Welcome to First Grade Sin draft 3


This was going to told from Kruger’s point of view.

“So…. you baby sit children?”

“Yes ma’am”, I was nervous, mostly cause she was… like… a mechanical maiden with an axe on her back. The marionette mother was a cheerful thing, red dotted cheeks. Eyes were slanted, hair long, a sleek black look. “I want you to know, my babies aren’t normal, they look perfectly fine but they grow at night”

“Grow?”, Cabbage Patch kids…. damn it. Well, there isn’t anything wrong with Cabbage patch kids, but at night, they get troublesome. I had a bitter taste in my mouth, she saw this and her neck creaked as she bent it. “Well they aren’t that bad…”, she grinned showing off her grey slightly bloodied human teeth. “Nice…”, I said. “How did you get those?”

“My teeth?”, she smiled wider. “Firefly Grave, the old marionette maker”

“He left a lot of his things behind…”, I said. “I heard most of them are falling apart, dying”

“Yes… that’s why we need a baby sitter, me and pa have to… go on an errand”

“How long will you be gone?”

“Not long… a few minutes? Months… a year”

I cracked my jaw. “A year?”

She got up, which was difficult for her, she straightened her back that whistled and whined like a rusty gear. “Now… Let me tell you about the kids”

She walked on needles, she didn’t have human legs but she walked gracefully like a ballerina on their toes. I followed her into the living room of the house that were gray, gray. Gray walls, gray hard floor, the wallpaper had skulls on them and there was one red rose in the living room, dying. Help… me


“That’s the first babysitter, Arnold, he didn’t give Rook a cookie when he asked and we came home to him with no legs. Bishop thinks she was helping by planting him”

“Rook? Bishop?”, obviously those were their names but I’m a stupid giant…

“And there’s Tony, Apollo, and Maggiore or Maggie”, she explained. “Ok… Rook is a brat, he thinks he’s old enough to watch himself and is protective of Bishop, she’s allergic to nearly everything red–”

“Red? Like…. the color?”, I questioned. “Yes, something went wrong when she grew, now, there is this tattoo thing on her right eye in shape of a crown. Put eye drops in that eye or I’ll get red and puffy. Tony likes to wreck everything in the house… I’ve chained the tool box to the ceiling but he always finds a way to get up there”

Who chains the tool box to the ceiling? “Maggie is a good kid, also the oldest, Tony usually follows everything he does. Apollo likes to dress up and play a lot, but shouldn’t be any trouble”

“Is there anything dangerous I should know about?”

She scratched her scissor fingers along her metal cheek. It made me uneasy how her eyes moved, she’d turn her head one way but she’d be focus on you. Usually Cabbage Patch kids will grow looking like the marionette parents, so I’m assuming they also have weird features Everything from teeth, hair, eyes was all human like. 

“Um… nope”, she had such a childish vibe to her. “Oh! First graders!”

Oh damn, “bishop is a baby, she goes to Kindergarten and the rest attend Kindergarden, where honestly Bishop should be”, she muttered under her breath. “She’s a sin…”


“Grade first, she screwed up. Wouldn’t stop drawing on walls. Colors make her comfortable except  red, as I said before. Something went wrong when she grew. The stem was crooked…”

If someone asked me to explain what are Cabbage Patch kids, I’d have to time travel. We live in Toi Broxs, a place of dreams, horror, imagination and children that grow from cabbages. Which was illegal, if you can call it that, because it was just another way of working around child labor. They aren’t real, they said, but they grow hearts and if it wasn’t for Burlesque kids would still bebe cannibals.

Burlesque is a wonderful woman, I remember when she was twelve… black shiny hair, red lipstick, like an old vintage kinda woman. I hate her.


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