The Kingpin Effects

You don’t wake up in the morning feeling normal. In a sense, there is always something wrong or is about to go wrong within the minute you awake up in the morning. I don’t say when’s my day is lucky cause bad things always happens to me.

Not many people know what I do with my life. I mostly fool around on the trains, like sleep and eat. I’m a stalker, a bum, look at people with my uneasy grin and follow them off trains to jack their money. I go after older women first, feeble, can’t run. I leave the one’s with canes alone.

There was no one on the train today, weird. There are at least six to eight people on board heading to Porter. For the first time, I felt lonely… it was sullen on the train, just the sounds of my breathing and sounds of the train on the track.

I balled up in my hooded sweater, it was getting real cold suddenly. I like riding the trains when’s there’s people to ride with. I always lone these things, I don’t feel the need to be buddies with people, particularly when they leave your life in five years. Never call, never send a letter or pass them on the street. No one stands in elbow’s length. I don’t make pacts or promises because what’s the point? Why get married, they’re just gonna die? Why be friends, when–there are so many ways to ruin a friendship it’s not even funny. Have it be two girls and they fight over a dude or a two boys with a girl, it can be over money, over any little thing. He doesn’t like boxing, I like race cars, he killed somebody, I knew like fifty years ago.

Just stupid things, I don’t like company, brings bad luck. Sorrow.

I was just about to close my eyes when I felt something crawl on my leg. I glanced through an eyelid and immediately sat up straight. I shook away the six legged devil incarnate and stomped on it. I hate spiders, especially the one’s in Noctis.

Now I was scared to try and sleep, the only disadvantage of being a stalker, bugs and one with fear of spiders. They sicken me, now I’m paranoid, at least when the trains are full I have the noise to distract me from the burden and paranoia.

The train came to a stop, why? Ollie doesn’t stop the train unless absolutely necessary. I got up and worked my way to the front of the train, good thing I decide to occupy the first cart, in case Ollie is in trouble.

“Hey Ollie-Baby, what’s–“, I shut my mouth. He was there with neck slit in the seat. I moved closer to him, the cut was green.The bottom half of the body was starting to freeze.. That’s not normal, my head snapped to the cart in alert, sounded like breaking glass. I questioned who could of snuck through here and do this? And why Ollie, old man  never did nothing to nobody but run a machine for thirty-seven years.

I travelled back to the cart as there was nothing I could do for Ollie, the man was clearly dead. I stopped in the door, my heart beating like a drum. Spiders… I can’t tolerate them. They nearly filled the train, I don’t suppose I could step anywhere, unless I was a ballerina I’d skip my way across with grace.

Noctis has these lethal fat spiders with little red eyes and I just… cannot. I scurried across my foot and my soul immediately left my body. I didn’t care, I just wanted out of this. I went to the other cart, stomping on the spiders in my wake, I’m… disgusted. My shoes are covered in the juices of ugh. I really really hate spiders.

I guessed I was in the clear, I thought I was safe. For the love of Mundus, nothing ever goes my way, cursed with bad luck. What can be worse if not death. Certainly there was a cart with no infestation of the devil six legged demons of the 11th floor of hell, somewhere there is peace on earth, I know.

I felt nothing but bad all over my body, just a tingling feeling right in middle of my neck and I kept rubbing there cause of the odd sensation.

I proceeded to the next cart to meet the very same problem. Spiders be damned! I can feel them taunting me, look Dimitri, we’re here to pester you. I hate them all. I hate them so much, cut their legs off and dunk them in grease. Chuck them in a volcano, lock em up, poison their children, poison the mothers, kill the queen. I just don’t care. GET ME OFF THIS TRAIN!

I stopped, I was running towards the tenth cart when I came to a halt. I nearly died… there was nothing there but a gap. The rails were gone, there was no way off this track, off this train, away from these multiple eyed freaks. I’m jumping off….

“Are you going to do it?”

“Sure”, I didn’t even look over my shoulder to even determine who or where that voice came from. It sounded childish and innocent. “Let me help”

I was pushed, I gripped the edge of the train door and yelp in pain. I looked up, a woman with pink… hair. Pink hair and clean eyes. I imagined she could be like walking dead with no color in her eyes. She pressed her heel in my hand, took out a notebook, flipped it open with one hand and crossed out something with a pen behind her ear.

“You hold a weird name, Dimitri… Geiss?”, she looked at me as if my name was the stupidest she ever heard.

“Who the hell are you?”, I asked with my feet dangling damn near death. “Let me up!”

“Oh no”, she waved her finger in disapproval. “Can’t do that stalker. A hit has been sent out for you. I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to watch you die in order to record your death and finish this mission”

“I’m sorry… run that by me once more? Record my death?”

She bowed down to my level. I could feel my grip slowly giving away. “This is how it goes, I’m a crowd, you heard of us?”

Crowds… superhumans or something. You catch them in packs, most wear dark colors and hoods so you never see their faces from a distance nor up close. She wore a jacket that was cut of the sleeves and a hood over her head. Her belt had the Crowds symbol, the Crooked Circle. Not a very fancy logo since it’s just that a poorly drawn circle.

Crowds aren’t much but they’re dangerous and no one.fools with them, not even me, but they’re just my type of people at the same time.

“Some of us take on assassination jobs and somebody came by to lay you out”

I was going to drop dead, cause somebody put a hit on me?

“We we’re told to make it look accidental”

“How is this an accident!”, I yelled.

“Easy, two hundred other people died in some freak train explosion”, she alleged. “When it pops on the news everyone in Noctis will see a huge burst. Point blank.”

“You can’t do that!”

“I can render the illusion that it happened, in fact it should be getting set upSpread it all through the minds from your very t.v.”.”

“How?”, I struggled to keep up my grip and strength. “How can you do that!? Who told you to do this?”

“You’re a stalker, you follow people, rob them good, remaining somehow from sight. Amazing actually.

“Thanks for the compliment! I asked WHO!”

“Lips are sealed Dimitri, I can tell you nothing of which I know, but you need to die cause someone asked the Kingpin”

I was so confused and terrified, my grip, my strength, I can’t take it. “Hey! Is there like a way to..Break that mission!?”

She looks at me wide eyed. “You wanna live?”

“Yeah, sure, Pinky. I wanna live”

She rubbed her chin thoughtfully. “I believe you could spare your life. I’m a crowd, your a stalker, I’m awesome and you appear to be a bum”

A bum with bad luck.

“I can think of a way. A pack maybe could somehow save your miserable life”

“I’ll do it!”, just when I agreed I lost all the energy, the wind blew over my body, my arm was stressed from holding on to stay alive and I’m falling. The air almost felt sharp passing me, pushing against my back with the speed I was descending and I worried about spiders. I don’t believe I bothered screaming cause who would hear me?

You don’t wake up early and feel normal. I always feel bad and I knew when I felt grumpy, paranoid and awful than I really do. I was destined to have a bad day.



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