Welcome to First Grade Sin draft 2


This is a bit unedited. This is continuous to the first, the point was Rook showing Bishop the secret to where they came from, the Cabbage Patch kids, and it was going to reveal how they were going to be used in a experiment. So they decided to help or save the rest of the patch they put away to escape.

Kindergarten was more of a punishment, a prison for misbehaving children hence was Bishop is there. Her parents gave her up because of constant habit of drawing on walls.

“Children Learn By Doing, And Play Is Their Work”


I can’t touch a thing, my hands are running like a faucet, people are looking at me like I’m bleeding rainbow.

Question one: What is two plus two?
Question three: what is this shape?
Question five: what numbers were skipped?

I rubbed my leg up against the other, I looked up towards the board, my newest teacher. He’s big, pencils sticking out his shoulder and apparently a coach. A football through his stomach, he reminded me of an action figure that had been torn apart and discarded.

Question eleven: Spell your name
Question eleven: describe your home
Question twelve: you didn’t read the numbers did you?
Question thirteen: You aren’t paying attention, are you?

I looked to my left, there was Apollo, stoned in the face. He bit his lip. “Mister”, he rose his hand. The class shifted with tension I didn’t understand. “What is it Apollo?”, he growled.

“Can I take a BB?”

I’m assuming that’s bathroom break, because nothing in my head made since for it. I was constantly rubbing my eye because of the red flashing at me. I don’t understand what the color does to me but it makes me sick, dizzy, angry. I wiped my hands on the edge of the desk trying to get the paint off.

Question fifty five: How old are you?

Question fifty five: How old are you?
Question fifty five: How old are you?

I’m seventeen?

Where were you born? Question Thirsty
I spelled a word wrong. Spell that word correctly


“Bishop Childs”, his voice made me jump. I didn’t look up from the test to see Rook was there, he stood with his feet pointed together, he’s a nail biter too.

“Principle office”

“Yes sir…”

Rook licked his lip and I followed him out the class. The hall was dark, sad, made me feel lonely, in jail. “The walls are white?”, I pointed out writing on the wall. It was written in red and that made me itch. “Did you have white walls in Kindergarten?”, Rook asked.

“We had blue and pink walls”

“Sometimes ours get blood stained”

That comment made me tilt my head, “what did you get me out of class for?”, I asked him.

Hard to believe we have that same eye, the crown is broken on his while mine is whole. “Spades Eight…”, he said.


“Spades… eight. Laid out straight…”, he smiled. “A code… you’ll need to know it”

“Should I be concerned?”

“Maybe…”, he muttered. “I’m concerned. You ever been to detention?”

I shook my head. “You’ve heard of the garden?”, he began to smirk. “My mama use to tell me they came from cabbage patches”

“I use to have a doll like that”, I mused. “She had brown curls like mine, and I stabbed her in the face. Cut her arm off”

“Why?”, he uttered casually.

I thought about it and I didn’t have an answer. “I don’t know”

You could hear the factory outside going on, gears rolling, shouts here and there. Whistles, used to be my favorite thing. Someone decided once to fill the machine with soap, I remember, cause it was my birthday and all i saw bubbles when I lost my balloon.

“This way”, he gestured me forward, putting his hand out for me to take but I didn’t wanna stain him. “Go on, take it”

“I’ll mark you…”

He shrugged. My hands were so dirty with paint, ink, dirt. They hid my brown tone… a sin I can’t wash off. I’m too young for this.

I took his hand reluctantly and he guided me down the stairs that led to the basement. I could hear dripping, squeaks in the tunnels. “Smells foul down here”, I said.

“Sewage”, said Rook, pinching his nose. “I know you’ve been here for like an hour but I wanna show you something”


“Do you know where babies come from?”

I blinked, confused… “babies?”

He picked me up, putting me on his shoulder. “Hey!”

“Tony usually comes down here. You like tea parties?”

“How old even are you!”

He stopped midstep. His color changed to a dull shade of blue and popped like a firecracker. “Old enough…”, he whispered.

I just pouted while he dragged me down to the basement, I believe I fell asleep on the way down. My back was wet from having drops of water dot me. I woke up just at the sound of a Lullabay. “Tony, Tony!”

I shook off the sleep still over me and Rook put me down. I looked up at him. We both had wild eyes that were brown, he had a cut down his eyebrow. I could see his face better with the bright light, a strong chin, black beard and even a beauty mark below the eye. “Welcome to the Garden…”

He clapped his hands, now that the area was brighter. I didn’t know of the dolls hanging by chains. One looked straight at me… she blinked. “Welcome to the Garden”, it said all happy. “Painter…”

“I’m concerned….”

“Painter!”, it yelled.

“I’m very concerned”, I repeated. The doll disappeared, she was being pulled by a string. “Beautiful! Burlesque!”

Rook put a chain around me. “What’s going on?”

“Bishop…”, he spun me around, grabbed my hand and marked his face. “Sin…”

Welcome to the Garden

Where kids come to play

Grow to die
Grow to sin

We all do the same

Elementary was a breeze
High school is not for me
An adult I don’t wanna be

Welcome to the Garden

I’m in denial

I don’t wanna face my trial

Welcome to the Garden

Where a kid I’ll always be…

The Cabbage Patch of Sins


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