Drama intro

I remember feeling a poke at my side. My eyes strained to open but i was drugged so heavily, All I wanted was sleep.

I didn’t wake up for hours and when i did. My head hurt horribly. My feet and hands were bound to a bed. A hospital bed. I remember the lights, and man and woman walking beside me as they wheeled me into a room. They left me with multiple people in that room.

“Relax”, she stated. She was wearing a mask over her mouth. “You’ll be fine”

I was still dazed from the drugs. I looked to the right and left of me. My friends… and almost the whole school.

“Relax Frankie… just let it sink in”

I watched her take out a needle. “Careful… too much and he’ll have a headache”, the man beside her said.


I felt the needle being put through my forehead. I could feel a strange pressure, then a coldness. “Go to sleep Frankie… you’ll be home soon”


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