was disappointed in himself. How They moved from middle class to damn homeless was amazing. It was his fault, he brought home the drug. It gave him chills, made him sweat, built up his sex drive and made his legs and arms tingle; he felt like most days he was walking on air… Freedom. He didn’t have to pay bills anymore but he worried Moquie, his woman. He didn’t like seeing her like this. She use to be stunning, hair was flawless, wore makeup to look even better. He loved how she would do eyeliner, it made her eyes bold.

The line was moving and when they finally made it to the front. Moquie was the main one begging. “Hi, hello, one vile of Klutz”
“No”, said Shay, a dark man with light brown eyes. “Leave, you were here yesterday and the day before”, he stated.
“I have money! Give it to me!”, he barked, grabbing the man by his collar, “any other time I give you something”
“A fiend…”, he slightly chuckled. “Would you be willing to suck a dick? For a vile?”

Donavan’s mouth twitched at such a request. He thought he meant his wife, which infuriated him. Shay still was laughing, Moquie tried to be the middle as she knew his wrath all too well. “Baby, let him go. Look, Look, I can give him my ring baby. It’s worth something”, she urged.

The ring was… precious, but he wasn’t willing to give that up. The ring had a purpose, it meant so much to him, reminded him how much wrong he has done, but he wanted to keep that ring… To remember. “Fuck you”, he said as he headbutted the man so hard his nose bled. He held Moquie’s hand and dragged her away. Shay wiped his nose with his sleeve, if anything he was helping them. He looked at his sleeve and sneered. “You’ll be back! You Always come back!”and


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