Killing Innocence 2


I was sleepy, I was sitting at the kitchen table listening to my sister Mahari talk nonsense to grandfather. I was tuning in and out, I stared at her brown skin. My sister owned a beauty mark on her cheek that she purposely put there with makeup. I believed grandfather wasn’t paying attention, he was too busy cutting an apple for himself. “…so I was by the shore today and I saw this dolphin wash up along the beach!”, she said. “I was like ‘it’s going to be stranded here like you’ and so I tried to drag it back into the water”

“That’s great Mama, Selas what did you do? Still messing around in those caves?”

I blinked my eyes and rubbed them. “Yes”, I replied with a yawn. “You slept in them? Bad juju… you get islands madness, seeing things that aren’t there”

I remembered the man in the caves, I thought maybe, I am getting the island madness. The man wasn’t there at least I kept telling myself that but in truth I thought it was a God send. I’m sick of being here and sometimes I see Kambo just lay on the beach, I use to think it was boredom, but it’s just loneliness. I bet he wants to go home, he was taken by my parents, away from his mother; I bet he’s unhappy and that makes me sad and angry that my parents could take a young animal away from their mother but in turn leave their own.

“Selas!”, my grandfather slammed his fist on the table for my attention. “Yeah?”

“Boy, don’t yeah me, listen to this old man when he speaks to you”

My sister giggled and at that moment I wish I could reach over and slap her. She’s thirteen and the only thing pushing me, she makes me angry and my head hurts just thinking about it.

“Your parents are coming to see you by the way”, said grandfather. “Oh..? That’s…. wonderful…”, I rolled my eyes. “Yeah! Ma and Pa are visiting!”, my sister cheered but I only rolled my eyes in annoyance.

“Why? Why not just stay gone?” “Selas! Your parents come to see you–” “Why come visit when they could have left me, Mahari and the damn elephant in the city!”, it felt good. It felt like I had been holding it in forever. I looked at my grandfather, he was none to happy with me. “You should be grateful,” he said. “My daughter would rather have you here, with me”

“Half the time I don’t even hear you,”, I muttered. I felt a force hit me and I gritted my teeth. I stood up in anger, “oh! So I’m suppose to be happy here when I’m not!”

“Your here for a reason!”, he shouted. “A reason I don’t understand!”, I argued. “I don’t understand anything and I’m basically here against my will, I have to share a room with that brat that is supposedly related to me!” “Don’t drag your sister into this!” “I’ll do whatever the hell I want! It’s not like I’m dying–” “You are!!”, he yelled. My mouth parted slightly in shock and my sister continued to stuff herself. No one told me…

“Selas… your dying… your parents have been trying to build up enough for you in case they die and you live through this” “What am I dying from”, I stated. He didn’t answer me right away and he clasped his hands together, “they aren’t sure what it is… it could be cancer… it could be something else. They know they found swelling and your parents want you and your sister here because they want it to be a surprise for when you come home”, my grandfather looked at me. I looked at him and I was still mad… for some reason, I couldn’t be happy or sad. “That’s stupid…”, I said. “Y’all waited to tell me some trash like that after four to ten years!? What the hell!”

I stared at my sister, she had no care in the world. “Did you know!?” She acted shocked, eyes were wide and she couldn’t answer me with mouth stuffed with bread. “Did you!?”

She swallowed. “Yes”

I never had my hand fly so fast. I heard her yell and grandfather got up to push me away. “Selas!”, he screamed. I didn’t care, I smacked her, I’d do it again. “Screw the both of you!”

I turned tail and ran outside, it was dusk and I ran towards the cliffs. I heard grandfather yelling for me and I heard trumpeting. I wanted to looked back cause I knew it was Kambo behind me. My feet couldn’t stop, I was contemplating my life. I’d rather be home then be on this island, I’d rather die than be here. I was breathing heavy, I finally reached the cliffs and looked behind me. I smirked slightly as Kambo walked up to me, he wrapped his trunk around my hand. “Kam… Kam I’m dying…”

I got on my knees and run my hand down his nose. “You know what that means right?”, I sniffed. “I’m going to be like your mother and I’m never coming back”

Kambo took his truck and poked at my face, he was trying to wipe the tears from my eyes and I smiled. Having said I had no friends I should have realized, my best friend was an elephant. An elephant named Kambo…

“You know what… your name is dumb. How about a new one, a real tough one”

He trumpeted happily. “How about Amos?”

He shook his head up and down. I turned to the sky, it was slowly becoming night. Go point at another star… you’ll know. The stars weren’t put yet and I looked my elephant, “You ever have that feeling…”, I petted him. “When you kinda want to die?”

Amos took his trunk and pointed at a shooting star, he trumpeted. I pointed a one myself, as one fell. “Amazing… I think this is the only thing I really like, and you Amos…”

He trumpeted and nudged my arm. “Selas!”

I turned around at my grandfather and sister, my sister’s cheek was red and they were both out of breath. “Finally… found you…”, my grandfather huffed. “Granddad?”

“You were right… a little… it’s just your”, he waited a moment to catch his breath. “Your mother… she didn’t–”

“She thought I’d be happy? Away from the city?”

My grandfather had this distraught look as he looked at me. “In truth I’m not happy, I’m sad, I’m irritated. I smacked my sister in the face, can’t say that didn’t feel good”, I chuckled. She gave me this angry expression “but!”, I added. “I know I was wrong, I didn’t have to do you like that… and I’m sorry”

I could tell she was basically stunned by my actions. “I… I…”

“Forgive me?”

She looked at the ground and looked at me. “Yeah… I forgive you”

Amos was trumpeting behind me in alert to something. He was trying to get me to move and I didn’t. “What’s wrong?”, I turned and he was desperate to move me. He didn’t want me to do anything and then I caught my grandfather’s face, he looked horrified and grabbed my sister, nearly pulling her away. “Not again…”, I heard him say. “What’s happening?”, Amos was still trying to push me away and then I looked up at my grandfather, I remembered his face just when it hit and I felt this hot pressure, I was burning. I looked at my grandfather, he dropped to his knees and cried and I was asking myself, why is he crying for a rock? I asked where the rock suddenly came from and I saw a foot… an elephant foot.


He was squished under this giant flaming boulder. I reached for his leg, “Amos?”, I sniffed.”Did you push me out the way?”

“No”, said a deep tone. “He’s right here”

I turned away, and there he was, black painted trunk with white lines. “Amos!”, I cried.

He came towards me and I hugged his head. “I thought I lost you, you must have saved me by a whisker”, I called to my grandfather and then I saw my sister.


“Ok, let’s not make this one of those cliché movies, am I dead?”

“Yes”, the man smiled. “I’m so happy you picked that up before Tommy did, he’s at home right now, still thinking he’s alive”

“Who’s Tommy?” “Tommy Chisholm… He’s another little innocent child, except he’s white, fifteenth years old and believes in the tooth fairy still. Also thinks his toys come to life”

He pulled at a notebook from his white coat. “According to this his death wish was to be like his games. So he went outside made a wish yesterday and still hasn’t come to terms with it”

“Are you saying I have a death wish? Why is my elephant dead!?”

“Wait a minute, first let me introduce myself. I’m Death Wishers Jr.–”

“Junior! You’re like the son of death?”

“I’m actually the fifth!”, he said happily, “every death is connected to something, my brother, Ax Hap, Suicide–we don’t talk about him– sleeper and”, he tapped his chin. “Actually the fourth is my sister, we just call her Mother Nature”

“Is that a sick period joke?”

“No… I don’t think you can die from a period, but she’s in charge like when something women do… serial killers, controlling boyfriends… and… rape… also child birth”

“What is going on!?”, I shouted. “Oh… you’re dead but not regular dead your kinda sleep” “Sleep!?” “Yes sleep because you didn’t wish to die at the last minute and you were forgiven for your sins–” “My sins!?” “Yes now if you would be so kind as to stop cutting me off–” “No” “…you are a little ass my friend”


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