Killing Innocence 3


I waved my hand in front of his face, I sighed. I had to realize he could in no way see or hear me but technically I wasn’t dead. I was there, burnt with my eyes open and laying on the ground pretty much dead but I wasn’t. “If I’m not dead then what am I?”, I asked the man who’s name was Deadly Wisher but his birth name was Deadly Aloywishes.

He finally got rid of his white coat and revealed his rotting body. Usually the Grim Reaper is shown being walking bone cloaked in black, but he had half his mouth damaged, showing bone and his left hand was boney. Everything else was flesh, “Well let’s get going, Ax will yell at me”

“Who’s Ax?”, I demanded. “Ax is for AX-ident, Suicide is actually Stewart or Stewie, I would be Dan”

I raised a brow at him. “How does Death turn into Dan?”

“It doesn’t… it goes with the D. Death Wishers, Dan Fishers, you catch my drift, kid?”

“I’m not a kid!”, I testified. “I’m sixteen and I really  deserve an explanation cause I still don’t understand it!”

He cracked his neck, “you like to make stories? Good, I need you and some other kids to do me a favor, see… me and my brother Sleeper, aka Jimmy have a bet with my brother Ax and Nature aka Nina”

“What does this have to do with me?”

He took in a long breath of air and put his hands together. Amos was trying to get under my shoulder, “I’ve seen him!”

“Where?”, it took me  a moment to actually realize where that voice came from. I didn’t even look when I asked, “amos? Did you just talk?”

“Oh… yes?”, the elephant trumpeted quietly. “It’s cause your drawing made it so. Everything you wrote kind of came to life, well at least me talking is an actual thing and I have knowledge about everything. Like this guy with half a face is Death Wish Junior the fourth and four other siblings or at least that what they call them…”, Amos said.

I looked at Death, “are you death or something completely different?”

“The way it works is my daddy aka the Grim Reaper actually split into several bones and we’re like parts of him. People make death wishes ‘I wish I were dead’ and ‘I wish somebody would kill me’ rather lightly or true, I usually show up and take a life because you people are idiots and I have the most points because kids are stupid. Last year a baby died cause one child was like I’m going to play with fire and burned alive and Life allowed it”, he explained.

“Life allowed it?”

“Yep, you see Life is actually my brother and we’ve always had this competition where who could save the most lives because in truth, Life is a neglectful parent and because he is so awful he forgets to guide people and kills them because they have no guidance”, he stressed. “For instance, your foolish parents decided to keep a whole thing from you thinking it was for the best when in reality you are so miserable and a child isn’t suppose to be like that”

“So what do you mean?”, I had a hundred questions to ask, but I tried to pick one and put the others on hold. “I don’t get it! What actually is going on. Will I see my grandfather again!? I’m I dead? What am–“, I immediately shut up with the pointed pistol in my mouth. Amos was upset and panicking. I put my hands up  and he put the gun further in my mouth, “You made a death wish at the last minute, in truth, you’re in holding until you can do me a thing”, he withdrew the gun from my mouth and I started coughing. “He wants you to kill life, Selas”

“Kill… Life? Amos you understand?”

“Most of it”, he tilted his head. “Life has not always been Life, Life is actually a death. The Death of Life,confusing, butt it goes like this, Life isn’t full of enjoyment in fact he is the ultimate death. He enjoys making others feel bad so they in turn go to Steward aka Suicide. Life doesn’t like enjoyment, Life likes Death and the Grim Reaper—”

“The reaper actually tries to get people to live. Life isn’t a good thing, Life wants to get others to die because he isn’t happy and he never was. When people say ‘life is a bitch’ it’s cause it’s true. Life is the ultimate death. I would love to make you live again but there’s a circumstance”, said Wisher. “Life doesn’t want you alive but the irony is when somebody is fighting to live, Death is there encouraging them while Life is being a bitch and muttering things ‘you can’t win”give up’ and other stupid things and he literally beats people or turn them into asses of the nation and that’s why you have internet fiends cause Life is whipping their asses like a slave master–no offense”

“None taken….”, I said dryly. “Now what?”
“Oh!”, Wisher dug into his pants pockets and pulled out a clipboard, like a large clipboard from his pants. I stared at him wide eyed and didn’t say a thing because I was baffled by this life size clipboard from his tiny pocket. “Okay, Did you regret anything?”

“No?”, I said as if I was unsure. “Has life mistreated you in anyway?”

“Have you ever attempted suicide?”, he went on and ignored me. “Well, actually—” I didn’t even finish that thought. “Do you have a history of anxiety?”
“Not, I don’t know–“, he kept talking. “How do you feel about the phrase ‘when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade’?”

“You throw the lemons and turn them into grenades”, I said without him interrupting me. He looked at me and the clipboard disappeared with a poof sound effect. Wisher approached me and he cupped my face, “are you African?”, he asked. “Contrary to popular belief my father is white”

“Why would he be anything else?”, he joked. “German, British, French, Russians–”
“All white dominated countries–”
“There are white people in South Africa, and America would have been a country of color if Columbus wasn’t a lost duck. Black people in France, black people in Russia, Negros in Britain and let’s not forget Canada”
“Your point?”, I bit my lip and finally got on my feet. “Yes, that’s true, but we’ve been getting kicked from places white people put us”

Wisher tilted his head. “You know I have no sympathy for ignorance nor do I agree with slavery but segregation should have stayed”

I put my head down and thought about what he said. “But that’s not important, I’m just saying that if it was kept, then maybe I still would have had her… But!–”
I still would have had her? Did wisher have someone and he lost them? I watched him hold out his hands by his side and dark and white light appeared in his hands. “Now, the lights I hold in my hand are your conscience, the dark light is the bad conscience, the white light is the good. Their names are The Conscience of Fortune and the Conscience of Decisions. It works like this, you made a decision because of the Conscience of Decisions and The Conscience of Fortune is basically the one that whispers into your ear telling no, that’s stupid, they are also fairy like weapon creatures. It’s like the two devil and angel on your shoulder”

I moved towards him and poked at the light, he squirmed as if something was inside the ball. It burst and I shut my eyes at the bright light it gave off. I opened them and Wisher was only holding the dark ball of light.

I screamed as I turned around at the girl standing before me. She had no shoes, wore a long white dress to her knees and a halo above her head. Her hair was white and fluffy, she had blue eyes and pale skin.
“Hi!”, she repeated. “I’m Conscience of Fortune but can call me Fortuna. I’ll be the voice in your head to lead you to the final boss battle”

In all honesty she was way to happy for me as I’m a guy that rarely smiles anyhow. “You have Fortuna and Tommy–”

“Thomas!”, Fortuna corrected. Wisher only glared, “Thomas! Tommy! Whatever has the ball of deat– I mean the Conscience of Decisions since he’s lacking in decision. You have too much decision, tommy–”

“Thomas”, Fortuna corrected again. “I didn’t care!”, he snapped. “Either way, Selas you get the bratz fairy and Tommy gets the sexy one”

“What do you mean by sexy?”, I squinted.
“Come along child, magic and wonder awaits”, he shook his finger and Fortuna pulled me with her angelic wings flapping in my ear.

I looked back at my grandfather, he had stopped crying and for moment I swore I saw something burn red on his back like a tattoo.

Fortuna was staring at me and Wisher was going somewhere, the more I looked at him he looked less dead and more like a person that had been in an accident. Fortuna was staring at me so I looked at her and finally she said, “why are you staring at me?”

“Why are you staring at me?”, I asked, although I was basically stating the obvious.
“It’s cause your beautiful”, she said. “You remind me of–“Fortuna!! Shut up!”, said Wisher. Fortuna did as told, she gripped my arm and Wisher gave her this look that shut  her up.

“What’s his problem?”, I looked at Fortuna. She stopped gripping my arm, “a long time ago–I’m not allowed to say but you remind me of her, you have the same pretty eyes and brown skin although your a tad lighter”

I smirked, I always got that. Technically a mash of black and white, but I’m dark enough, to pass off as black but too dark to be pass as white. So grandfather called me little brown child. I actually completely ignore my father, I also question if I’m actually mixed or mother just abandon her black children. I try not to think about it much but I believe your father was a tad angry that only my sister had his looks, I get if I’m straight from Africa, lucky me….

Wisher had led us to the caves and he kicked the boulder away from the cave entrance. Amos stood beside me “you wanna know what you are?”, Amos said to me. “A ghost, a spirit, the Spirit of Imagination. Because you keep those drawings on the wall, technically only you and Wisher can hear me”

“I can only hear you speak?”
“Yep, your gift is your imagination so only you can hear me as you made me this way”
A talking elephant, I thought for a moment that was kind of cool and I’m just waiting for when it becomes annoying. “Selas!”, wisher called me. “Come here I need to show a thing”

I followed him with Amos behind me, the drawings on the walls were glowing. “Your imagination is coming to life and you’ll have to kill it if want off this island”, said amos.

I looked at Amos in question. “Kill it?”
“Yep, erase all this honestly, it’s acting like a barrier for you not to leave”

Wisher grabbed my hand. “Just…. kind of touch it”, he dragged me towards one of my drawings and placed my hand on it. It stung and the wall sizzled underneath my touch, I heard small yells from the walls, my hand was tingling and when I had enough, I jerked my hand from the wall. I looked at my palm and it was black, it had these black tribal markings.

“Now ease the whole wall. Your taking your power with you” Wisher smirked. “We’ll worry about the big elephant in the room later”


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