Privilege 2

N.D Webbs

Lovett and Spite were two species of fairy that were a lot bigger, but didn’t know human speech like most do. The new species came in two colors, dark and light.

Lovett was literally the shade of night, body bathe in black sand. Spite, not her original name, was a pale lifeless tone compared to her wife.

Spite was the color she was because she was a dead fae, dead faes have no tone. And they also like to munch on varies small fairies. Lovett was a gentle person, a peaceful individual, she enjoyed the part of the forest they dwelled in especially with their child who they fondly named Sasha. Spite tried to get her to eat just like her but Lovett wouldn’t allow it and thought of feeding the child tulips like her.

Sasha had Spite’s eyes, a deep black color. Eventually the kid would grow into her…

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