Killing Innocence


They use to say if you point at a star, a star would grow on your eye. As a child I would go and point at shooting stars and grandfather would yell at me and check my eyes.
I always thought those tales were stupid and hardly paid them attention. I remember how i use to go to the doctor a lot as a kid and never knew actually why. I remember laying on my back as they rolled me into a large machine. I heard these beeping sounds and sometimes I thought it was scanning me like when you pass through a metal detector.

I didn’t understand it and I still don’t, my parents cried and left the island again. And I didn’t care, my sister asked why, I said I didn’t know and why should I, they never paid me any attention and now. Whatever is wrong with me, they call and they call, I don’t pick up the phone and sometimes  grandfather had to force the phone in my hand. I would throw the phone outside and go run to the caves, I didn’t like them. I didn’t care what they did as long as they were away from me.

I liked the caves, sometimes I slept in them and my sister would follow, I’d kick her out, pushing a large boulder in front of the entrance and I drew on the cave walls like they were paper.

I etched in drawings, a comic for myself, there I was with a sword in my hand; I was fighting through monsters and other soldiers of the rival kingdom, they kidnapped the princess and I fought to get her back.

My sister is by me and I have to choose whether I keep her alive… or dead. The walls tell stories, I believed my grandfather was an old soldier wanting to take over the kingdom because the laws and rules were awful and they ended his wife’s life.

I made friends in my story since I didn’t have any in real life, my life was surrounded by endless waters. I liked living on the island, then as I got older I wanted to see other things, to grandfather, there was nothing greater than what was on this island so he never sought a reason to leave.

“Why would you want to leave these wonderful lands!”, he slammed down the knife on to the dead fish. Did I mention I was tired of fish?
“I want to see something different, there is something way bigger than this island and you refuse to see it”, I watched my sister scoff. “There you go, living a fantasy in those caves”, she said, I wanted to toss something at her, but everything in the kitchen was deadly. “Selas, don’t have your heads in the clouds too much boy. A storm will happen”

“Sounds wonderful, I think about storms a lot. It rains ice cream and money”, I said smiling. Grandfather sighed. “Little brown child, you will be the death of me”

“Not little”, I say as I get up and go out the kitchen and I hear him call ‘your only sixteen!’

How we got here has always been my question, grandfather had a boat and the boat was in pieces. The back of it was torn up, the wheel came off, the paint was going. Sometimes my sister plays on it, my parents come and visit and they left us here, I wish they had not caused now all I can think about is leaving, this isn’t even a place for an elephant.

“Kambo”, I called, he emerged from the forest, peaked at me from behind the tree. “Kambo”, I say as sweetly and calm as possible. Kambo’s mother died in the cities, according to my parents, they gave him and sometimes he followed me, his trunk was black with white lines drawn down it and ears were bigger than most elephants. I wanted to call him dumbo because of it but my sister jumped in and named him Kambo.

“Let’s go to the caves”, he blew his trunk and we made our way to the caves. Through the forest, down to the beach and then going left to the cave. Kambo kicked at the rock blocking the entrance, “You wanna help?”

He got beside me and pressed his forehead against the rock. We pushed the boulder out the way and he raced into the cave. I followed and immediately he flopped down and rolled on the ground. I drew Kambo on the walls, he was a great elephant, face was painted as it was now and both tusk was connected by a chain. I drew just his face and he could talk. I went to the drawing with him close behind, we sat–or in his case he stood–I explained to him the picture.

“This is you”, I pointed out. “In my drawing your like this elephant that rules other mistreated elephants and you can talk”

He trumpeted lightly, I continued, “In the story I actually find you and you didn’t recognize me so you tried to attack me”, he trumpeted once again. “Later on, I have to go get you because the rival kingdom took you and tried to make you a circus animal. You were miserable and had sores from where the poked and jabbed you with a pole”, he nudged my shoulder, “don’t worry I wouldn’t allow that”, I put my hand near his face and bought him closer. “Plus, you get yourself a girlfriend”

He trumpeted loudly. We stayed in the caves until it was dark, I drew a few more things on the wall. Kambo came beside me and his nose felt the wall in question. “Who’s this? That’s Ranna, he’s the bad guy in my story, see he started the drama by killing the neighboring kingdom’s queen because she refused to marry him”

His head shook side to side. “It’s a stupid story, Ranna loved the queen more than her husband ever did. He just wanted to make her happy then, he killed her. Now she’ll never be happy”

“You want to escape?”

I heard a voice behind me say, “you want something different, like your stories?”

“Yeah, who are you?”

“A person… a person willing to help you”

“How are you going to help me? Are you going to get me off this island?”

“In times of escape, you must fake your own death”

Kambo was trumpeting madly, I put my hand on his head. “What do you mean?”, I asked. The man that was wrapped in white started walking out the cave, “Go point at another star… you’ll know”

Kambo went after him after he disappeared. I followed and I was stunned… the entrance was blocked.


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