From an old story.

A long time ago, a bunch of scientists made a gene by accident and it caused supernatural things to happen. When the gene was first created they tested a group of orphans and they developed supernatural abilities. The gene in some did not develop right, and made creatures like Vampires and werewolves. They called it a mutation as the mutations caused health problems, vampires developed anorexia and extreme blood loss which cause the biting and drinking of human blood to replenish their own. Vampires lived short lives from approximately a week to a week and a half.

Werewolves suffered from broken bones because of the shift in body and causing deformities and fur to grow on the body. The life span, surprisingly two weeks, depending on how bad the health.

Another mutation was a symptom that they called Zombie Syndrome. A condition when two chemicals are combined in the body that didn’t genetically match slowly puts the body in decay mode and the brain acts as if dead while the body is still awake and alive as the body slowly dies, like organs falling out.
A special serum was created to pump the body and its failing body in order to counter the disease. No one lives through zombie syndrome and this was created by a Doctor Felix Frei who was once a scientist that worked for a company named A.B.L.E.

The immortal era

From 1950-2000

The gene also had a major effect on age, The longest living able was a boy named Tullius, one of the orphans that first received the gene. He lived to make it to 2017, it is unknown if he lived any longer. After the Immortal era came the Mutant Rebellion era, that was rather short from 2001- 2005.

A black female born in England by the name of Janiah Kelly, moved to America study in college with her at the time boyfriend. After the break up, she shared an empty apartment. One late night, she dragged from her apartment in New York and taken to Arizona which two more individuals.

It was in Arizona where lab was practicing the same method of experiments as Felix Frei and taking other forms their homes are catching them in he streets at night.

Janiah started a rebellion after her escape from the lab. She died in 2004 from a bomb.

Legacy Era

The legacy era as its called started with a group of teenagers in America. At the time the US was once again segregated as people feared these super humans. Mutants on the east, normal on the west. The children’s genes(most of them)were passed down to those in the legacy branch, ones that are can not be traced back to a blood child is simply a natural, meaning at some point part of a gene evolved creating a new ability and it naturally comes to one to control it as if they have had it forever.

During this time, their parents were kidnapped, one had assumed the cure. The agents that done this were individuals working A-Wol, away from company commands ran by a chimera named Chess at the time.

They planned to use the teens as military for replacing the president with an ABLE and cross the segregation line, claiming to infect people with a fungal infection that would cause dozen of mutants in one part of the line.

It was assumed it was terrorist activity, that people from the company crossed the United States in order to destroy it. But why is unknown.

Ecstasy era

sometime after the Legacy era a new problem arised where now the Ables are so out of control the government has made suppressants to temporarily disable the abilities of an individual

Carmen-half Mexican
Keagan-Bisexual, also half Mexican
Sam-Bi (because of Keagan), also British

Janiah Kelly (Black-Englishman)-Transexual
Jessie Rojas (Mexican-American)
Anya Kozlow (Russian)
Samar Atwal (Indian)-Pansexual
Android K61-HuT (Non-Human)

Frankie Lawyer-Bisexual
Stephan Wade Omali
Tammy Young
Chess/Ms. Chess-intersex/ gender undefined

Istara Jeka-Gay
Shauna Jeka
Jay Jeka
Tay Jeka
Ebony ‘Hazel’ Jenkins-Gay
Anais-Baasha’s illegitimate grandchild, also blind prophet
Baasha-African, Kenya born

This was the first major idea i had. I added the sexualities

Janiah started off as trans, she use to wear a binder. Shes M/F and Samar Atwal is her sweetie he’s pansexual. He knows what Janiah is, he is aware that his girlfriend is trans and once had a penis.

Chess is my favorite, her parents are Yvonne and Jacob, she has two genders but mostly identifies as female. She goes by C-A, Chelsea (her mother wanted that name), and Chess

Ishtara and Ebony are lesbians. And are my favorite lesbians, Ebony is a walking gingerbread man. She has a mutation that basically makes her edible.

Her hair, if smelled, is poisonous. 95% of her body is a cookie. She eats candy to keep her body from crumbling. She can fall apart.

The none POC, meaning they are purely White

Elly and Tully are twins, their full names are Tulius and Elena. They have dark skin and blond hair

Like this


Samar and Salim are brother and are from Indian. The two were separate and their lives were inspired by the movie Slumdog Millionaire.




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