Free write. No plot

“Tonight in the Union, the royal family’s son was in what appeared to be a party gone wrong. A party was being thrown near the old Sphere downtown where Leung Knox was throwing a party with infamous singer and Spitter, K.J. Powell”

When the front door opened, Qadira’s head snapped to the  noise in full alert. She ran through the scenarios in her head at the ways she could take the argument. Her gold nail on her index finger circled the glass of blue wine. It was the middle of the night, she swung her gown over her legs. “Hi”, she stated as calmly as possible, looking at him up and down, studying him trying to find something to call him out about.

‘What’s this red lipstick?’

‘Why is your pants leg torn?’

‘Do I smell pot on your breath?’

“Where were you… husband?”

He flashed his purple eyes and glowered. “Why you wanna know”, he snapped defensively.

“You smell weird”, she said as she drew near him. “Sort of like… candles. Is that Vanilla?”

“No, Qadira. I can’t go anywhere without you thinking I’m cheatin’, move woman!”, he grumbled. She took hold of his arm as he started walking away from her. “I never said anything about cheating”, she smirked.

He looked down at the grip on his sleeve and stared her in the face. “You want another bruise? Let me go”, he demanded.

“You gon’ hit me?”, she chortled. “Where have you been Lyon”

“With your mother”, he stated, pulling his arm away from her forcibly. “F off Qadira”, he growled again. He was headed upstairs”

She stood at the bottom of the stairs with her arms crossed. She licked her teeth. “Lyon…”, she tried to sound angelic. “Please tell me where you were”

He rolled his eyes, “where’s the kids?”

“Upstairs”, she answered. “They should be sleep. You know your son Leung was caught in a fire?”

“Yeah…”, he stated casually. “Don’t really care”

He tired to mutter out as low for her not to hear, she heard him anyway. Her eyes narrowed and grabbed the knife from her thigh. She threw it at him, it was pointed at his neck when it stopped. She swore under her breath and slowly backed away.

“Really”, he uttered. “How many scars do you really want across your face? You already have one across your lip”, he turned slowly around on the step. “Where you want the next?”

Her breathing was shallow now. She had three scars across her lip and many more on her torso that she covered with long dresses and occasionally makeup in public. Her eyes went to the living room, staring at the ebony dagger on the wall.

“What you looking at darling?”, he asked flashing his gold teeth. “You found something interesting?”

She looked away from him. She knew better to look him in the eyes when he gave that stare, he never blinked, not once.

One look and she might as well lie dead. “Look at me Qadira. You always said my eyes were so pretty to look at.

She kept focus on the dagger across the room. Qadira, didn’t notice her four children upstairs looking on, through the rails. The littlest one, N’Quinn was holding the youngest unnamed child. Quinn was a skinny child with her father’s dark purple eyes and large white cotton hair.

Her brother Trone looked at the oldest brother, his eyes gestured towards his younger sister and he got the idea. He tried pulling the girl away but she wouldn’t move.

They started to argue, loudly. The baby squirmed in Quinn’s arms. She couldn’t stop staring, please don’t, not again.

“Get away from me Lyon!”, she shouted at her husband.

He gripped his wife’s wrist and pulled her towards him. “Look at me!”, he ordered as he shook her.


Quinn’s heart leaped and an unforgettable image went through her mind. Dad?

She watched as her father dragged her in the living room. With the baby still curled in her arms, she ran downstairs, Trone whispering loudly for her. Dad!?

“Lyon stop!”

Dad? What are you doing?

“I got to get rid of you”, he said as his hands wrapped around her throat and held tight. Quinn flinched, her hold on the baby loosened. “Dad…?”, she whispered. Her purple toned eyes turned a hazel color… “Dad?”

He wasn’t listening to her, her voice was so small to hear.

She heard her mother gasping for air. Qadira reached up and clawed her husband’s eye, but even though the blood was in his eye, his grip didn’t loosen. Then he heard a thud behind him. His head turnt to the sound, his mouth parted.

“N’Quinn?”, he mumbled. His daughter had a bruise around her neck.

“D-Dad…”, she gasped. The baby was dropped on the ground while she  clung to her neck.

He quickly turned around to his wife… who smirked. “Surprise… bitch”, she laughed.

“Voodoo Woman!”, he yelled. Trone raced down the stairs to pick up his sister.

“Quinn! Breathe for me. Breathe!”, he yelled at her.

She mouthed, she couldn’t. “No! I let go! Quinn!”, her father shouted. She reached out to her father with tears in her eyes.

“Everytime you hit me, or harm me in anyway. The pain goes towards her. How you feel about almost killing your first daughter? Huh? Punk?”

“Bitch! That’s your daughter too!”

“No she isn’t… you cheated remember how you gave me two extra kids I didn’t ask for. Remember Lyon?”

“So you target her?”, he wanted to slap her so bad. “You’d risk her life?”

“Uh… yeah. What’s that saying… Do onto others as others do on to you”

Her eldest brother rubbed his cheek against his younger sister. Quinn gripped his shirt… am I going to die?

“Ok, here’s a deal… I’ll stop if you do me a favor”

“What?”, he kept looking at his daughter barely breathing. She was making it linger on purpose.

“Mm”, she thought. “Well, I want all of the money turned to me so I can separate all the shares to my kids”

“And leave mine with nothing?”, He cringed. He looked down at the baby on the floor in blood, its skull was cracked and wasn’t moving, the child was surely dead”

“Why do you keep so many dead children around?”, he asked her.

“Oh… Forgot about that one…”, she tapped her chin. “I guess I’ll bring that one back since it is my first daughter”

“It’s dead though”, he stated.

“Well, here’s another thing, you kill yourself so I can give my child who was unfortunately dropped by that idiot, your soul”

“You can’t do that Qadira”

“I can and I will”, she said firmly. “I’d choose now, cause I can make her turn pale any second”

“Dad! Please!”, his son Trone begged. “Don’t let her die!”

He didn’t want his first daughter to die… she was kicking her legs out as if she had someone holding her down.

“Fine…”, he agreed reluctantly. “Take the money… my kids are way more important”


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