Killing Innocence 4

I’m going to fix a lot and combine so chapters then I’ll post the first four chapters on wattpad or keep posting them here because honestly wattpad makes me wanna stop writing


When I had finally removed all my drawings from the wall, Amos pointed out the many tribal tattoos on my arms. The last thing I had to take down was the elephant and I was hesitant to do anything so me and Amos along with Fortuna sat there in front of the drawing located at the end of the cave.

Wisher was playing cards with himself and probably wondering why I haven’t moved so I asked if I could go see my family or at least haunt them. “No”, Wisher denied me and I was desperately wondering what they were up to. Fortuna tried to comfort me, “Do you have second thoughts?”, she asked. “Between you and me, you have to let go of people to move forward. If you think about, killing Life will be a good thing”, she said.

I sighed, I didn’t think she was understanding me and my head shot up at the sound of a loud trumpet. Amos trumpeted back and scurried over to the wall. I watched him take his nose and repeatedly slap the wall.
When the drawing glowed and the cave began to shake, he scurried back to me. “What’s happening?”, I asked.

“The picture is coming to life!”, he exclaimed. My arms felt tight then Fortuna grabbed me. “When Wisher said I was a weapon, I really am. When you can’t use your own inspiration, I can be the shoulder you can lean towards”
My arms were bothering me, it was pressure as if they were squeezed and they were stiff. I looked at Fortuna, “what’s happening?”

“The elephant on the wall is trying to detach from it. If you leave the drawings on the wall, they eventually get restless and act on their own”, she explained. “Take it this way, every tattoo you get is an upgrade to a new power to can control–”

“Except the drawings on your arm are like summons. You have to draw on a surface to summon a drawing. If you want to summon a soldier then you draw the soldier on the wall or ground”, Wisher cut Fortuna off and explained the rest. “That elephant is the ultimate summon and your elephant and that can combine… so.. upgrade the elephant. It’s called imprint”

“So battle the boss!”, Amos cheered. “If you defeat the elephant, I can have whatever power it has!”

Fortuna nodded. “You can use me”, she said and stood up. She bursted into light and split into two. The two balls of light formed into these guns. I silently muttered wow under my breath and admired the guns. They were shaped funny to me, the guns were two pistols—no, they looked like one of grandfather’s sawed-off shotguns. Remember how you use to admire those guns? I remember

Fortuna are you talking to me through a gun?”, I examined the guns as to how she could hear me. It’s hard to explain, but I can see and hear, I’m your conscience

“Your conscience is a part of you, like your child and I basically pulled the baby from your belly”, stated Wisher.

I gagged slightly. “Don’t say it like that!”
“Don’t say it like what? You were pregnant and I gave you an abortion?”, he said even more casually. Just shoot the elephant using me, she said.

I was impressed with her shape in the form of a gun, the front of the gun had this long tusk shape that bent backwards and kind of wrapped it in a moon crescent. The texture was like bone, my attention was drawn back towards the wall and Amos went to hide behind Wisher. The drawing was trying it’s best to get off the wall and without a thought, I was firing at the wall to try and keep the elephant from jumping off the wall.

The tusk were more visible and then it started to raise its leg up and it stomped the ground. It trumpeted ever so loudly and I kept firing and firing. The more I was launching bullets at it, I felt weak. I was almost out of breath, “damn… I’m tired”, I huffed.

Well, you are basically shooting your life at it

“‘Cuse me?!”

Drawing broke away from the wall with black ink dripping from it’s body. Every bullet you fire is a piece of your life so you know… you could die

“I’m going to say this again! ‘CUSE ME!”

The elephant stomped the ground and swung it’s trunk across the ground. I moved out the way and I was still to weak to fire another shot. Try and draw a thing! Like a cage on the ground! So it doesn’t move
“I would love to but the elephant is swinging it’s nose at the —wait, I have a plan”

I drew a pair of spike shoes on the walls and they popped off, I put the shoes on, toss the guns and started climbing the walls. Fortuna went back to her original form and shouted at me, but I paid her no mind. The elephant stomped the ground and the cave shook more. I had a plan and I hoped I don’t die from it (I should have drawn some anti-gravity boots). Amos was blowing his trunk in worry. My arm was dripping ink, the drawings I made were on my arm, and so I thought of a plan, one drawing showed Amos in a cage and if I can draw that cage then maybe…

“I got a question!”, I yelled. “Wisher, is there such a thing as copy and paste?”
He looked confused for a moment and watched the elephant fill the cave with water from it’s trunk. He looked at me, he shrugged, “kind of, well, yes. It’s your imagination so some things you can do while others you can’t, let’s say your arm is at level one”

“So I can’t copy and paste?!”

“No… you draw a cage but you can’t copy and paste”, he sneered. Well, my plan is dead. The elephant stomped the ground so rocks from the top began to fall. He wants to cave it in

I gripped the side of the wall as I thought and I had another plan. The chain on his tusk are linked together, I can’t draw a cage but…

“Selas get down!”, Fortuna shouted. I tried drawing on the walls then I was smacked down by the elephant’s trunk. The first thing I paid attention to was the pain in my sides, I thought to myself, can I die if I’m kind of already dead? The elephant was splattering paint on the walls as it shook and I could see it’s bones under the paint.
“Can I die?”, I looked at Wisher. “Yes…”, he replied bluntly. “What happens if I die?”, I asked. “You disappear”, he said. “You disappear and you’ll never see anybody you ever loved ever cause you’ll be gone”

I gave it some thought and called back Fortuna, I gripped the gun in my hand. I regret making a giant elephant on the walls, Selas, what are you going to do?

“Shoot it between the eyes, unless you survive with a part of your body missing?”
“What on earth are you planning!?”, she barked.
I fired one shot at the elephants eye, completely blinding it, “Fortuna?”
“Do me a favor”
What’s tha–

I didn’t give her time to respond as I threw over her the elephant. “Come get me Dumbo!”, I yelled at it. “YOU MAY BE BLIND IN ONE EYE BUT I KNOW YOU CAN SEE!!”


I ran to the wall where I drew the drawing. I pulled the chain and detaching it and as soon as the elephant was  getting closer I jumped on top of it’s head and quickly drew a rather sloppy picture of a bomb on it’s back. I jumped off and rolled to Fortuna. “Wha–What is wrong with you!”

I took a deep breath, “I amaze me too. I figure if I can draw things to life why not draw a bomb?”

The elephant looked at us and I hooked the chain to its linked tusks. “Selas!”
“I know what I’m doing”, once the chain was on the tusk I turned drew a pole and wrapped the chain around it. “Selas!”, Fortuna panicked. I drew a door on the wall and the elephant was stomping too close for comfort. I grabbed Fortuna and closed the door.

I put my ear to the door and finally heard that explosion. When I opened it, Wisher and Amos emerged from a rock lightly covered in black ink. Amos shook it off and he hurried to me. “You did it!”, he cheered for me. “You killed it!”

Wisher approached me with half a smirk (since half his face was technically gone) “now go dip your hand in the ink it left behind”, he said. “Boss battles give upgrades. Afterwards we’ll go see Tommy”


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