Welcome to First Grade Sin (world)

Troi Broxs: Toy Box is located in the state of New York. Toy Bronx, everyone has an accent.

Next to Troi Broxs is CinCin Plex, or a horrible looking Sesame Street in the projects. CinCin is actually Sessesy

I have dragon  on my tablet and that’s how it came out Sessesy turned into CinCin

Between the two is a border and that’s the junk yard and also acts as a grave site for the dozens of humans.

Village Fair is a real place in Texas, I decided to name it after that place because its an alternative school and I remember in elementary it use to sound like the worse place the they described. Village Fair is an asylum for deranged dolls and toys.

Kruger and Nunny are former patients. Kruger is a rag doll turned serial killer who has a bruise fetish and was the doll that climbed into the children’s beds to beat them because he liked it. The character that inspired this was Jeff the Killer

Jeff’s known for his quote Go to Sleep

Kruger quote is bruise for me
And  that varies

Kruger is kinda like Nunny’s brother and he was really cruel to her. Bruise for me sista, both referring to her outfit which is a prostitute nun and their relationship.

Kruger is a doll that went thru a lot of  surgeries to look how he does, a normal Raggedy Andy doll doesn’t now look porcelain, nor the material that Barbies (Nunny Burly and Kithen) are made form.

In a nutshell, they’re like animtronics. Kruger runs on wires and gears.

His skin is human skin, that can be zipped up and down. He can get naked any time. This idea was inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 where it was told that the suits had a device that made it possible to be worn.

Marionettes are more human like, run on oil, their brains worked like insta Google. Dues and Machida are pretty smart, especially Machida who has Microsoft Word installed, she’s more robotic than her husband and walks on pointed feet like a ballerina with spider legs and has a Rockabilly-Gothic look while Dues has a greaser look.

All of Toi Broxs is a mimic of the world in a toy horror scenario. Marsha Mental is the statue of liberty. She’s actually a giant transformer who talks about everybody she sees cause she’s bored and rarely moves from where the Actual Statue of Liberty is

Nunny also has problems with her appearance. Knox Time Industries supplies parts to dolls in need and Nunny is falling apart due to the disease in The Broxs, A cancerous rust that eats away at mechanical dolls and since Mechanics are a popular trend. Everyone is catching it. Nunny’s body is 80% machine, Krueger is 45% machine.

The Rust is noticeable by rusted stains on the body and sounds. The cancerous parts of metal can be removed but leaves pieces of shredded metal behind.


most of it


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