“Jackboot Jones!”

“I thought i would never see you”

She embraced the girl, patted her back and let go. She was there for a long time.

“Jayati.. what are you going to do now that your back?”

She merely shrugged. “I don’t know, let’s go to Polly’s Pizza”

Her friend looked at her nervously, she bit her lip. “Uhh… how about we go somewhere else”

She lifted a brow in suspicion. “Why?”

“The Grotto doesn’t own East Village no more…”

Jayati swung her handbag over her shoulder and threw it on the ground. “What the hell have y’all been doing while I was gone?!” she hollered.

Her friend flinched. “L-let’s go see your uncle Barbie”, the brunette suggested. Jayati looked at the shorter girl, clothed in an oversized shirt and a black hoodie on. Her hair was messy and lip bruised.

“Who?”, was all she had to say to get an answer.

“Lamar…”, she stated. “The Bayonet decided to split when you went away. They figured you’d be gone long…”

“Well”, she took her by the shoulders. “Let’s go say hello”



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