Idea #1

I had an idea so I made this cover to…. what’s the word I’m Looking for… sustain my urges


The story was celebrities are being proven as something less than famous and are forced into situations they don’t want.

I like a alot of fantasy so this is all magical fairy princess bullshit. The celebrities are put into work depending on their occupation. Supernatural powers are put in the movies, if one breaths fair or does anything with their mouth, they are put as singers. So far there are only two types

Actors and singers(Envokers)

Famous writers are usually unbothered by society because no one knows who they are while they use fake names

Famous athletes are both or can be both and are pinned to be the worse because of it

When the government finds out the actors can be used to be a source of energy that the government needs. They start finding a way to drain them and use the powers they possess and it puts everybody one edge because it’s basically killing them. It’s like draining their life away.

And that’s about it. It’s an idea… not full thing


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