The Kingpin Effect (the script)

The Kingpin Effect is made up mythology if gods being reincarnated and turned into a divided mafia family. The Kingpin was a God who birthed eight children , four male and four female. He kept a book that acts as our version of the bible and it’s called The Script. Everything the Kingpin writes in the script has a chance if coming true.

Mundus, Later known as Dimitri Geiss, is his first born child and wants to know who set the fire that burned him alive. The siblings are unaware of their father’s ability until the first born dies then everyone is sitting on pins and needles wondering who’s next

On this day, the path has been set for Mundus, my first child to be burned, many will cry except his brother of another woman. Stabbed in the heart to put him out if his misery by said kin. He utters from the flames, I will not die, but takes his final breath.

On the day of his anniversary, my second son will die on a effortless journey to mend his wife who I so bitterly chopped in pieces and scattered across the Mesa. For I do feel bad for my own actions and wipe my face so heavily stained as I watch my second son, Ronmi struggle through the desert, plagued with disease. I have done wrong, oh so wrong, I can’t forgive myself.

On the day of war my third son will be put down by his own soldiers on the battlefield. They have grown tired of his vanity and so have I and so I write his death in red ink to show my absolute disdain. My son, Madhan, known for his beauty shall die, from the pieces of his own shattered mirror. Unable to take the true horror beneath the mask of lies he has so covered himself with.

And my son, born to look like a fish, Halsces. I love my only good son, but I sense a feeling too negative to allow him to live. He has been lying with his sister, Xeon. I cannot allow this, I can’t kill off my daughter but my son will do. Ugly, and stupid, I must put the boy down like an ill horse. On a peaceful day my son, will drown, fallen down a well and cracked his skull trying to steal from a framer. Believing the farmer hides his gold down his well.

I kill all my sons but one and this is the script I intend.


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