I started trying to use Photoshop touch. I’m not any good


Moe-Hana: Inspired by Anime sadly. Moe-Hana is a chubby girl and she keeps to herself. She is fascinated with the history of ancient Japan and samurai. While making a trip to the exhibit in her town, they announce they have discovered a helmet, that belonged to unnamed samurai during some time. The helmet belonged to not a samurai but a demon who stole the helmet. The demon trapped within the helmet sees Moe-Hana getting bullied and comes up with a plan.
1) Moe-Hana can rid of bullies forever
2) it involves murdering people


Gun Kiss Exo: Partially inspired by anime once again. The story follows the story of a Nun’s adopted daughter. She is renowned as a fashionista, beauty girl kind of girl. She always seen the stranger side of people. Her mother had given her mirror for her birthday, while using this gift in the classroom. She accidentally breaks it unlessing many souls from hell.


I have no idea.


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