King Nothing 2

Enzo watched his chest move up and down. “Don’t stop breathing… ok?”

He was too attach to the man, it was true and he didn’t understand it in all honesty. Enzo, give me room. Enzo, you can’t be following me round all the time.

Confusion, even Ya-Ya didn’t want him around. He poked the dark skin man’s face gently.

It was called sleeping. He wasn’t dead just resting his eyes, he’d wake up and get scared to catch him by his bedside.

They removed the bullet out while at the hospital, it was disturbing to see his boss all wrapped around the head. He… almost died. Barbosa wouldn’t abandon Enzo, he needed him. The only single that wasn’t trying to take the kings crown or damage his health or even trying to sleep with Ya-Ya was Enzo.

“Mr. Salvai?”, the nurse came in with papers against her chest. “I just need a few questions from you about the patient. Are you a relative?”


“Does Mr. Quilter have any alive to contact?”

The question was hard, everyone had left… he was all alone now. “No”, he stated. Maybe that wasn’t the best answer. “None that I know of”



“Does he smoke or drink?”

“He drinks…”

Enzo poked his cheeks again. “Be alright…”

A whole entire empire, gone. How he fell so incredibly far from the world. No longer his whipping boys and servants.

He lost everything

He was sitting pretty. Upgraded from a mediocre gangster to a boss of the streets. They were coming to him like a prophet, now he gets all this disrespect.

The realization that he was back to the bottom made a grown man want to cry. He could build it all back up, no big deal. It wasn’t fun the first time he did it, he didn’t want to take anymore bullet shots. He thought he was set for life, nobody would touch him.


At least he had Enzo. He named him that after his dog as a child. Enzo couldn’t remember his real name.

“Enzo… The only one by me. I never thought I’d be so incredibly grateful for seeing you next to my bed”

The young Italian smiled wildly. “Always”, It was the least he could do for the man.

“Where’s Jody?”

“With his mother…”


“Gone, sir…”

He turned over in his bed away from him. “You wanna be alone?”, said Enzo.

“No… stay…”

“You want anything?”

He turned back to Enzo. “Liquor”

“I don’t think you can drink in a hospital”, he grinned.

“Ugh, then a pot brownie…”

“Boss i know your depressed but getting drunk and high isn’t going to ease the pain”, he grinned.

“I wish I was like you. I could blow out all my frustration…”, he said. “Can I leave?”

“We could, can you walk?”

“Did they take out the bullet?”


“Let’s get the hell out of here. I hate hospitals”

He swung his feet around, wiggled his toes before placing them on the ground. He sighed deeply…. ground. He could fell the ground under his feet. “Enzo…”, he stared at him. “I can feel the ground”

“Your mortal now…”

He use to feel light on his feet, the ground felt strange. He hadn’t felt it in so long. He didn’t like it.

“Enzo… look at my eyes, what color are they?”


No, he use to say he could see the space in them. The planets, the stars.

“What happened to me?”

“I’m sorry boss…”, Enzo said with his head down. “They stole your ring. You can’t do anything. You’re earth bound”

“I use to be King!”, he shouted.

“King of nothing now. Just average…”

“Does this mean… imma lose you?”

“No… I’m always here until you tell me to leave”

“Never leave!”, he yelled. “Who has my ring?”

“I can’t pinpoint where… It’s far…”

“Enzo get me out of here”, he said. He stood up, his legs weren’t use to being on ground. He stumbled and Enzo sat him back down. ” Let me”, he said, and vanished in the smoke. He watched outside as the halls filled with smoke and screams of people.

He face palmed. “Don’t kill anyone… damn firefly”, he mumbled.



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