Drama 1




I just kind of layed there, not actually wanting to get up. I gazed at the 2Pac poster above my bed. I should really buy another, that one is staring to fade. I heard heavy footsteps and my mother forced open the door.

“BOY! Get your ass out of bed!” She shrieked.

“My head aches”, i said still looking at the poster.

“You already stayed out late with Stephan and the twins. Get your ass up and go to school!”

I stayed out late? I don’t remember, all i know is that my head aches like hell. I reluctantly got out of bed and looked for a pair of shoes underneath. I pulled out a couple of red Chuck Taylors.

I put my shoes on and sat on the edge of the bed for a few minutes. “Ma! Do we have any pain pills!”

“Why do you need them?”

This bitch just asked me why and I said my head hurts!

I fixed my afro into two big puffy pigtails. I look freaking cute, like Minnie Mouse.

I didn’t have time to eat as she rushing me out the house. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”, she yelled as I exited.

That wasn’t good motivation for anything as she does everything wrong!

I don’t even want to get to school, I’ll skip, I’ve done it since elementary I’ll do it again… and again. I should have put on my gold chain Tammy bought me for my birthday last year. It would have looked great with this outfit.

I stopped by the store to purchase a bucket of ice cream which I began to eat on the way to school. It was July and hot. I checked my watch. Second period just started. I guess now i can go to class.

I walked on campus and ran through the basement in the back because it leads into the hallway. It’s a doorway right next to the boy’s restroom.

I slipped in without any problems until I was stopped by a hall monitor. “What are you making out in the halls!”, said a heavy Australian accent. I cringed and slowly turned around.

“Arora, let a brotha off this once”, i asked as politely as I could.

“Who do you think i am! a cobber? that let’s you off without your 25th ticket!”

“I have no idea what you just said”

Her eye twitched, she grabbed me by my collar and she dragged me to the principles office.

“Mr. Lawyer, we get to know each other a little but better every year”, the man said while he tapped his finger beside each other, like an evil villain plotting.

I sighed. “Yeahh…”

“You probably won’t be the only one, your friend Stephan is also in trouble”

I heard the door open and tall Brown skinned boy sat next to me with his arms crossed. Stephan had eight long cornrows and was rather chubby.

“What now?”, he said harsly.

The old man smiled as he pulled out both our files. “Stephan Wade Omali and Frankie J. Lawyer”, he said as he flipped through the thick folders. “My two favorite negros”

“That’s rude”, said Stephan with his nose wrinkled. “Why we gotta be negros?”

“That’s racist”, i said.

He wasn’t amused by our humor. He crossed his arms above the desk and stared at the both of us. “I’m a man from Kenya… I really don’t care”, he said sharply. “Your trouble making idiots with a file so thick you’d need a jack hammer”

“That’s true…”, i said.

“You smoke and this one starts fights, harasses the girls and graffiti the school walls”

“I do… not”, Stephan said, trying to defend himself. “I only act the way I do because you make me out to be something I’m not. Which is a thug.”

“I have on good authority that the both of you we’re caught stealing from a warehouse”, he said.

“Warehouse!”, we both were shocked by the accusation.

“Ok, seriously. What are two junior high school students going to steal from a warehouse. What warehouse did we even steal from!?”

“Don’t act like you don’t know”

“I sure as shit don’t know”

“Frankie!”, he reprimanded me. “The warehouse on Hard Rock Boulevard”

Stephan and I shared a look. “What?”, we said.

“Stop playing dumb”

“We aren’t! We both live 3 miles from there. So you’re basically saying we walked 3 miles just to steal!”

He leaned in close to Stephan’s face. “You. Took. The train”

“What train…?”

“You both are starting to test my patience”

“Good. Because there is no fucking train that lends out anywhere to Hard Rock Boulevard unless you take the bus to Rose… Holly…”

“My point exactly”

“I’ve never been to Rose Holly…”, I said. “I don’t know the area that well”

“It says on your record that your grandmother lives there”

He started to pace the room before he sat down again.

My head started to pound. His voice became an echo. “You took… the bus… to Rose Holly to get to, Hard Rock Boulevard”, he said slowly. “You stole a chemical from the warehouse..”

“We… we did…?”

“Where is that chemical?”, he asked.

Stephan checked his Letterman jacket and pulled out a tube filled with a green fluid.

“You should bury that… after you take a sip”

We were both in a daze and just agreed to it all. “My head… hurts”, I mumbled.

“You need your medicine. You should give some to Tammy and the twins, now… get out of my office”

My phone was ringing when i woke up. I grabbed it off the stand and flipped it open. It was a text message from Stephan.

” git hEr now!!!”, it read

By number of exclamation marks, it must have been urgent. I texted him back, “Can’t Leav. Mom grounded me”

The text came back just as soon as I sent it. He must be typing super fast… What’s the damn emergency?

“She ain’t ther. git hEr Now!!!”

She ain’t here? I got up and checked her room down the hallway. I knocked on the door first. “Ma?”

I knocked again, harder. “Ma?”

My phone ringed again in my hand. I knocked on the door a bit harder, and it cracked open. Why is her door open? She always locks it. I opened it all the way, the room was a mess and there was a towel on the floor. Dad’s shotgun was on the ground to.

Was something in the room?

My phone ringed again. I flipped open my phone once again and texted Stephan back, “where?”

“Rose Holly Junkyard”, he sent back.

I wasn’t even sure if the busses run this late and i damn sure can’t drive. I stood by the bus stop then my phone went off again.

“Don’t ride Da bus”, the text read.

Just as I looked at it, a bus rolled up in front of me. The door opened. The person was dressed in a big black jacket, he pulled out a pistol and aimmed it at me.

Don’t wait, react, react, move!

I could see his fingers grip around the gun, his index finger danced on the trigger. He pulled it, and for a split second, I could see the bullet shooting out from the weapon.


Instead of doing what I was screaming at myself to do. I shut my eyes and felt something hot against the tip of my nose.

I opened my eyes. The bus driver wrapped in black drove away leaving me stunned. The bullet was… floating in front of me. I touched it, it was still hot from being fired, then it dropped to the ground.

I heard clapping from someone, I turned my head to the right to see a person in a leather black coat, clapping.

“Who are you?”

“Call me Chess”, the voice sounded feminine, so I assumed it was a woman. “Chester or C-A, doesn’t matter”

“Hi…”, i said nervously.

I almost got shot, i was still frozen from it. “D-Did you do that?”

She shook her head. “I can… my grandfather passed it down to me. Blessed me and all that jazz but it was you. You did that”

“I did?”

“You don’t have a headache do you? You probably forgot about that, huh?”

How did… she know about my headaches?

“Would you like a ride? It seems your friend Stephan is getting the wrong idea about us. We want to help you”

“Help me? Help me with what?”

“Get stronger”, she smiled. “You’ll be like your ancestors, you’re part of the bloodline”

She walked over to me and touched my hair. “African genes is strong in you… do you have blond in your hair? He had some in his. I do… just a little bit”

I backed away from her. “Who are you!”

“I already told you. Call me Chess. I’m an agent for a company, we help people”

“Help people do what?”

She snickered. “You ask a lot of questions”, she put her hands in her pocket and walked closer to me. I felt a strong shock and was forced on my knees.

“This doesn’t work on Omali, all he does is get stronger from it”

My body was twitching from being struck with a tazer. She dragged me to a black car that had a gold trim and tinted dark windows. She put me in the front seat.

“Alright. Ready?”


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