King Nothing 1

He knew… he just held on thinking they would hesitate and he would catch them before it happened.

“Barbosa, come on man… you ain’t dead yet. Get up”

Oh how they forget, who use to be king.

“Enzo?” He could hardly keep his head up. “Where’s… Jody? My boy…”

“Gone… your boy isn’t really your boy Boss. He set you up”


Why any of this…

The pain of that bullet cutting him right between the eyes was a sight he never thought he’d see. How?

How did they get him so fast…

He couldn’t feel anything. Enzo dragged the man out of the mansion and put him in the car.

“Ahh… my head…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll get you to a hospital”

“No… take me to Ya-Ya…”

Enzo huffed… “Can’t”

“Why… where is she?”

“Not here… not anymore…”

“I got a freakin bullet in my freakin head and my head wife isn’t with me? Where is she Enzo?”

He leaned into his car seat. “Let’s find a hospital”, he said as he got the car ready to drive off. Barbosa held his head and looked at his hand… blue blooded didn’t mean anything anymore.

“But I’m King, this can’t happen to me”, he uttered as he stared at the legacy he once had. He built all of it… he was king.

A tear left his eye and slid down his face. “I use to be King…” he cried.

“It’s okay boss…”, said Enzo. “You still got me”


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