Concrete Jungle


In Bria the city is large. Frankie and his friends find themselves in a ridiculously stupid situation due to stupidity of a friend. Dorian was a new kid who suffered from affects of being bullied, on of Frankie’s friends accidentally unintentionally got Dorian killed and they won’t tell anyone but when earthquakes start happening and ghost come out then the truth.
Just dig him from the concrete. Simple. Right?

He kept looking at the clock over and over then looked at the teacher as he thought to himself, why are some understanding but other work us to death. Ms. Kree was explaining a huge project she wanted the students to do for their final grade of leaving high school.

Now Omali, was being a regular smart ass again. Sometimes he laughed, sometimes he said nothing. “Omali!”, the teacher shouted. “Whaaat, all u ever do is call my name”
“Because you always do something to make me call your name”
“Oh really”, he snapped. “What I do this time. You can’t blame me for sucking out the electricity. I ain’t near a plug”
“I’m not. The correct grammar is ‘I am not'”, she corrected. Stefan leaned back in his chair and huffed.
“Don’t you hate it when your white teacher tries to correct your grammar?”, he whispered to Franki who was know as the boy with a giant afro. Stefan was regarded as Rapunzel, two black boys who had unbelievably long or thick hair. Sefan was half Samoan, thanks to his wonderful father. “Out of all she can correct, she can’t seem to correct those crooked shark teeth”, he said an low tone once more. Frankie clasped hiss hands over his mouth and hit Stefan, “Ahaha, What you do that for. Ow… Haha”, Stefan rubbed his arm.
“You evil”, Frankie stated.”Mr. Lawler!”
“I didn’t do anything! Damn it…”
“I think we need to call your mother”, she said. Frankie’s mouth dropped and eyes squinted. “I didn’t do shit!”, he protested. “I don’t care”

“Man, you so uppity that’s why no one like you”, Frankie got up from the desk. “Um… Frankie I didn’t say you was dismissed”
“I know, I dismissed myself!”
Stefan through his head back in laughter. “You get Frankie in trouble, but not big eyes over there”, he pointed to Dorian Bell, who had only been in school for six months. He was a transfer student and already was having a disaster day as it was. Dorian had big eyes that stop three girls who talked to him his first day of school. He never really talked, he was quiet as a phone on silent. Stefan seemed to be his cause of misery, he sometimes muttered under his breath ‘Brace Face’ because Stefan had big braces. His mouth didn’t close fully so one could slightly see his teeth.

“Hellloooo. Me friend. Te amo? Estan Inglés?”
“You do realize nothing you said made a lick of sense, right?”, said a girl by the name of Tanja, she was the twin sister who was much more tolerable, and Stefan liked Aja.
“Aja, baby, what did I say?”, he asked. “Well–”
“Te amo means I love you, stupid”, remarked Tanja cutting off her sister. “Did I ask you!”, Stefan exclaimed.

“Enough!”, the teacher commanded. “You hear that Tanja, enough!”, he mocked. “That’s it, Stefan, get out of my class”, she pointed towards the door.
“What… No”, he said. “I said get out Stefan!”, she repeated. “And I said no…”
“That wasn’t a request! That was DEMAND!”
“Well… You need to get Time Warner if On fucking Demand ain’t working”
“I’ve had enough, I’m calling Mr. Cox”

She went out to the hallway. Tammy looked at Stefan,”man”, she put her hands over her ears, which gave Aja a reason to question. “His loud mouth, that’s why”, she replied.
Mr. Cox was a pale skinned man who looked wide eye all the time. He was an aggressive bastard, he once swung Stefan into a window, causing him to smash it, needless to say he had to pay for the window sense the school said it was his fault.

When Cox arrived Stefan’s thirty inch long baids began to spark and his braces tingle. “Well… Stefan…”
“Touch me and I’ll break your damn nose!”
“Get out Stefan”, he reached to grab the boy’s shirt and lift him out of his seat. The moment he touched him, Stefan’s hair whipped across his hand leaving a burn.
“I said don’t touch me!”, he shouted and stung him again with his hair. Electricity was coursing through his hand, Electricity flooded from Stefan’s mouth.
Dorian sighed as he heard no reaction from the class as he watched the struggle before him. He studied Stefan, analyzing his movements. Taking it into account what he could do. ‘He doesn’t use his electricity all the time, he sucks out electricity from the school, the material in his mouth must be something made to be a conductor of some sort… But why. I hate damn psychics’


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