Blurb: The world was built by children. they made the kingdoms, they made the history but they might born from… they came from capsules that birth them. In this world, there isn’t a whole lot of rules for kids. Children don’t get last names until they are ten. They join the knights at 15. You can drink alcohol at 15. Children are assigned jobs, child labor is a thing, children can be married off if approved and signed by a monitor. A boy and girl are picked to rule dynasty

Andrew had a star, and Alyssa had great big circles for her pupil which he admitted looked spooky.

He looked at the child covered in pink liquid, he carefully picked her up. “A girl… Ah… Oh well. I guess we’ll have a battle of queens this generation”, he smirked. “Can you speak? Not that I’d be able to hear you anyhow,” The girl looked Sebastian and gave a small smile, his skin was like hers, brown just like him. Her nose was button, he noticed that only one of her eyes were blue while other was an unusual red color with a solid round pupil. He took her to Alyssa, to have her named.

In the school, were even more tiny kindergartens. The world was separate by kindergarten, middle schoolers, and beastly high schoolers; whom they feared and within good reason.

“Alyssa…”, he mumbled. He held out the child, he took his one hand and tapped his fingertips twice. Alyssa was sitting in a rocking chair with another kindergartener. “A girl? She’ll do. I need to teach you adult sign language. Your 32 and have the mental age of a nine year old.”, she said, Sebastian pouted and gave her the newborn child. “She looks a lot like her…”, she pondered, “same skin but… a red eye?” “What… Does… It mean”, he stressed to speak. He didn’t speak much and couldn’t hear worth a damn. “I don’t know, I don’t remember it either, I’ll check the history and go back to the ninth dynasty. It’s… concerning but…”, she looked at Sebastian with a grin. “Doesn’t she look like somebody when we were kids?”

He told himself he wouldn’t think of her. He didn’t want to think of her or remember what happened to her. All he saw in his head was her decapitated body still trying to walk towards him, obeying the last commands she must have thought. And then it fell to the ground… No life, no longer would she speak to him, no longer be there, his life was silence. No one wanted to speak with a deaf brat, she was the only one who tried. He missed her so much…

“Sebastian?”, he looked at her. “Do you want to name her Jody?” Sebastian raised a brow. Why, he thought, why would you name after… “You have to get over it Sebby, we’re not kids we grew up, maybe we can save this generation… Let them have, an actual happy childhood”, she grinned. “Not let what happened to Jody” He thought, he spoke slowly. “She… stays here” “What was that?” He spoke again, a little bit louder. “She stays here… With me…” “No…. Sebby” “My sister… Belongs…. With me”


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