Chocolate Versus info

I came up with something for this. It took awhile and alot of fanfic writing

It was hard, but it had to be done. The room was filled with screaming babies and women holding the future children.
The doctors injected the vaccines into the newborns. There were a few side effects. Which was understandable because it was a new thing. They wanted to test it. They thought perhaps if they introduced it early to the new born generation. The next would have the structure to fight off the virus.

The doctors in the next room were delivering child after child.

Just as they came into the world, they were vaccinated immediately.

One child was birthed with a mutation, her gene did not require the vaccine. They put her in a special room. A little brown baby, she had a distinctive birthmark on her hip. It looked like an arrow head.

She had big hazel eyes and the one woman who hadn’t got the infection. She, however, did not want the child, her son had been born moments before with a birthmark his over his eye. It looked like a bad skin rash. He was put into isolation soon after he was delivered, his DNA had doctors concerned.

It was presumed that children with birthmark’s or unique qualities like a child born with Heterochromia, a mutation in the eyes where one might be born with a different eye color, processed the ability to combat the virus.

8:00 on March 7, the population was eight thousand.

On September 11, the population was five thousand six hundred and fifty-one.

The president was the first one to die in America. Russia fell second and the countries and nations threaten America as it all came from them. Asia blocked off their borders, none could enter not even natives to the lands were allowed back in feared they could spread it.

Japan fell first, then Korea, out of fear China bombed themselves.

Nearly 7,000 died. Egypt was the only nation to stand along with Kenya.

Britain lost the queen, she was assassinated as soon as it was found out she caught the deadly virus. The British people were out of control and had a war within their own country. Segregation was announced, people with the virus on one side and those not affected on the other.

Ireland suffered the highest suicide rate. The masses of Mexico were trying their hardest to cross the border for the sake of their children. America was the only nation with the vaccine.

Labeled selfish by the world for not sharing with other countries. War struck out. With just 800 left in America, the lost was inevitable. The country was a complete wreck, poor was at the highest, and murder caused by insanity

It was a small bug, and caused so much damage. It was a little thing that buried itself in the ground… and grew to the size of a human hand. The insect resembled that of a spider and jumped a good 8 feet.

A single bite near the face or hands would be enough.

It was a red color and was found near Clathrus archeri, otherwise known as Devil’s fingers. Sometimes it was found in the flower that it blooms from. It was assumed the alien like insect fed on the Fungus.

When the people infected with the virus died. Their dead bodies bloomed the fungus, commonly of the face.

It traveled from the source of the bite and up the brain. Victims were reported showing signs of a stroke, it was usually a stroke that took them. Others died from cardiac arrest.

Because of the root of the virus. It was named Devil Stroke Syndrome.

The alien like spider was called, The Teufel spider.
Teufel meaning devil in German.



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