The Kingpin Effects

The first part. This story is gonna be like First Grade Sin, I don’t know what’s it about either

N.D Webbs

You don’t wake up in the morning feeling normal. In a sense, there is always something wrong or is about to go wrong within the minute you awake up in the morning. I don’t say when’s my day is lucky cause bad things always happens to me.

Not many people know what I do with my life. I mostly fool around on the trains, like sleep and eat. I’m a stalker, a bum, look at people with my uneasy grin and follow them off trains to jack their money. I go after older women first, feeble, can’t run. I leave the one’s with canes alone.

There was no one on the train today, weird. There are at least six to eight people on board heading to Porter. For the first time, I felt lonely… it was sullen on the train, just the sounds of my breathing and sounds of the…

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