I tried some urban, I’m bad at urban

As he looked at the life he had taken, he couldn’t fathom what to do except lie like he has always done. This is what I get for drinking, he thought, on a Friday night, lord forbid if I go to jail now. “You just had to”, said Jaxson Banks, the man got most of his money through drug dealing and claiming a few lives. His hair was a shiny black that reached his shoulders and small piercing in his nose on the left. His main job was a hitman, but he mostly told people he worked as an editor. Ironic in his case, he failed English in school.

“I’m sorry…”, Micah murmured. The body was gruesome, he had stomped on the face repeatedly. “I can’t tell her…”

Jaxson took a puff from his weed. “I’m not surprised, you haven’t even told Monica, speaking of… how is your wonderful queen for twelve fucking years!”, he yelled. “That’s the second damn time and this one is more serious than the last, for a casino owner, you sure know how to screw up your luck”

“Oh… wow… thanks. Help me..”
“Help what? Bury?”
Micah nodded his head. Jaxson looked at the pleading in his eyes. “Fine”, he huffed and flicked the weed in the rain puddle. “I’m so sick of covering for you”

“Thanks Jax”, he smiled. “I’ll pay you back, how much?”
“Boy, you own me enough to buy a new car. In fact, that’s it, I want a Ferrari,” Jaxson looked down the alley to make sure nobody was watching as he dragged the body back to the jet black Lincoln. Once he was near the car he opened the truck and threw the body in.
“Guess I should have put it in a bag”, he said as he shut the truck. “Burying won’t be good, if somebody digs him up; you can kiss your wife good bye”

“Burn it… put the body under the cement on Palamean Road”, he suggested. Jaxson nodded, “maybe… sounds good but this is a major problem because Monica will know he isn’t around and you aren’t necessarily a trophy. You know who is pregnant, some that’s another thing to worry about”

Micah bit is lip, he cursed at himself at how he dug himself the deepest hole he could probably never get out of. “Not only is she pregnant”, Jaxson chuckled. “But you messed with a white girl! You got that pregnant but you touched Brooked and she seems to be flat in the stomach so tell me what made you forget the condom?”

Micah went to the side of the car and sat in the seat while Jaxson was smirking to himself. “You dumb Mike”, he said as he got in and started the engine. “So… what happened?”

Micah looked at his shoes, “damn”, he hissed. “My shoes are bloody”
“Acid… or at least that’s how I do it”
“What is with you and acid?”, he squinted. “You put the evidence in acid. You put the body in acid, you forced Daniels to drink acid, you love acid”
Jaxson shrugged, “I do… but it gets the job done. So… about that cook out”

“I just remembered, I don’t wanna invite Brook but I can’t just do her like that”, he said.
“You worried about Monica? She got her ass beat anyhow, Brook can handle herself just fine. I say bring her, I bring the kids, the wife—”
“Which one?”, Micah asked.
“What!?” he was astonished by the question. “Unlike your dirty ass, I’ve been with the damn woman for ten damn years, thank you Mr. Ring Around. Let me count the ways, my dear brother, ” he started counting on his fingers starting with his index. “Mary, Louise, Dana, Mokita, Maurice, Vivienne, Sabrina—”

“Alright, alright!”, he put his hands over his ears. “I get it, I’m a poor ass husband!”
“That or a sex addict… is there a thing for a cheater? Um, bigamous!”
“No… I don’t have two wives–”
“That miscarriage wasn’t yours? Damn I could have sworn and that ring after she killed herself on Lexmark and you were telling me ‘brother brother, I’m getting married!’ but I said, “Micah Micah!”, you can’t have two rings on your finger by two damn different women!’ What was her name?”
“Porschia…”, he grumbled.

“That’s right! Now, I have to cover your ass, lie to my favorite sister-in-law that my brother-in-law that was just beaten breathless because her cheating impregnating devil of a man she has for a husband”

“Jaxson, just… Just this once, please”, he looked at Jaxson with pleading eyes. He knew he was going to come up with something stupid to say by the way he stuttered. “I’m so sick of you… but you my blood brother and I can’t pretend like ma didn’t pop out two fucking kids. I don’t want to lie for you, nor do I like sneaking behind Monica, she’s a good woman! My favorite sister-in-law… I hate you so much, bigamous”


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