Plot to Jackboot 2 (in depth)

The city of Urmil (limbo x urban)

Smoothie is controls Urmil from purgatory. In urmil, Barbosa was a small time street boss who rose into a millionaire and controlled a lot of shops and other gangs.

Not everyone loves Barbosa however, many wanted him dead for personal reasons. When Smoothie hears of a wish to have barbosa dead, he fulfils it as he also has beef with the man. Barbosa is struck down by a meteor sent by Smoothie through breaking the laws of purgatory.

When he is sent to death. He gets stuck in limbo with Smoothie

Enzo is bound to Barbosa. Enzo is simply a part of barbosa that took human form.

Jayati, Barbosa’ s 18 yr old niece is like her uncle, and runs her own small gang under his protection, The Grotto.

Jayati came home to see her cousin Moe nearly dead and is framed for a murder she didn’t do. Before she can find out from her cousin he is killed in the infirmary. Someone used Jayati’s boots to frame her by painting the bottom and leaving tracks in the room. This lead the police to believe that Jayati did it.

A week after the funeral, Jayati is at home. She was taking out the garbage when she noticed a light. She becomes stuck in limbo like her uncle after being struck down by a meteor.

Two twins end up spawning from Jayati, they called themselves Junichi & Josuke

Jayati and her uncle are able to temporarily leave limbo by wearing a piece of the meteor that hit them. Barbosa wears a piece of the rock as a diamond ring.

Jayati wears hers as a belly button piercing

With the impact of the meteor came a few gifts. Barbosa has Omniverse and Jayati has control over gravity. Able to make things heavier or lighter to her respect she is able to do so not even gravity can apply to her.

Enzo is a walking bomb and can catch fire when he pleases.

The twins share the same power. Both of them can merge with solid substance and manipulate through them



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