Black Bottle Tale 2


She didn’t want to go into town with her, no matter how much she protested and stomped her feet. Aunt Clementine made certain she was going to take her and she going to shop and try on pointless clothes. “This sucks”, she thought.

She held her lips tightly as her Aunt dragged her into the market. The clouds were dark a perfect symbol for an unhappy town. The ground was wet which meant it had just rained. She use to play in the rain with her mother before she died. Her name was Ursula Mosley and her father, James Ben Mosley except she didn’t see much of her father even now. She was nine years old and… bored. That was the only moment to describe the very thing. Before this the dragon had came and attacked the and Tellalot Bear had drunk some Hush potions, just when the glow cat had just abducted General Rubin who stole the king’s underwear! She was having fun in her little mind.

“Ms. Silverstone, back for another item?”, said the owner said.
Fay rolled her eyes, cocked her head back. She couldn’t go anywhere because she was still holding her hand. Trapped, bored, and on the verge of death (because she hadn’t eaten that Pickled Herring, bad idea.

“Fay we have to get back. The Dragon is destroying everything”, said Rousseau in alarm. “I can’t that witch of the hill has me in her grasp”
“You have to fight! Unleash your magic!”, Rousseau shouted.

“Fay, darling, be quite.”, her aunt furrowed her brow. “You can’t shush me demon! Release me from my prison!”
Her aunt popped her in the shoulder. Fay frowned and tried to get away from her. “Fay you will not embarrass me again”
“Feisty isn’t she?”, the store owner said with a smile. She squirmed and scratched until her aunt couldn’t take it any longer and swat her across her bottom, hard enough to draw tears. With a hold still tight around her wrist and she scratched her aunt enough to draw blood.
“I think she wants you to let her go. Maybe your holding her to tight”, he said.
“I hate that my sister had such a dumb baby. I swear I don’t know what to do with her… maybe I’ll put her in a asylum”
“Well I don’t think they’ll fix her”
“Oh, it will

A man in a trench coat stood beside her. She looked up at him but couldn’t see is face under his hood. He looked down at her and said, “you have pretty long yellow hair”

Her mouth parted, and grabbed her ponytail. Her white  was all most white and she couldn’t stand it, she’d wish it was red like Rousseau’s. He tried once to help by dying it but only a special dye could turn her hair red. Speaking of, where was Rousseau?

“THIEF THE BLUE BANDIT kidnap Rousseau!”, she started pulling in her aunt’s hold why wouldn’t she release her. “I’ve had enough of this behavior!”, yelled her aunt. Grabbing the child by her shoulders and shaking her until Fay couldn’t take it anymore and racked her nail across her face to let her go.

“Ahhh”, she yelled. “You little monster! I hate you so much! I’m sending you to an orphanage. She stuck her tongue out saying how she actually cared, she didn’t care.
She gave chase to the Blue Bandit, running down the street and cutting through alleyways. She could see him jump on buildings and turn flips. “Where are you going”
Fay started walking slowly, she looked around and she had chase the thief to old town, a very poor area.
She walked around until she saw him again darting into an alleyway. ” Rousseau!”, she shouted making the thief look up and he smiled at her and ran into the alleyway. This felt familiar, she thought, like from a book but wasn’t there a rabbit? When she chased the thief into the alleyway she saw far a split second, he disappeared into a wall a swirl of colors in a pattern she had never seen before. “A magic wall?”, she thought then gasped. “The Wall of Wonder!”, and she raced towards the wall.

The Wall of Wonder came from her imagination once more, the wall led to wonders. Like a hole the mice used in the house. She came to a passway of swirling colors and up a head there was a sign. It read, Hallway of Wonder and she went forth and opened the door.

On the otherside was another alleyway decor with welcome signs. Fay was starting to hear things behind her, like earthquake but sh looked back and hallwy was in decay with faces on the walls and large face coming toward her. “No open doors in my hallway!”, the face said. It came fast and pushed Fay out the door, she landed on the ground and saw pair of shoes. She looked up, “It’s you!”, she excused. “Give me back Rousseau!”
“My, my, a determined child. You followed me all the way here. But unfortunately I don’t have your doll anymore, he came to life and ran away. Looking for his eyes”

“His eyes?”
“He can’t see without them”, he smirked. “Oh I crack myself up”
“You didn’t laugh?”
“I laughed on inside you little brat”
“Why?”, she asked.
“Because…. you are. End of discussion.
“What discussion? What were we discussing? The weather? Perhaps dinner?”
“No”, the thief frowned. “We weren’t discussing anything Fay”
He stopped and went wide eyed, he wasn’t supposed to say her name. “Do I know you mister?”
“Yes… I mean, maybe, I mean no! No! I don’t know you and my parents told me not to talk to strangers and you shouldn’t either”
He grabbed a ball from his pocket and threw on the ground, it burst and release a smoke, it made Fay dizzy and felt strangely happy. “What a nice man… but I still don’t know where I am”

She realized she quite possibly made a bad decision in following the thief. She looked at the door with an uncanny face. “Where am I?”
“Don’t know”, said the door. He spoke in a low rumble. He had a straight nose that was big and a weird mustache that changed color.
“Who are you?”
“Don’t know”
“I’ll name you Arthur cause you look like an Arthur”, she said. The door raised a brow, “What is an Arthur?”, he questioned. “A person”
“And a person is?”
She thought on it, “me… I’m a person!”
“Then I can’t be an Arthur”
“You can’t?”, she gave a face of disappointment.”Arthur the Door, that’s a good name”
“You like that name… Fay?”
“Then call me Arthur. Arthur the Door”
“Arthur the Door do know where I am?”
“No”, he frown. “Do you know where I can go”
“Down the street lies a bear and goat, maybe they can tell you where to go.
“Arthur what are you?”, she asked once more. “Do you know who that man was?”
“The thief”
“What thief”
“Oh nevermind”
“I’m a forget me door”
“What’s a forget me door?”
“I forget”

There was no use talking to the door as he seemed to forget and she knew that memory was important and the door didn’t have any memory. “Arthur, how come you forget?”
“Probably because, my brain has runaway”
“Would you like me to find your brain?”, she said. “Yes, It’s brain with a dapper mustache and two legs”
“Does he have a name?”
“I forget”
“I’ll just go find him….”
“Find who?”

The forget me door needed his brain and he couldn’t even remember he lost. Fay went looking for the brain, she thought if the door got his brain back then maybe she’d find where Rousseau went. She couldn’t believe he ran off to look for his eyes.

She went into some woods down the road to look for the missing brain. So she called it over and over again. She was going deeper into the woods without realizing it and there she saw more signs appeared, they read “tea party this way” and she followed the arrow in the direction of the tea party.
“I do say Charles this tea is awful! Just awful”
“I say Bailey, you look dusty… have you been sitting on a shelf. Oh wait, you have”
She heard the deeper she went into the woods. “What’s blue and makes you feel sad?”
“My wife?”
“Good answer”

She stood in the view of the table surrounded with brains and they seemed to be having a great time, she oddly wished she could be apart of it. There were five brains and only one had a tag.

“Excuse me”, she raised her voice. “I have a question”
The brains turned. “Fay Mosley? Welcome dear child”, said one brain with top hat. “You idiot don’t say her name”
“Too late. Fay, come, sit, drink”
“I’m looking for a brain”
“Have you lost your mind? Get it, lost your mind!”
The table erupted in laughter. She didn’t get it.
“Girl why don’t you laugh with us?”
“The child is dumb”
“Oh… poor girl”
“I’m not dumb. I’m a very smart girl”
“Well she isn’t dumb. She heard me”
“That’s not dumb, that’s deaf!”
“Well, she isn’t that”, the brain chuckled.
“Oi, Fay, let me introduce my friends. This General Cornwall, he’s the brain of a dead general. And that over to the left is Daniel”
“Hello”, she greeted. “Poor mad dumb child”, said Charles Mantucker, the brain of a dog. “I’m not dumb! And Arthur the Door needs his brain to come back!”
“Anthony died ten years ago and door forgot!”, said Cornwall. “You best find him a new one in Buy a Mind”
“Where’s that she asked. “Down the street to the left pass the mouse hole”

She followed the directions the brains told her or the minds. She truly didn’t know what they were, they stood on one long stem and kind of glowed when they talked. She thought to herself a foolish idea, but the thought was a funny one. What if they could fly? She didn’t understand what made her think that, however, she giggled at the thought of a flying brain, both disgusting and funny to her.

Down the streets pass the mouse hole she did as so, a mouse came out of the hole and stopped in front of Fay, “halt! Be you friend or foe?”, he asked.
“A foe?”, she said, but it sounded more like question so she tried to make it sound like less of a question, if she could. “A foe? If I be a foe, what would I do?”, she didn’t do a good job.

“Well… you could kill me”, said the mouse with a beard made from dust bunnies.”you could kill me and my family and I be no more”
“Sounds awful…. do you have a brain?”
“Everyone has a brain, and I have the largest”
“Could you donate your brain?”
“No”, the mouse said in a deep voice. “My brain is mine. You’ll have to cut off my head before you take my brain”
She shrugged, “I’ll keep that in mind”

She walked on pass the mouse hole and an old man with no eyes popped out. “My eyes my eyes!”, he yelled. “I can’t see without my eyes!”
“Stop running around like a chicken with no head”, Fay said. “What’s the matter?”
“Can’t you see mumbling child!? I have no eyes and you need a new tongue”
“My tongue isn’t broken, I taste just fine”
“What do you taste like?”
“Salty?” She didn’t really know, but the man came in picked her up and took her inside his hut. He put Fay into a pot a of water, “little mumbling child stew, I’ll call the dish…. Pickled Mute”
“Are you going to eat me?”, she asked.
“Yes mumbling child”
“Why can you understand me?”
“Cause this is all in your head and your dumb, if you give me your leg I’ll let you free”
“I don’t believe you”. To give up her leg for freedom was actually fair, but which leg, her right or left, hopefully her left as she never used it well. “I don’t blame you because we lie here, but goat tells bigger tales than I. Better yet you give me your eyes and I’ll let you go”
“That was a lie”
“Yes, it was. I speak in opposite”
“Opposite”, she thought. “I’ll give you my leg and eyes if you let me go”
“….Mmmm that was a lie”
“But if a lie could be the truth, then a truth could be a lie. So if I’m lying… I could be telling the truth and mother always said to tell a truth but you think I’m lying”
“If you’re… lying… then you’re telling the truth. But a lie is a lie, lies can’t turn into the truths… because it’s a lie and lies are bad and can’t be true because a lie means the opposite of the truth”, the more the man thought about truths and lies he was slowly turning into a puddle of mess and Fay hopped out the pot to screw off the melting man’s head as well as taking the large knife from the counter with the name Alice inscribed on the handler.
Beside was a paper that read, “to use this item say words snicker-snack repeatedly”
“That’s dumb…” she said to herself and took the head and went back to the door.

When she went back to the door, the door was singing an awful tune. “I find you a brain, two brains”
“A mouse and a man”
“The mouse is too small but I can eat it. You brought me a lunch, for this I surely thank you Fayetta, now I can remember where my hat is”
“Can you tell me about the thief?”
“Clyde… he’s a boy”
“Anything else?”
“He’s strangely allergic to fur. I bet if you cut off the bears fur and use to make him sneeze, something good will happen for sure”


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