Kikala’s Bite Cover


A fantasy book. Working on the plot.

I’ve been doing book cover more than writing…

I do book covers to more or less give me an idea of what I’m writing. Like if saw a book, how would i interpret it. So i find images that represent the story be it anime or real images. Sometimes i can’t find real images and end up using anime.

A majority of characters are black and when i want a cover of a darkskin person in a fantasy like image i can’t because they are usually white.

So far what I’ve come up with is

The story follows a young orc named Rue-Shard. He has a mark on his stomach that he doesn’t remember having. Sometimes for unknowing reasons the mark will hurt causing agonizing pain.

He meets a girl by the name of Juju-Ru, who is a race of half human half animal people known as Pawnasy.
The reason of the meeting is because Rue-Shard is a wanted criminal for the accidental murder of a classmate.

Juju is her village’s priest, or she’s suppose to be but doesn’t want to be committed to the practice and runs away.

The castle in the cover is Kikala’s castle who is a Demi
Demis are people with powers that people see as divine given. Meaning she does something that no one else can.

Those with Demi qualifies are actually locked up and act as God. Be it make it rain, or answering prayers.

When i use Kikala’s bite, i mean it to say like leaving a mark or causing a wound on someone.

And that’s info on that 🙂


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