Echo Jungle


She sat in the car with arms crossed and view fixed on the outside. It rained earlier, the window was wet and the ground outside as well. She was so tired of arguing with him. Just leave me alone, she thought. “This is what I’m talking about Christy”, he snapped his fingers repeatedly in her face until she slapped him away. “Oh my God Trent just leave me alone”, she begged and placed her hands over her ears.

“Leave you alone?”, the muscle headed blond smirked. “That’s all you ever go on about. Leave you alone, leave you alone… then what? What happens after I leave you alone?”

I’ll be happy. “If I left you alone, what would happen to your drug supply? Huh? Who’s gonna keep you on edge? No one that’s who, you worthless bitch!”, he yelled at her. “Ya know Christy… I do love you especially when you listen”

Something deep inside her just snapped. She was sick of hearing that, I love you, he did not love her. She believed he didn’t know the real meaning of those words, he said them cause at one point it made her do a lot for him. “…you can go screw yourself”, she murmured darkly under her breath. “What’s that? What you say? Run that by me again…”, he hit her. “Cause I can’t…”, he punched her in the arm. “Seem to hear you”, he gave her five more hits.

He did this because she couldn’t fight back, she believed herself to love this man no matter how many bruises he gave but it was starting to dawn on her after four years… he wasn’t shit. She fell for those light brown eyes, a handsome man he was but underneath a pretty face was a monster. “Fuck you Trent!”, she tried to smack him back in the face, her fingers just grazed him, Christy was a thin red head, she use to be a diamond, as Trent once called her, met at the strip. He was the cause of all her problems.

Gave her drugs, pier pressure and she was on it in a heart beat. She thought she wouldn’t get caught until Yaya found her shooting up in the bathroom. Yaya warned her, tried to help her out but only ended up kicking her skinny butt out after a scuffle, knocked her gold tooth out in fact.

“Christy stop!”, she kept hitting him back despite his wishes. Grabbing his hair and balling up her fist. “I hate you! I hate you!”, she repeated with each blow. Her furry was causing the car to swerve, Trent put his arms up in defence from her blows, Christy delivered one to his face which in turn drew blood. Realizing what she done she stopped and looked at him. Trent touched his nose slightly at the blood. He looked at her, gritted his teeth, and swung at her. “Stupid bitch! What’s wrong with you!”, dazed by the blow, she saw a glimpse of the car beginning to lean. “Damn it Christy! You know what I’m done”, he said as he reached over to open her door. “Get out Christy”

Instantly she thought to herself, he’s going to kick me out a moving car? He wouldn’t do that, actually he would, she thought again, she looked up at him. “Get out Christy I mean it, I’m done with this little experiment”

“Stop the car…”, she said.

“Oh no, you get the fuck out”

“You can’t just push me out on the road!”

“Yes I can”, he smiled, looking at her one final time as he pushed. Christy caught him by his arm, she tried desperately to pull herself up. “Let me go you crackhead!”

Trent was too big and with trying to keep the car from going off the road. Trent was pulled her way, her head just barely touching the moving road. “Christy let go!”

“Pull me up you asshole!”, she barked at him. He had his hand on the wheel trying to drive while also thinking of an evil thing to do, but nothing was on the road to carry it out. The car was swerving and Christy was pulling Trent in her direction, his hand on the wheel and with her tugging him to stay up wasn’t a good combination.

How did things get this bad in life? She thought a pretty face meant good fortune, a ticket away from stripping. Trent must’ve hit a bump, the next he heard was her screeching, her head touched the moving road and at some wicked thought Trent reached over and grabbed the door taking his hands off the road.

He grabbed the door and slammed it repeatedly on her head, the grip loosen finally, he turned back to the road. Shit!

By the time he looked up he was headed towards a dead end. He thought at the last minute, this was his own fault and he started wondering how things got this bad, probably when he agreed to do a favor for Pumpkin and he met Christy, and she was like a test subject at that time.

Sex was in the mix, he never actually caught that sense of love with her so he didn’t actually feel bad but he could have done differently. He never should have helped Pumpkin, wouldn’t have to leave Eckstein now… Trent Blenheim was falling off a cliff into his death. He wondered could he somehow miraculously live? The answer was no. The car hit the ground with his face etched in stone. Christy’s body fell out and for a moment, he wanted to reach out for it but he said to himself fuck it, embrace it. He threw his arms up and closed his eyes, the car was in flames in that ditch and his final thoughts. The only person that was worried about me was a nice girl who I technically drugged and she was a stripper, but whatever nothing greater in life for a punk like me so I might as well die and he did. He died and a week later, the car was pulled out and body with it.

“Who you think they were Ervin?”

“Don’t care, a couple maybe?”,

His buddy Moe, being his nosey and kleptomaniac self had found himself holding a needle from Christy’s pockets. Immediately he knew what it was… that special new drug. He wanted to try it himself at one point this purplish drug they named Inspire. Could be taken different ways; needle or drunk but used by needle left holes in the body that didn’t close. He looked at Ervin one last time before pointing the needle in his arm and immediately he felt sick. All he saw was purple dots, his body jerked and heart raced. “Hey Moe! What you doing man!? Come on we got work”

“I… I know”


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