The Kingpin Effect 3

He would be upset that his floors were scratched, that’s why he demanded shoes be taken off when people walked into his house. The whimpering could be heard down the hallway as he was dragged, he tried begging, but he wasn’t like good old Marcello, a real softie, unlike Dimitri.

The door swung open to the lounge, Dimitri sat in his black leather chair with a cigarette burning between his lips. The man looked up as was promptly dropped on the carpet. Dimitri got up from his comfort, and walked over to the beaten up man. The man looked to see Hallelujah, drowning down a bottle of liquor then he snapped back to Dimitri who decided to step on his fingers. He screamed in agony, his fingers were already broken.

“You feel that? That wouldn’t be like that if you called me back. Where’s the money Mark?”

Markus… Markus Deltona. His heart was beating, pounding so loud he could hear it in his ears. Dimitri was a boss now, hair was styled from its usual and former scruffy homeless look. He looked respected, dressed appropriate and mean. “Mundus forgive me–“, Dimitri cut him off and applied more pressure to his broken fingers. “Don’t ask for me now. Your God has forsaken you”, he said firmly. “When I was being burned and begged for my life, for my forgiveness… you all damned me. I was your God! Who did you leave me for? Ronmi. You left your God!”

Markus clasped his hands together causing Dimitri to smack him. “Don’t utter my name… cause you aren’t getting saved”, he sneered. He snapped his fingers, “Hallelujah”, he clicked his tongue. “I have two missions, one is a kidnapping and two is this poor excuse of a human being”

“Kidnap?”, Hallelujah was formerly Marcello’s man but since his bloodline is God Given, born of two Gods, although his birth was not one discussed. Souvi had some regret with her son and her son felt for his mother. When Hallelujah needed escape from his father’s beatings he saw to Mundus and became his first follower.

“A Kidnapping, take his kids, I’ll make them work if he won’t”, Dimitri stared deeply into the frighten man’s eyes. He took a drag off his cigarette, “How old are they?”, he asked blowing smoke in his face.

He stammered as he said, “15 and 18….”

“Who’s fifteen?”

“The son… my son. Mundus, listen, they aren’t even my kids but I love’em to death”

“The eighteen year old, boy or girl?”, he wasn’t paying attention to his blabbering. “The girl… Nostalgia…. she’s 18 and adopted”

“Adopted? These kids aren’t yours? Your wife’s?”

He shook his head. “Married her and she already had two adopted children… I have seen them as my own and they’re good kids, Dimitri… Nostalgia is in college, Stanton is ahead of his education, he’s going to walk the stage and move on in two years”

Dimitri smiled, “So… he was so smart they moved him up a grade?”, he paced the room. “I’ll make him a gangsta yet”

Markus’s heart raced, “Stanton’s mother is a tough woman… she’d die before she let you take them especially Stanton, the boy isn’t… he isn’t built like a gangster”

“Meaning?”, Dimitri turned heel. “I’ll build him like one because the deal is, your ass is going to suffer and pay off my debt, your kids are going to work for me…”

His heart sunk so low, his children would be in servitude because their drug addicted stepfather, but was off the drugs after intense rehab, but he still owned Dimitri money for all those… handouts.

“Markus my boy, you don’t have a choice, I’m actually trying to be nice here. Giving you a way to save your skin”

He thought about and came to the conclusion… it wasn’t worth it. “Shoot me”, he muttered.

“He doesn’t care Dimi… kids are more important”, said Hallelujah. Dimitri rolled his eyes, “whatever, Halle, take the dog to the shed. I don’t want blood on my carpet”

It had been ten years since associated with Marcello, who now, couldn’t stand the sight or stink of him. He still looked young in the face, blue eyes stayed the same, not a single change in appearance, still tall as well, one could spot the small burns on his shoulders and the nape of his neck by catching him from an angle. Those burns told the past of a God, a Lord, that did everything for his people only to be returned the kindness and burning of his flesh, a wound to the heart by his trusted follower and to top of the pain, wife’s betrayal.

The Privilege, people who once kissed his feet and planned his death? Some friends, some even family, now he started acting as they did, feeling a source of entitlement.

He swirled the glass of red wine while staring out at the city through his window. “The deed is done…”, announced Hallelujah as he walked into the lounge. “Good, now the kids”, he said.

“You said–”

“I am an angry God and I’ve been generous. I was nice once… it was a bad idea”

“So you wanna react the tale? Get your shits and giggles?” Hallelujah grinned.

“This is my opportunity to get it all done. I told them I was not dead, I was merely sleepy on that pole in the hot sun, I’m surprised I didn’t tan”

Hallelujah smirked, “it would be an insult to watch you burn twice”

He turned away, placed his hand over his heart and gasped. “Thank You Hallelujah Morrow…”


He walked towards the desk in the lounge and leaned against it as he finished his drink. “I haven’t drunk this much since Common, Isabel’s birthday…”

“You think she’s still about? I haven’t bothered to check, but she crosses my mind”

“When was the last you seen her?”

He hesitated for a second, licking his lips before uttering the words. “With… the Leviathan… she was there with him. Watching your burn”

“Who burned me? Who set the fire?”

“No one could see who Mundus, we crossed off Ronmi, he isn’t actually sneaky, but this was not one of his deeds or we would have caught it”

He sighed. “I need two things, my rule, and my revenge. I really need my rod, I can’t function without it”

“I hid it near Balla, I’ll surely fetch it”

“Halle you are the best”, he smiled.

Hallelujah smiled back then his mouth twisted. “Where were you? I never would have guessed you taking a form so… young”, he said scanning his boss.

“Well, I can’t be an old fool for the rest of my life”, he ran a hand through his hair. “I’m a pretty thing aren’t I?”

Halle rolled his eyes. He wasn’t going to answer that. “But really, get those kids, I’m sick of being a nice God. In fact, anyone wearing my crest will be shot. The only follwing I need is my old crowd, I need to find Epifanio, I feel a little lost without my second shield” He went to approach Hallelujah, place both his hands on the side of his face. “Thank you… seriously, for not forsaking me”

“You’ve damned my mother and father for their treatment of me. I am… saved”

“I saved a little brown puppy from getting beaten and return the puppy saved me”

The Leviathan… a group started by Romni, aka Marcello. It was funny back then, two old Gods fighting over a measly throne. Dimitri couldn’t even remember what it was about, but he remembered being tied to a pole and burned alive. I am not dead

They didn’t believe he’d come back, he wanted to know why. The reason behind this betrayal. “Where is Epi?”, asked Dimitri.


“Strip? Strip club?”

“Yes sir”

“I have another question, who is Mavis? She isn’t in the script”

Dimitri hit the down button on the elevator. “Mavis is formerly Marcello’s whore, do you remember beyond the mountains a group of women who practiced the witchry?”

“Oh? So not a crowd but Shade?”

“She didn’t show up until after the burning, Krisis is her sister who is a seer or a siren. She has that lucky third eye”, said Hallelujah as both got into the elevator. “Well she can’t be a siren, she isn’t wet unless she’s land bound but that wouldn’t explain Mavis”

“A mixed breed?”, questioned Hallelujah. “There is mass breeding in the mountains”

Dimitri’s lips curved as he mused it over. That explained why they were in the mountains. Shades weren’t known to associate with people. It was kind of confusing, a Shade turned Crowd. A crowd were basically people who stuck together in groups often following another like a leader. Shades had a different meaning, it was a family thing to them.

“I can’t wait to see Epifanio. How has he been?”

“Drunk. Still tries to be a sex fiend. You missed the wedding…”

He looked towards him. “Wedding? Epi got married?”, he said stunned. Hallelujah smirked, “Didn’t last long”

The elevator came to a stop and the two got off. “This would be so much easier with my rule”, Dimitri said as he fixed his tie. “This might be difficult”

“Not really, you have to get use to not being able to break the law’s physics”

“Can I do other things or am I a complete fallen, powerless God?”

Hallelujah chuckled, “you’ll find your ways, you always do”

Dimitri sighed, “i feel so sluggish”

“You’ll manage”, assured Hallelujah.

“Well…”, he began to say as he pressed the button on the watch that tighten around his wrist causing him to bleed. “At least I have my DeMonte”

The blood formed his infamous SMG with gold tirm and diamond encrusted handle with his symbol keychain, the Bleeding Eye. Depending on how much he bled, the bigger the gun would be, and since he was careful how much blood he lost, the gun was kept at a reasonable size. He kissed his gun and aimmed it at the person standing near the counter way in front of the area. “This a good idea?”, asked Hallelujah, beginning to second guess the situation. “No one said a God had to be good. It’s their fault for assuming I was”

He pulled the trigger that launched bullet from point A into the person’s head. The room escalated into cries and screams. Hallelujah shot his own SMG into the air causing people to scurry across the floor. “Listen up, peasants!”, he yelled to the crowd of frighten people. “I want you all to tell me…. who is your God?”

The room got silent minus the crying woman who gripped  her son close to her. Dimitri made eye contact with the boy, he was so pale with green eyes, the boy bit his lip and squirmed in his mother’s hold. “I don’t think that kid is scared”

“Brave boy he be…”, said Hallelujah. “Maybe you’re her God?”

Dimitri walked over to the woman and lifted up her scared face. She wore his symbol, he slipped his fingers around the necklace and ripped it from her neck. “You praise me?”, he uttered while looking at her from the corner of his eye. “Forgive me Lord”, she choked out from her tears. “Mundus forgive me…. I’ve done no wrong…”

He looked down at the boy. “He yours?”

She nodded her head rapidly. “What’s his name?”, he asked in a more calm tone. “Mundae…. his name is Mundae”

“You married?”, he asked, she looked up confused. “Why m’lord?”

“Because I need a wife…”, he smirked. “Not sure if I want a kid tho…”

“Please, Mundus…  don’t take my baby. He’s baptized… with your blood, I raised him, he… he is… basically yours my lord”

Hallelujah wasn’t approving of this torment. But he was busy getting the money from the people at the desk, he didn’t bother to care. Dimitri scanned the face of the woman, she was a bit dark, had blonde hair… “Yous a rebel? Blond is not a desired hair color in Noctis”

“I live by your rule…. not the privilege”, she said. A small smile stretched across his face. “I think I like you… you live my way?”

“Yes…”, she said more confidently. “My only lord is… you. An act of treason is atrocious, I am not your former wife. I cried as you burned”, a small tear rolled down her brown face just like the tear tattoo that marked her cheek. A symbol, those who stayed to watch the burning were more acceptable than those who left to follow another. A captain goes down with the ship, staying to watch, and adding a burn yourself was an act of loyalty and it was pleasing to him. “You’d make a fine wife for me… What’s your name?”

“Javonna. Javonna Grace….”

“If your done flirting maybe you can help me out!”, shouted Hallelujah”

“I gots me a wife Halle! She’s gorgeous…”, he lifted Javonna up by her wrist. “We got a kid too, adorable little shit ain’t he?”

Mundae smiled, “My lord?”, he said.

“You can call me Father”, said Dimitri.

“That’s wonderful, he can carry this bag of money”

Javonna seemed delighted, she stayed with Mundus and was pampered… loved… spoiled. Her son, their son now, was a bright boy, picked everything up quick. At school was another thing, kids didn’t wanna talk to him. His hair was dyed blond like his mother, which his father admitted didn’t look that great on a dark skin child. They agreed to dye it black and still the children wanted nothing from him. Mundae didn’t care, he was happy, oh so happy. Living luxury, born of a God he never knew he had such Silver Blood, such status. The myth was if a woman either baptized her child in their God’s blood or if she drunk some of it.

Mundus didn’t mistreat the child as Hallelujah assumed cause of his recent mean streak with Markus’s kids.

He held them up in his basement, receiving no special treatment nor punishment but just neglect. Javonna didn’t bother with them, on her husband’s word, she never went down there so she never saw them.

Nostalgia looked at her brother as he laid on the ground rolled up in a ball. “Stanton?”, she called out in a hush tone. “Answer me. Stanton?”

There was silence, she called him again and received no answer. Her heart skipped a beat, “Stanton, talk to me little brother” She crawled towards him but not far with her ankle chained up. She grabbed his pants legs and pulled him towards her. “Stanton”, she papped his face repeatedly. He coughed and looked at his sister’s face, “I can’t see you…”, he said.

She Chuckled, “it’s pitch black down here. You ok?”

“I’m hungry…”

“Me too…”, she rubbed his blond hair. “Allie… where’s mom?”

He must’ve blocked it all out because he was right there when he caught Hallelujah standing over their mother’s body. He broke in, snatched up Nostalgia as she was coming home from school at the front door, didn’t even make it in the house.

Their mother was asleep on the couch with the phone in her hand, she had been calling and calling police, and people that knew of her husband. When she woke up, she was in a struggle for her life. It was an accident, she fell through the glass table and one of the decorations on the table, an ashtray with a needle design, stabbed her in the back of her head. The noise she caused woke the eight year old.

“She’s home….”, she said. Her head shot up and brother’s breath hitched. Slowly but loudly footsteps were coming to the bottom of the stairs. “Alright… kiddies. I’ve made a decision”


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