Possibly bad. This is a draft and I’m planning to fix it. But this is what I got now.

My life has always been an unfortunate one and I’m not saying that in a ‘woe is me’ sort of tone. I’ve been through things that weren’t fun and maybe one time I got abducted by aliens but that isn’t… Important.

“This is our new student—”

I cut the teacher off before she could say anything else. “Domino, and yes, my mother named me after dominos pizza”, The class laughed slightly, no she didn’t, Domino is a game and it’s also the name of her three legged Dalmatian so yes, that does upset me just a bit. “Well, aren’t you a forward one, would you like to tell us about yourself?”
“No”, I said with an expressionless face. This city is high tech, as in my phone is actually in my eye. Seriously, I got that new shit like I stole— I got my shit last year.
“You can sit by momo, she’s a smart girl perfectly nice”, she said. “I can handle myself”, I said as I walked to the desk next to the girl with the short black hair and bluish eyes, (I can’t really tell). Honestly, she wasn’t that bad looking, thighs were thick… but she looked like a goth. Oh, why are all the hot chicks either a make-up bitch or dead?

“Hi”, she looked my way. “I’m Momo Sinclair, actually, that’s not my real name but you have to be level 5 to know my life”
“That’s funny…. I never asked”
She frowned showing a dislike for my response. I wish I didn’t come home and I keep having this sense like I’m going to be in serious trouble which I probably am considering—

“There’s a giant spider on the window!”
That’s normal in New Genoa, home of aliens and other crap I don’t like. The giant spider is legitimately a giant spider because ALIENS, I don’t think I can’t make that any clearer.

“Now, now, Mamaroneck the spider is going to eat you”, said the teacher whose name I don’t recall nor care for. So let’s call her…. Ms. T for Teacher. “Don’t call me by full name, you always get it wrong. Just say Mama”
I’d love to call her Mama… she pretty, nice long black hair, upturned eyes, full lips. Face of a model and my mission… to get her number.
The spider was very distracting, and had me worried. I picked up a book just in case it was searching. Please pass, please pass. I wanted it to go away, I should have got on that boat when I had the chance. I heard a crack and I looked to my right, I bit my tongue. “Mama!”, cried… what’s her–MOMO. The spider had broken the glass and dragged out the girl but by the look on her face, this was an everyday thing and it was. Aliens are not an unexpected thing. Back in 2020, a ship off the coast of Florida was pulled out form the sea. They put the damn flying disc on exhibit and nobody thought to check the ship to see if someone was on the thing. In simple words, America is stupid because they didn’t check to see what was inside this massive disc from space, so now half the world is alien control. Dumb, right?

This is the year 4500, this is a school, Golden Grove High and it keeps in people who are…. empowered… D’Kanos is the word for or was it Ikanos? Probably Ikanos which I think means able…. I’m stupid, I don’t know!

“Reveal yourself… Domino Jacobs”, said the spider in a computerized voice. “We know… you are here”

Before I could get in trouble I made a run for it. Students were out their classrooms looking or panicking over the tiny spiders. This isn’t even a Friday and my luck is bad, I dart down the stairs and I immediately stop at the sight that was climbing up the stairs. An alien mutation of human and spider, but the body was hunched over. It slowly raised it’s head revealing four bulging eyes, the human body reached out, it’s hand just inches away from grabbing me.
I held my hand out and focused on the tattoo. It started to move. I started to flinch slightly as it started to come loose. My tattoo is that of a devil woman, and my power is Ink manipulation…

When she finally made her way off my arm, my arm was dripping with ink like blood. The tattoo grabbed the spider woman and ripped it apart from its spider body and went on ahead.

I ran down the stairs and exited through the front door and I felt so much pain especially in my spine. I bolted down to my knees. I could barely look up with electricity coursing through my body. “Domino Jacobs, you are hereby  under arrest for the impersonation of a student and being escaped Dikanos”

And I felt the swiftest hand against my face over and over again.


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