The minute I stepped on the ground pass the fences, gravity weighed me down. I struggled to break free. Who marked this territory?

As much as I passed through here, it’s always been free. I don’t know why we started this tagging thing. It only divides us and divides the hood.

“Hey! You wanna get beat kid! You crossing the wrong line”

I looked up just barely at the faces. I muttered sorry under my breath, but I didn’t mean it. Screw these taggers.

“Ooo”, one boy cooed at me. He traveled behind me, out of sight, and rooted for my tail. I shrieked in pain.

He laughed, “Look at the little pepper, he has a tail. A ghost tail”

Pepper… I wondered if it was because of my freckles that dotted my brown skin. It made sense that it would, my mom use to call them chips across my face. Straight across my nose, I got them from Youngblood.

I hissed, flicking my baby fangs at him. He just smirked and put his foot on my back. “Kagan! What you want with him?”, the boy asked.

The man named Kagan stomped the ground, I felt it shake beneath me. Was he causing this gravity?

He snapped his fingers and I could finally take a breather, he lifted the tag from my body. “You know what territory this is little hoodling?”, he asked me. I may be a hoodling, but he talked like he wasn’t, those obvious claws and cat eyes along with the fangs hanging out.

“I’m sorry…”, I said.

“Cute brat”, he stated. “Leon kick the boy out”

“Alright sir”

I looked at the ground, their tag was glowing yellow. A cat paw with gold claws. I acknowledged that the paw had five fingers. I looked at Kagan’s hand, he was missing his pinky on the right hand. His eyes were amber, he looked like a beaten up kitten.

“What’s your name boy?”

I stood up and looked at the members of his pride. They all had whiskers painted on their faces except him and the boy he called Leon, who was tan in the face with.  Scar over his left eye.

“Oasis…”, I said

“Oasis? You African?”

They asked me this within the reason that many Africans mark the hood. A hoodling like me separates themselves and are distinguishing by the fact we have animal tails.

“You part of the Taboo Clan?”, he growled, bearing his fangs at me. “I should cut your tail off!”

He took that step forward and I felt the ground tremble beneath me. I backed away slowly, hitting Leon’s chest. I looked up at him with concern in my eyes. He kicked me on the ground and yanked my tail.

Making it to be visible. He was going to cut my tail off. He might as easily rip out my spine. Two others pinned me with their knees on my arm as Leon prepared to take my tail. Kagan watched, smoking vapor. I struggle, Leon pulled my tail and i heard the sounds of a flicking blade.

I’m not even African… I’m just as cursed but you just don’t tell a hoodling that. They never listen, their too angry and to hateful.

They blame ancestry for this problem we have. Some form of spell… a curse? Not many know why… your either a witch which is rare or one of us.

I felt a piercing pain in my back then Leon got off me and the rest of the cats made a run for it. I heard howls and growls behind me followed by racing paws. I could just barely wag. My black tail was cut half way. Youngblood helped me up, he growled at me and I whimpered as always when he was sore at me.

He gripped under my sleeve and dragged me to the car. I didn’t bother to come up with an apology. I looked behind me, Black Panthers… Kagan was a huge black guy with gray stripes and a scar I couldn’t tell because he was wearing a huge jacket.

I’m always surprised how no one can pick up the screaming as the dogs chewed on them like toys.

“Your stupid”, he said to me as he smoked. “You couldn’t see that tag?”

“No”, i said.

“We don’t cross Black Panthers. Their hoods and they ain’t right, you know this”

“Blood it wasn’t on purpose! I didn’t see it and I wasn’t hanging out with them! Like a cat would love a dog like me”, I said as I climbed into the rear of the truck.

“Your right”, he stared at me blowing red smoke. “No one would mess with a mongrel like you. I’m placing you back in your cage, puppy”

“I’m freaking 7! You can’t keep putting me in the basement!”

“Every time you leave the yard, you find trouble. If you’re not bringing home a rat, you’re bringing a hood girl home, Oasis”

“Mia isn’t a hood”

“Your a hoodling and she’s a hoodlum. End of story”


I really don’t know. I just free wrote this without a thought.


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