Kruger, Seventh Elm St Killer


Kruger is an odd doll. If it movies or sex or Bishop (his best friend)

He doesn’t care

Another Title that Kruger goes by is The Seventh Elm St Killer Before the humans got eaten up by Cabbage Patch Kids. Kruger drove an old man into insanity by following him around his house. The old man stayed with his daughter and several grandchildren, each night a child would wake up with a bruise one night grandpa caught Kruger trying to pull one of his granddaughter’s into the backyard because he had beaten her too hard.

The old man tried to explain to his daughter that the doll was moving, but she wouldn’t be believe him even with the children backing him up. The oldest child was a boy named Moxie Allen, Moxie was a brat and since Kruger chose to only move during the night and he left for school during the day, he’d hurt Kruger to get revenge for his pain.

Kruger is originally a black raggedy Andy doll*

Moxie was at school, Mom at work and grandpa asleep. The siblings, four in all, and stayed home because Kruger beat the children. He felt no one would catch him as he attempted to suffocate one child with a pillow cept the last child, the grandfather had woken up hearing the struggles.

He saw the child choking and Kruger committing the deed, to shake off the doll, he beat Kruger with his cane. The mother came home hearing yells. She went to her child’s room to check and was stunned. She couldn’t tell that he was beating Kruger and thought he was getting up in the middle of the night to beat the children with his cane.

He was put into an asylum (Village Fair) under the assumption his mind was going. Moxie knew the truth and was upset that his siblings were gone. He blamed the doll.

He cut off his left arm and bleached him, then buried him in the backyard. Kruger acted as Cabbage Patch kids do, but inverse, instead of growing with love, he grew into a hateful thing. The Rag Doll emerged from the garden where he was buried, and while Moxie’s mother tending to her roses. He grabbed her legs… and broke them. He casually walked into the house after burying the mother in her garden.

Moxie and his sibling fought for their lives, but died two blocks away from their house. They had both been mutilated.

What a raggedy doll I be
What evil is within me
Don’t worry child, I’ll make you speak springy like me

To which he laid their guts out on the streets. Making them raggedy dolls like him.

I’m bad at horror. I made an attempt


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