Wire & String short


I wish he hadn’t taken us here, but it beats watching them play behind a chain link fence. I’m at an actual school game, it’s not my first time, but it feels good to see another game once more. I suppose that’s what I get for dropping out. I watched Balcka look on with his arms crossed like the former team captain of the football team. Tyas was biting his nails, poor boy hasn’t been right since he left the hospital. Balcka thought taking him and I to a game would settle him down but that was stupid.

Tyas reminds me of a beaten up snow puppy. Shaggy blond hair and large brown eyes looking at you with fear, honestly the cutest thing to me.

I felt that rush of magic pass through my bones and my eyes just fluttered. Watching Jaxxius, the basketball captain, dribble along the court use to inspire me, but when you understand what the autograph basketball does you see less of a handsome dark skin guy with upturned eyes.

Jaxxius stopped dribbling the ball just when he was about to get a shot. He missed it and took a big whiff of the air.

“Where is that stank? Stop the game! I can’t focus with that trash!” He announced, the game came to a halt by his demand. Tyas got real shaken so I grabbed his hand and squeezed it.

Jaxxius pointed our way from the court. “Balcka Fullautumn, take your filthy inbred children out of here!”

He was talking around me and Tyas as he said it. I looked up at Balcka, he only had that tough look with his red eyes beaming down. The crowd looked our way, disgusted and violated that we showed up here. I could hear them whispering and giggling about me.

An En’ut ? Here?

The measure of disrespect a couple of dropouts can do to a city, a school, people…

“Move it Balcka!”, Jaxxius shouted. I was ready to go, I was ready to pull Tyas out of the gym and go back to the apartments. “Why? Suddenly I’m not welcome?”

I cursed under my breath, why is he trying to negotiate with them? I’d rather just leave.

“Your fat ass or those damn inbred aren’t suppose to be here! Get out!”, Jaxxius demanded once more of us. “Oh! I forgot… you have a little magic breed in you too… right Balcka-boy?”

“Oh… did my red eyes give it away? Tch, here I thought I was keeping it low key, damn”

Jaxxius made his way to us and Tyas jumped up and moved to my side. He clung to my arm as he drew near. All athletes are tall, I reckon Jaxx is around seven feet, I know Balcka is.

Jaxxius didn’t have any magic mixed in him, cause he’s an honor, no mixed magic breeding or simply not inbred magic like us.

“How’s it feel balcka-man?”, he asked. “How’s what feel?”, said Balcka.

Jaxxius chuckled, as he looked at Tyas and I, Tyas buried his face in my sleeve, but I looked straight at him. “You dress like a hood. Slummy”

“Thanks”, I smiled. “I took time to look good”

“That your little boyfriend?”, Jaxxius smirked. You seem like you’ve both licked a few asses”

“Jaxx… just leave us. Let us see the game–“, Jaxx cut Balcka off, “I’d rather not, you see, my nose is rather sensitive to smell and you smelly fools are stinkin’ up the place”

The comment made Balcka chuckle. Tyas gripped my sleeve, Tyas had spots of magic in his eyes. You could distinguish by the pink dots around the cornea. “Oh, how the mighty captain has fallen!”, he mocked him. “Not only a drop out of his school, but alas an inbred. Ladies and Gentlemen! Please turn your attention to the greatest failure in Neballum, Balcka Fullautumn!”

Now we were really embarrassed, the spotlight was on Balcka now. I pulled my hood and Tyas’s over our heads as we made our way towards the doors, but the second light hit us too.

“Oh no! Please don’t leave, I’m sure the city would love to see an In’ii in it’s truest form!”

He was egging me on with the microphone. Tyas’s eyes glowed pink and he flicked his tongue in and out, he had a forked tongue and I’ll be damn if I let him embarrass himself in front of the whole city.

En’ut , are the result of magic inbreeding, when two types of the same magic get together and make an abomination. This is outlawed, and most are executed because they have out of control magic. It takes a lot of strength, mental and physical to keep the demon inside sleep. Tyas still has trouble trying not to go in full snake mode.

We suffered the embarrassment and dragged our defeated pride home. Balcka got a lecture from Renmā, how could you take them there? do you ever think balcka?

Tyas cuddled up next to Ko’goth, I guess he was like a big brother. He always got him out of tough spots. He had jet black hair that swept up and cold yellow eyes. He’s the only one without a scar on his body. I laughed at all the remarks Renmā through at him from the other room.

“Balcka don’t you dare walk out on me!”, he shouted.

“What am I? Your wife!”

Balcka walked out of the room and stormed out the house Renmā came out with no shirt and his brown skin just wet with sweat, kinda made me blush. “Raime stop gawking”, he smirked.

“Uh…. sorry”

He smiled either way sitting next to me on the sofa and ruffled my hair. “Oh! Guess what”, he announced. “I got mail”

“Mail?”, Ko’goth and I said. “We actually get mail?”, said Tyas.

“Yes?”, Renmā cocked his head. “And it’s from the president, his wife to be exact”

“What she want?”, asked Tyas with his pink eyes sparkling. “Is there money?”

“I wanted to wait till you all got home for me to read it out loud. We’ll fill Balcka-boy later, but you’ll love it”


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